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  1. BCrowell

    I still hate Triple Rectifiers (A picstory, with something for noodles...Pt. II)

    Wonderful conclusion man! Nice solder joints & attention to detail! :yesway: I swear Pepsi freakin' OWNS ME! I'm so damn addicted to that stuff! Damn, Jackson for FREE!? How sweet is that!:cool:
  2. BCrowell

    The $350 Picstory (7321 content - 56k: Neg.)

    NICE WALL MAN! ...."hey dear" wife- "yes" ...."uh, I'm gonna paint the studiowalls ..." wife- "oh, ok, what's that gonna cost?" ...."About 8k$" :rofl: Paint 10$, guitar hangers 30$, the view of sevens everywhere...priceless!
  3. BCrowell


    Happy b-day man! ...and like the other's said, your in good company... I'm 33 and still suck at guitar! (Techno even beat me in that category!:rant: )
  4. BCrowell

    Rush - "Counterparts" Appreciation Thread

    +1 on both comments... I really like S&A now, and I agree that tour this year was MFA! They were clickin' like I haven't seen in YEARS! Vapor still hasn't grown on me...I think "Ghost Rider" is the only track I really like allot...maybe one other one that I can't recal the name of.
  5. BCrowell

    $1500 too much for a Gibson Les Paul Classic?

    A classic '60 Les, worth 1500$ you ask!? Hell yeah fact I think thats a bargain! Though I'm no expert! Thats tuff if you have to sell your JSX for it though...ugh...that'd be a tuff decision.
  6. BCrowell

    Musically, which one do you prefer?

    Well said man, well said!:yesway: Of course, even listening it took me 6s to figure out when one ruled! I have NO FREAKIN' RESPECT for artists that take another man/womans genious, and uses it like his own!:scream: What pisses me off even MORE, is when Kids listen today, and they DON'T...
  7. BCrowell

    So I'm 5 exercises into Rock Discipline

    *runs and grabs that book JP stole from Crom himself... Here it is...freakin' Example #6! Funny thing is, is I can do it super easy fingerstyle, but with alt picking it ruins me at any moderate & > speed! I keep screwing up the D/G strung notes! I handle #4 ok, and even #5 decently...but...
  8. BCrowell

    Rush - "Counterparts" Appreciation Thread

    :woohoo:What I like most about RUSH, is each album has a different flavor. Each of the instruments has come in and out of the forefront over the years. Sometimes Alex is prominent, other times lost within the keyboards. My favorite album at any given time, is usually dependent on my...
  9. BCrowell

    So I'm 5 exercises into Rock Discipline

    Hmmm... I was just checking some site statistics: Number of threads with gay / fag / fairy mentioned: 82.8% It appears we're all fascinated with the topic!:rofl::scratch: :eek: <BACK ON TOPIC> Rock Discipline is definantly one of those that seems to take YOUR WHOLE FU*(ING LIFE to...
  10. BCrowell

    A vid of me messing around on the 7

    Holy cannoli, you've really got some killer lead chops now man! You've always been a great player, with a keen melodic sense, and you keep getting better! DAMN YOU! :fawk: :wub: I think you need to find a nice girl, settle down, and have a few kids, then maybe the rest of us can catch...
  11. BCrowell

    Bon Jovi/Richie Sambora bewilderment thread

    :rofl: "You DIIEEEEE if me don't get a cookie" :lol: Spot on description their Jeff! :lol: I have to admit I like Bon Jovi's earlier stuff (dislike the new). While Richie doesn't thrill us with pyrotechnic solos, and such, he IS quite GOOD at writing nice melodies. Think about it...If I...
  12. BCrowell

    I hate Triple Rectifiers (A Picstory)

    Awesome pic-story man! Wow that thing was charring the the PCB pretty good! Almost looks like the fuse was making contact with those solder joints on the PCB... And remember kiddies...*in a hetfield voice*... Isopropyl Alchohol - BAD! Wood Grain Alchohol - GOOD! :lol:
  13. BCrowell

    100k Reply Contest

    Good Grief! This thread hadn't reached 100k yet! :wallbash: I guess our children are gonna have to finish this for us! :lol:
  14. BCrowell

    An odd request.. TRANCE MUSIC!

    +1 :agreed: I enjoy those more than some of his albums! Just wish they didn't take so long to download here:ugh: ! Sometimes I think Tiesto takes excessive time building up things on his albums, but the live stuff allways kicks arse!:cool: Ah crap, how the hell did I forget to put Van Dyk...
  15. BCrowell

    The Roaming Yoda

    Freakin' Genious!:rofl: The orignal post link have you? See, I do not, all the pics!
  16. BCrowell

    Leon, The Professional

    :lol: Yeah it took me a few minutes to figure that out last night! I bet they're wondering why all these people have suddenly requested the movie...hmm I wonder how many copies they have...
  17. BCrowell

    An odd request.. TRANCE MUSIC!

    I'm a big Trance guy at times, can't go wrong with some of these artists/albums: Armin Van Buuren (Any state of trance CD is a good bet) ATB Tiesto (Any of his live CDs) Dagda (Sleeping with the Gods of Love) Christopher Lawrence (Subculture) There are also many compilation trance...
  18. BCrowell

    Lol, what the hell (nsfw? just a chick)

    WHO the hell pays attention to the sign!:lol: Damn that chicks hot! Seriously though, that sign is pretty fubared!
  19. BCrowell

    Another Mass area SS.Org get together

    That last get-to-gether looked like everyone had a great time!! Would've loved to hear your band Shawn! Damn nice guitars at that event :metal: If I manage the next one, at least your drummer won't be the only one to slam the skins! If a date becomes real, I'll see about kicking some...
  20. BCrowell

    Leon, The Professional

    Ditto, is that Ringo Starr? I'll have to add this movie to my netflick list!:yesway: