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  1. swollseyba

    FS Ceriatone Yeti 100

    interested. still got it?
  2. swollseyba

    Custom Head Shell Makers

    Thanks for the leads! I will def be contacting Big Friendly Giant!
  3. swollseyba

    Custom Head Shell Makers

    I have a few amp heads that I would like to re-home into new shells. The main one being an Orange Dual Dark 100 The other main one that comes to mind is a Peavey 5150 I reached out to Zilla and both OEM manufacturers. I was not particularly impressed with Zillas customer engagement/service...
  4. swollseyba

    Amps you own that are "keepers"

    My keepers in order of keeperness: Driftwood Purple Nightmare Omega Granophyre Mesa Boogie Mark V Engl Savage 120 MKII
  5. swollseyba

    Random Pics of Your Rig

    Current Iteration Mark IV and cab for sale tho
  6. swollseyba

    Biggest gear ownership disappointment

    1. Both Recto variants that I have owned (Rev-G Dual Rec & Roadster)-so frustrating 2. Quad Cortex is a cool piece of gear but I couldn't help but feel let down after all the hype and being in the tier 1 US preorders. It just wasn't ready to be released and all the promises of what it will...
  7. swollseyba

    Fav Boosts/OD's?

    Just picked one up off of Reverb. Everyone seems to love it.
  8. swollseyba

    Fav Boosts/OD's?

    I could not jive with my Direwolf. It did something weird to the mids that I could not seem to dial out. I share your sentiment with the Airis stuff that I have tried.
  9. swollseyba

    Fav Boosts/OD's?

  10. swollseyba

    Fav Boosts/OD's?

    What Boost/OD's do you people prefer these days? I tend to covet new gear so I end up purchasing the trendy pedal of the day, but usually end up disappointed. Of course, mileage may vary depending on the rig and application but I haven't found anything better for my needs than the Fortin Grind...
  11. swollseyba

    NAD: Driftwood Purple Nightmare W/Clips.

    HNAD. def my fav amp in my personal collection. I hit mine with a Fortin Grind out front for the lower tunings. It's a real mean, nasty bitch.
  12. swollseyba

    Neural DSP teasing something new (Quad Cortex)

    Got mine on Friday. It's cool. The packaging was exceptional. I need to mess around with it a lot more before I can say how really feel about but... First impressions are that it looks and feels great. Some of the functionality with the menus and the app are a bit clunky, but that might be...
  13. swollseyba

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Trying p hard to talk myself out of buying a Badlander. also, I seent that Omega is about to start offering a 50w Granophyre.... ugh
  14. swollseyba

    Black Friday deals?

    Skervesen is going their usual BF sale on new builds. "Up to 12% off"
  15. swollseyba

    5150 III 50S - Peavey 5150 - Peavey Invective Shootout

    I preferred the boosted crunch channel on my invective to blue/red of the 5153 50S. Both amps sounded killer, though.
  16. swollseyba

    Bare Knuckle Cold Sweat

    tis indeed the ash variant.. that certainly could have something to do with it
  17. swollseyba

    Bare Knuckle Cold Sweat

    I have a CS set in my Regius 6. I don't agree that they get muddy at lower tunings. I am pretty sure TesseracT used CS pickups on their earlier recordings. I normally keep the guitar in drop C and there's nothing remotely muddy about the tones I get out of it. I have found the bridge pickup...
  18. swollseyba

    Random Pics of Your Rig

  19. IMG-7372