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  1. cindarkness

    Death Metal

    I think it was one of my favorite songs to play on Rocksmith waay back in the day.
  2. cindarkness

    Does anyone else here like heavy metal?

    WAAait wait hold on now, I know some of these songs! Maybe I like some heavy metal after all.
  3. cindarkness

    Whats your guitar routine?

    - spend half my workday thinking about playing the guitar - not playing guitar when I arrive home - randomly noodling on my guitar after my 3AM piss (yes I do wash my hands)
  4. cindarkness

    Anyone making music in a different tuning instead of A440?

    This. Especially during winter when I try to keep my heating bill under control - the humidity and temperature fluctuates a bit and the guitars on the wall go ever so slightly sharp/flat. I play the ol' classic G chord and it sounds perfectly fine until I plug in the tuner - every time.
  5. cindarkness

    Death Metal

    Me testing a guitar in Sweetwater.
  6. cindarkness

    Does anyone else here like heavy metal?

    TIL that I don't like heavy metal.
  7. cindarkness

    Wiring pedals + Amp head for recording

    If your interface allows rerouting and has enough inputs and outputs you might be able to make a "fx loop" and insert it where you need in your daw. In theory I see this working with my Audient ID interface.
  8. cindarkness

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    One day someone's going to put an EMG in there.
  9. cindarkness

    Problem with low B-string

    Did they now? I wonder if there is a text prompt to crash these bots?
  10. cindarkness

    Some memes for (Rules Posted in OP -- Please Read)

    But you do need taste buds to taste the meal. Some people just lack taste imo..
  11. cindarkness

    Tuning Issues

    Yeah, I'd put my money on the return as well. Nothing against Jackson, but I feel like Ibanez or ESP might offer more bang for your buck anyway. Personally I'd look into Schecter though.
  12. cindarkness

    Tuning Issues

    I had the same guitar as my first 7 string. It was a great gateway into extended range guitars for me but it wasn't anything great either. Tuning stability was definitely one of the main issues. It was OK when it was on the wall hanger but after 10 or so minutes of playing, the tuning started to...
  13. cindarkness

    Redirecting to spam sites

    Chrome at work, Firefox at home and Safari on phone - I don't have any popups. I do get daily lingerie ad's on the sidebar and on the bottom though :) But I'd rather look at those instead of some stupid online betting crap..
  14. cindarkness

    Redirecting to spam sites

    Smells like a fishy browser extension.
  15. cindarkness

    Thicker string for low c 6 string?

    Yes, but stay away from the online guides. You're going to get too much screen time.
  16. cindarkness

    Does this product exist? Bad Idea?

    You probably could 3D print a cover that clips on your neck pickup and extends from the end of the fretboard to the edge of bridge pickup. I mean it works in theory, custom made for each guitar of course as was mentioned before.
  17. cindarkness

    My friend wants to join the forum but the CAPTCHA is impossible

    Does your bandmate play bass? It just might be that we're currently not looking for more bassists. /s
  18. cindarkness

    Inexpensive Analog Solid-State Amps

    How's the master volume on those? It sucks so much that I have to stay in the ~75db range (according to my Iphone mic) with my guitar playing. There are so many tube amps that I'd like to try but the apartment handicap keeps me from buying them haha. That Super Crush has been on my mind for a...
  19. cindarkness

    My friend wants to join the forum but the CAPTCHA is impossible

    Metalcore fan detected. "Our guitars are frequently tuned 30 seconds before the show"
  20. cindarkness

    My friend wants to join the forum but the CAPTCHA is impossible

    I really don't know but I like to tune my guitars to DDDDdd