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  1. Strobe

    To those that have moved on from a Tube amp to a SS/modeling rig.

    I have used a Kemper plus an FRFR speaker live many times and I have no complaints - it just sounds good. I will say, however, that most of the modelers of recent years sound pretty damn good. You miss a little bit of the feel of a loud tube amp live, but it is nice to be able to control stage...
  2. Strobe

    Best 9v batteries??

    Never seen but let us know that sounds interesting.
  3. Strobe

    Best 9v batteries??

    You are right, and I was not precise. What I am describing is a flatter curve of decay. Alkaline batteries drop at a pretty steady rate whereas most other types of battery hold a lot close to their nominal voltage for their life.
  4. Strobe

    Why the 5150 III 50w Heads are the Best Amps Ever Made

    My opinion is that no one has any business sounding worse for metal than EMG's into a 5150. Neither are my favorite, but both sound good (and feel good) - and from there you can adjust based on your preferences. I do not think they are the best, however. I prefer the sound of the Mesa Mark...
  5. Strobe

    Best 9v batteries??

    Charger packs are great and work very well while being super easy to charge. I don't love installing them mostly because I don't have the right tools for cutting the exact sized hole for the battery. Also, some guitars that I want to install them on have not quite the right shaped space in the...
  6. Strobe

    Guitarist who endorse Multiple Guitar Companies?

    If I were some amazing guitarist, I would certainly want to endorse multiple brands. I really like several different brands. It just seems natural. Guitarist is selling their likeness and halo effect, company is paying them money, company is getting incremental profit from sales that exceeds...
  7. Strobe

    Rick Beato Sig from Gibson

    It's a cool guitar too. I dig double cut specials, and I need a guitar with P90's again.
  8. Strobe

    Changing Fishman Fluence Modern pickup to EMG swap possible?

    EMG's are fine with a bridge ground. You can swap direct. Same goes for vice versa if you don't want voice switching.
  9. Strobe

    Nickelback sounds much better than a lot of modern music...

    I non-ironically enjoyed their first album. They took a pivot to a more bland thing and I liked it less. I don't think they deserve the hate, but it's not like it stopped them from playing stadium gigs.
  10. Strobe

    Thoughts on GUITAR TEACHER REACTS videos?

    Agree. I probably hate 80% of these, but some people are just fun to listen to talk. Erego, you have these videos (and 100 people trying to get in on the algorithm).
  11. Strobe

    What is this new Polyphia song?

    I was expecting some sort of terrible weird cringe singing, but it's just fucking pop music. It's not even bad pop music - it's a little less formulaic and simplistic than most out there. Guitars need to get into popular music again or they're going to mostly go away for a while. This isn't my...
  12. Strobe

    What counts as copying another bands style?

    People like familiarity. They also like variety. It's not some unobtainable challenge to be original, it is just true that not many will like it, and consequently most people will never hear said highly original music. This is not sad, it just is. In general, you are only going to gain...
  13. Strobe

    Anyone actually nab a PS5?

    I am on a waitlist for it, and I check physical stores every so often. That said, it's not super high priority for me. They just do not have many exclusives that I feel I need to play. I am more of a PC gamer, but I got a Switch not too long ago and have gotten back into console a bit.
  14. Strobe

    The Les Paul thread

    I would do that... but I keep not changing the pickups in it. I bought the guitar planning to change the pickups, then I kind of liked them. I dig the burstbucker pro neck. The bridge is sometimes a little too trebly and harsh for me, but also has a lot of clarity and can sound quite good, it's...
  15. Strobe

    The Les Paul thread

    My 2016 Les Paul Standard in Fireball Burst. Love it. I know people have problems with quality on these (at least per the internet), but this one was unimpeachable from the get go. It plays well, and the action, setup, and fretwork were quite good right out of the box.
  16. Strobe

    How's Your D&D Campaign Going?

    I'm playing in a 5th edition game online with some friends. Super fun, it's a homebrew campaign. I also run a dark ages Vampire the Masquerade game, and (uber-nerd alert) a Vampire the masquerade *LARP*.
  17. Strobe

    The Fishman Fluence Thread

    Agree with it sounds a lot like the Devon set, and while I don't hate it, it's not my favorite. That said, I have heard the Devon set sound awesome with different amps. I did not love it with the JP2C here (which is weird as that is my favorite amp), but it tames some of the fizziness on a 5150...
  18. Strobe

    It was only a matter of time....Archetype Rabea. Ok then

    I'm 40 and I dig Rabea. Some of the neural stuff is great, some of it is not - but I do not fault them for releasing something for a popular guy who I also happen to think has a great (and recognizable) sound.
  19. Strobe

    Thoughts on the new-ish Jackson MJ series?

    I've got two of the older MIJ Jacksons. One has a Jackson bridge, another a FR2000 (the Korean made to OFR spec black floyd rose) The Jackson bridge is OK - I have not had problems, but it is not OFR quality. It still keeps tuning well - but perhaps not *as* well as an OFR / Edge. The fine...
  20. Strobe

    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    The lack of hooks, dynamic changes, interesting melodies, rhythm/tempo changes, or even a fucking guitar solo in whole swathes of metal music just suuuuuucks. It's like listening to a vacuum cleaner.