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    The Les Paul thread

    If you are minority, I am with you. My 68RI with 57 Classics is the best sounding guitar I have, played through my ENGL Powerball 100 and ENGL 4x12 Cab. Can't speak for played through other amps. It is very smooth sounding, hard to describe, it just sounds really good. I also love P90's, but...
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    Do/would you baby a "relic'd" guitar?

    After owning 2 relics, I sold them and do not plan to buy one ever again. I do like the look and feel of the guitar that is relic, but in the end I would find things on it that just look wrong and make me feel odd for paying so much for something. For example when they scrape away paint and you...
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    Gibson Takes Down Jericho Guitars

    This makes me want to buy another Gibson. I love the knockoffs as much as everyone else, I just don't QQ when the plug gets pulled on them. Is what it is, if your a manufacturer, you should be aware you are rolling the dice making a guitar and calling Explorer shaped lol. Gibson guitars, look...
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    Help rebuild my Wizard neck

    I have a 1989 Wizard neck I am probably going sell, the neck, fretboard and frets are near mint. The paint on the headstock is black with the original white Ibanez logo, also excellent. The rosewood on it is the most beautiful I have ever owned, hence why I have never sold it. It also plays...
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    Custom RedSeven Leviathan "Joker edition" unboxing

    100% true. I wish I had his collection. Great guitar player, producer and riff master as well.
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    Custom RedSeven Leviathan "Joker edition" unboxing

    My opinion is that amp looks ugly as shit. Simple and to the point.
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    Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom - Swirl Scratches?

    Nitro does age beautifully, there is nothing cork about that. You said your comment as if Budda pulled that out of his ass or something lol.
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    Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom - Swirl Scratches?

    This is completely normal, and IMO looks good. It should all be in one direction though not swirling, swirling is from wiping it, the marks your talking about should look straight because they are from the final buffing the guitar is given. They will disappear completely if you clean it with...
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    I was asked to demo new Railhammer Z-One Billy Corgan pickups.

    One of the ugliest looking pickups I have ever seen.
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    NGD x 3 - Guitar Porn Inside

    Oh yea btw, the Universe granted me a 4-Pack of 3-packs of Nano Web 10-46. What I ordered was a 3-Pack of 10-46 Nano Webs, Amazon sent me over $140+ dollars worth of strings by accident for $19, WTF Amazon, LMAO.
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    NGD x 3 - Guitar Porn Inside

    All strung up, quick note, this is not a VOS, I thought it was because that is what the store advertised it as, but it was rung up as a gloss model. So I called Gibson and they confirmed it is a gloss model, (which is exactly what I originally thought it was when I was first checking this guitar...
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    NGD x 3 - Guitar Porn Inside

    I am trying to keep up with Trash Green here. Last couple months I have been on a selling spree, sold a couple guitars and my ENGL Savage 60 MK II. I turned that money into what you see before you, (no regrets, got a Fireball 25 on the way). The Gibson 68 LP BB VOS had been disassembled and...
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    For Those Who are Younger, How Relevant is Metallica?

    I have a feeling Metallica is way more popular with youngsters than a quick read through this postings will lead you to believe. They are more mainstream and have become pop culture, with younglings wearing Metallica shirts but having never even heard a song, or maybe they just know MOP because...
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    The Les Paul thread

    Here is my #1 LP with the rest of family freshly hung on the wall today. Never knew how much better this is then dragging out cases. I got another LP not shown here, but I decided to sell it because it does not get any play time. Here is the family.
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    FS ENGL Savage 60 MK II

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Amplifier in MINT condition - 100% Function. Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): None Location (City,State or City,Country): Orlando, FL International OK? : No Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM on References...
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    NGD: ESP Original Arrow (Black Andromeda)

    SIC!! When I get home today going to crank my Savage 60, and my Eclipse Original, (ESP Originals + are on another level).
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    Assessing guitar craftsmanship

    I did not read all replies but glanced over and pretty much agree with all that I saw, a lot of good answers. One thing unrelated to quality per se but that I look and ask about is the string gauge. If a guitar was designed for 10's and someone has put 12's on it for example to drop it tune it...
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    Quitting music

    You need help