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    Is instrumental death metal a thing?

    If so suggest some. Only thing I know that sorta fits is "The Machination of Dementia" by Blotted Science.
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    Good, Affordable Non-iPod MP3 Player

    Well, the title says it all really. I need a new mp3 player and want to add one to my Christmas wish list.
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    Stainless Steel Basses!!

    Stash Stainless Bass Guitar
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    Old Alice Cooper VHS tape help

    My mother is telling me her friend brought over a vhs tape of alice cooper that was primarily an interview and he explained the true meaning behind the 'Billion Dollar Babies' lyrics (among other things). Does anyone here know the title of it or have any clues? I want to see if I can find...
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    Hot Sauce Resommendations/Discussion Thread

    Could you folks recommend me some hot sauce? I like the Tobasco (love the salsa verde stuff) and Frank's Red Hot stuff, I've got Sriracha, and two types of Dave's Gourmet. What's hot and tasty that fills the void between Sriracha and Dave in terms of heat? Oh and for burger 'n fries there's...
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    Newer RG7321 Help: Allan Wrench Sizes?

    Anyone know what size Allan Wrench I should be using to adjust the height of the saddles? None that I have fit and I don't even know if the RG screws are imperial or metric. Thankfully my setup is nearly perfect already, there's just one string that's a touch too low so it's got a teeny...
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    Cool new 'synth' pickup!!

    How Inventor Paul Vo Created a Little Black Box That Could Change Guitars Forever
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    Feb 28th, 1988...

    Something glorious happened. I was born. :metal: EDIT At 12:51 AM Feb 28: I am now Officially 25.
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    Good cheap-ish pitch shifters?

    Preferably pedals with lots of varieties in intervals and direction of shifting, and harmony.
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    What's cheapest okay-sounding humbucker...

    That I could buy on its own, instead of ripping it out of a cheap guitar or something. I'm looking to make a really cheap DIY adjustable fret guitar, and would like the possibility of running it through an amp, which requires a pickup of some sort.
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    The 12 Tones Of Christmas

    :lol: :bowdown:
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    Bands with most gross/inhuman vocals?

    I'm talking as harsh/awful/disgusting/nightmarish as possible.
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    An interesting tap guitar offshoot, but played more like a keyboard in the shape of a grid. Nice tone, big range.
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    "So bad it's good" pedals/gear

    For me it's the Metalzone and the Fabmetal, people complain, and rightfully so, about how thin, fizzy and lacking in definition these are, and they are right. But they rock for dark atmospheric stuff: Or could be used for some eerie backing to put 'better' sounding guitar tracks over...
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    Don't know what to make of this...

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    Chord charts for instruments tuned in fifths

    I didn't know if I should put this in "Standard Guitars" or "ERG" but since tuning in fifths adds extra range and isn't considered a "normal" tuning I put it here. Mods, feel free to move this if you think the isn't the correct place. Only have maj,min,sus2,and sus4 at the moment-gotta type up...
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    Guitar strings that are long enough for bass?

    Which big, well-known, guitar string companies make guitar string that would be long enough for top-loading 34" scale basses? I'm considering tuning my bass in fifths (lo-hi GDAE) to match my GDAEBF# tuned guitar-the same pitches as the lowest four guitar strings-NOT an octave lower. I like...