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  1. ixlramp

    The return of Warr Guitars tapping instruments. New headless, multiscale designs. Mark Warr is beginning to build again. See the 'Phoenix' webpage for renders of the new designs. There is a 'multinut' 'uncrossed hands technique' design, and a 'crossed hands technique' design. Looks like these might rotate on a single large pivot located at the...
  2. ixlramp

    System for Just Intonation on guitar with standard frets (improved minor thirds version)

    This thread is related to my earlier thread A new thread has been started because the system is now using a superior minor thirds base tuning, and because i am presenting the system in a new...
  3. ixlramp

    Stringjoy try a quartertone tuning on a normally fretted guitar (video and links to related material)

    The tuning they use is: D quarter sharp (highest string) D G quarter sharp G C quarter sharp C ..................... (lowest string) This was a nice surprise because this is the exact tuning i used when i first experimented with a quartertone tuning on a normally fretted guitar in...
  4. ixlramp

    Design image of Kalium Rim 60" scale upright electric bass

    Kalium Rim 60" scale Lowest possible open note pitch F#00 (11.5Hz) The instrument is currently being prototyped. This image was posted on Kalium's Facebook page, so sharing it here for those not on Facebook. Kalium Music website
  5. ixlramp

    Fifths plus minor thirds tuning: Chord shape consistency

    Recently i have become interested in minor thirds tuning, for 2 reasons: 1. It is the optimum tuning for my 'Just Intonation on normal frets' system, detailed in this thread 2. I like jazz...
  6. ixlramp

    Ixlramp's innovative guitar bridge and tuner design thread

    In this thread i intend to post my concepts and designs for bridges, tuners and combined systems of both, as well as related thoughts and articles. These will be added over time so if interested please occasionally recheck the thread. The first concept will be posted below in a moment...
  7. ixlramp

    'Grand Board' 12 string tapper, by Vellmor Guitars of Japan

    Good to see another tapper from Japan. I liked the Japanese 'Koyabu Symmetric Board' which is no longer in production. I like the name and how it suggests a grand piano. Very good to see this has a 36" scale, ideal for a tapper that loses scale length due to the string damper. Strap button...
  8. ixlramp

    Kemp 'lumped' bass strings for reducing inharmonicity (plus useful physics content) String physics and experimentation were used to develop a short fatter section near the saddle, this seems to reduce inharmonicity when playing on higher frets. The research paper contains a lot of useful string physics information in one place, i...
  9. ixlramp

    Bridge hardware design idea: String clamp saddle blocks

    Description --------------- Imagine a bridge saddle block of a fixed-bridge guitar or bass guitar. My proposal is that the string passes over the saddle, deflects downwards at the usual break angle, and then immediately passes into a string clamp mounted on the saddle block just behind the...
  10. ixlramp

    New Standard Tuning / Fripp / Guitar Craft / Crafty fifths tuning: Original vision and variants

    The original vision was all-fifths --------------------------------------- From around 1993 and through the 1990s i was very interested in Robert Fripp and related projects, and collected as much information as i could. The information available then described Robert Fripp's September 1983...
  11. ixlramp

    New subforum for strings / gauges / tension / scale / tunings or alter existing subforum description

    Strings and related subjects are a fundamental category, but i am always confused where to post. The most suitable subforum seems to be 'Pickups, electronics & general tech', but strings would then come under '& other guitar hardware' which seems understated for their importance, and i'm not...
  12. ixlramp

    A (hopefully) clear explanation and summary of True Temperament fretting

    The recent thread about True Temperament is quite technical, the first post of this thread is intended to be a more easily understood explanation and summary. Later posts could perhaps be a place for people to ask questions about it. ///////////////////////////////////////// True...
  13. ixlramp

    True Temperament fretting in detail (using an archive of the old site)

    The 'True Temperament' (TT) fretting system was recently discussed in a Facebook microtonality group, and an archive of the old TT site was discovered. There is a lot of misunderstanding of TT, and the old TT site was far more informative, so the intention of this thread is to link to the...
  14. ixlramp

    GigaRackett by Richard Bobo, plays down to 6Hz (video)

    Good ammunition for when people claim that an extended range bass guitar can't be heard if the fundamental goes below 20Hz (*sigh*). This is clear and audible down to 6Hz. GigaRackett at 11:09. Chromatic scale from 12Hz to 6Hz at 14:35.
  15. ixlramp

    Change bass guitar section title to include extended range bass

    Easy change that would encourage ERBassists, who currently have no home outside Facebook, to join and give that quiet section some more life. Creates consistency with the guitar sections. Maybe: "Bass / Extended Range Bass Discussion". ?
  16. ixlramp

    1 or 2 new subforums for touchguitars and extended range basses

    The touchguitar (2 hand tapping instruments) and extended range bass communities now do not have any forums outside Facebook. Facebook groups are now completely blocked for those not signed up to Facebook. The 'tappistry org' forum has just been shut down by the admin, which was the last...
  17. ixlramp

    11 string touch guitar by Xen Guitars

    From their Facebook page: XSI 11 Touch Guitar Tuned D#-E with re-entry and inversion points Lowest note is an F# ABOVE low E on a standard 6 string guitar Specs: 30” scale, 27 frets Walnut body with flame maple top Headstock with matching cap Walnut and Mac ebony neck Mac ebony fingerboard Lace...
  18. ixlramp

    Microtonal 8 string acoustic baritone by Holzblut

    An amazing 53 frets per octave (53EDO). 31.5" scale (800mm).
  19. ixlramp

    Just Intonation on a Normal Guitar by Restringing and Retuning

    Just Intonation ------------------- What 'Just Intonation' (JI) is, is best explained in detail elsewhere, but briefly: It is 'perfectly tuned harmony'. The modern dominant worldwide tonal system is called '12 Tone Equal Temperament' (12TET). It has 12 equally-spaced pitches within an octave...
  20. ixlramp

    My Kalium Strings tension spreadsheet calculator, multiscale support (.ods, .xls files)

    Kalium / ixlramp tension spreadsheet v4. This was created on a Linux OS using the 'LibreOffice Calc' spreadsheet, which was able to also export a version in .xls format for use with Microsoft Excel. The .ods and .xls files are provided in the .zip file attached to this post. Please let me know...