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  1. ItWillDo

    NGD: Fender Stratocaster (Mary Kaye American Vintage 1957 Commemorative Stratocaster)

    Finish: "White Blonde" Body Wood: Alder Neck Wood: Maple Fretboard Wood: Maple Hardware Type: Gold (with matching stock ashtray cover!) Pickup: American Vintage Single-Coil Strat Controls: 5-way Position Blade I'm getting old and I needed something to reflect this. I could've gotten a...
  2. ItWillDo

    NGD: EBMM JP12

    Finish: "Cherry Sugar" Body Wood: Solid Basswood Neck Wood: Mahogany Fretboard Wood: Ebony Inlays: JP Shield Hardware Type: Chrome Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio Crunchlab Neck Pickup: DiMarzio Liquifire Controls: Split coils in middle position + Fishman Piezo system I've mentioned it somewhere here...
  3. ItWillDo

    NGD: Thon Tour Case for 5 Guitars/Basses

    Purchase link: Price when purchased: 689 EUR We moved to a new house recently which has a space I can use as a dedicated music/gym room, and I've been looking into different options for storing my guitars there with minimal...
  4. ItWillDo

    New Polyphia Single - Playing God

    I wasn't blown away by some of their latest work as it was starting to get monotonous, but I didn't expect that a change of instrument in the same style would result in such a fresh breath of air. Also, does anyone have more info on the guitars they're playing here? :yum:
  5. ItWillDo

    NGD: Hapas Sludge 628

    Finish: "Pitch Black" Pickguard: Flamed Maple (Recessed) Body Wood: 2pcs Selected Ash Neck Wood: Maple (Stained Black) Fretboard Wood: Richlite (Black) Number of Frets: 24 Scale Length: 28" Inlays: None Hardware Type: Gold/Black Mix Bridge Pickup: Læviathan (Golden Poles) Controls: 1x Volume...
  6. ItWillDo

    NGD: Private Stock Friday - PRS Custom 24 "Chesapeake Bay"

    Private Stock guitars have always felt completely out of reach back when I was a 'wee lad', so it's a great feeling & honor to be able to acquire such a beautiful piece as this one, and be able to call myself the first (non-dealer) owner. Finish: Indian Ocean Sunset Glow, High Gloss Nitro Top...
  7. ItWillDo

    NGD: PRS Custom 24 Wood Library 10-Top

    PRSCUSTOM24_side by ItWillDo posted Jan 31, 2022 at 8:59 PM Recently I got into more ambient music and I wanted an axe that would serve the purpose, aside from the fact that I was just GAS'ing really hard for a PRS. After searching around on Reverb for a while, I fell completely in love with...
  8. ItWillDo

    NGD: EBMM Mariposa

    As a long time fan of The Mars Volta & EBMM, this guitar felt like a perfect fit for what I was looking for in a 6'er. The fact they offered it in their white with gold hardware 'Imperial White' finish was the cherry on top. Some things which immediately stood out when I picked up the guitar...
  9. ItWillDo

    StringKing - String Gauge Calculator

    Google Play Hey all, A while back I released an alpha version of an Android app to calculate string tension based on your criteria (string type, scale, note, etc..). My ambition is to make it as intuitive as possible, and in time abstract the "science" behind it away as much as possible and...
  10. ItWillDo

    Blackat Feral 8 [EU]

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Blackat Feral 8 Modifications (if any): Electronics were rewired Accessories (hardshell case etc): Hard Shell case Location (City,State or City,Country): Antwerp, Belgium International OK? : Yes, in Europe (Exceptionally US if taking extra shipping...
  11. ItWillDo

    Commercial 8-string Telecasters?

    Hey guys, Are there still any manufacturers making 8-string telecasters? Something in the lines of a ltd sct-607b (but an 8) would be perfect.
  12. ItWillDo

    Appropriate string-set

    Hey guys, So I just bought my very first bass guitar, which I would like to use in the same tuning as I use my 8-strings. It's an Ibanez SR305, and I would just like to match the bottom 5 strings as on my 8 (the same octave!). I play in Drop E, so this would be something like: D A E B...
  13. ItWillDo

    Incremental tension?

    Hey guys, I've noticed that there is a much bigger disparity in my preferred string gauges with ERG than with normal guitars (which somehow makes sense holding into account that there are 2 extra strings). I've usually heard from people that the main notion for tension should be...
  14. ItWillDo

    /FT MGH 8-string Blackmachine Copy [EU]

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Offered is a Blackmachine copy made by MGH. The guitar is in good condition but considering I have slight CTS, I'm having a hard time cooping with the 28" neck. If you ever wanted the M80M but got turned off by the idea of having no neck PU, then...
  15. ItWillDo

    /FT Vandermeij BB001 (7str CS)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Offered is a Vandermeij BB001. This is a custom shop instrument designed and specced from to my wishes from scratch. The aethetics are inspired by the Duality but fused with the functionality of a headless guitar. It's an absolutely beautifully...
  16. ItWillDo

    Being capricious about 7/8

    A bit longer than a year back I sold an RGA8 after having some misery with it (the usual bridge-pin issue, bad fretwork, etc...) and this pretty much put me off of 8's completely and I kind of convinced myself that 8's just weren't for me. I then bought a used RG7621 for about 300 EUR and to...
  17. ItWillDo

    NGD: Vandermeij 'BB001'

    Hey everyone, Builder info: Home | VanderMeij Guitars ---------- BACKSTORY - SKIP IF YOU JUST WANT THE PORN: ---------- About 2 years ago, I fell in love with the Vik Duality. It had a very modern look, but still had something very elegant to it as well. So I got interested into getting...
  18. ItWillDo

    ABM3801b Single Headless Bridge

    Hey guys, I was wondering what the maximum gauge is that an ABM3801b can support? I would like to fit in a .090 in my build (Basically a bass-gauge) but I'm not sure if this will fit. Also, what kind of nut do I have to buy to go along with this bridge? Are there single nuts included like...
  19. ItWillDo

    Used RG7621 vs new RG7421WH

    So I'm experiencing somewhat of a first world problem right now. I sold my previous guitar to buy a used RG7621 from someone, but now a new option has risen for me to buy a brand new RG7421 in white. The issue here is that the used RG7621 is probably of better quality due to being MIJ, but...
  20. ItWillDo

    Used RG7621 vs new RG7421WH