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  1. Stephen

    New Collibus track 'The Last Time'

    Just thought i'd share it with you guys :)
  2. Stephen

    Collibus playthrough video - 'The False Awakening'

    Thought I'd share this, pretty much the first time I've posted a Playthrough video, I apologise if I posted this in the wrong section. Really need a camera though, my iPhone in a condenser mic cradle wedged between the elastic on a mic stand is really not ideal! Also got a Drum playthrough of...
  3. Stephen

    Belated NGD - Ibanez Universe UV70P

    Basically it arrived last week but I was too busy to post it on here. But anyways, it's a beast of a guitar! Already gigged with it twice, 2 hour sets as well. Tuning stability is amazing as well, didn't have to tune it at all for the gigs which is very handy indeed! Loving the DiMarzio...
  4. Stephen

    When Brian May Introduced my band Collibus

    Well, I never imagined this would happen ever! Was a weird and surreal day to be fair. One of the strangest gigs I've ever played in my entire life! The gig was at Parliament, The House Of Commons for a start which is not exactly a music venue as you know haha. Basically we won a competition...
  5. Stephen

    Collibus - The False Awakening

    I'm Back! Hey guys, not posted in a long time due to being busy hidden away working on this damn album. This thing has taken sooooo long to complete, especially with loosing our drummer at the start of the recording process and had to resort to using Toontrack products and then half way...
  6. Stephen

    Collibus - Female Fronted Metal from UK

    Hey guys! Thought i'd introduce one of my bands to anyone who is interested or likes female fronted metal bands. Also got to have 7 string riffage for you's also :)
  7. Stephen

    New Mix Thingymabob (Nevermore content)

    Been really stuck recently writing wise so I've pretty much just recorded a section of Nevermore's "This Godless Endeavor" for examples of my mixing to try to get clients as such. Was just wondering what you guys think as I'm limited to headphones at the moment until I move apartments at the...
  8. Stephen

    New Amp Day - Laney.

    Managed to get a hold of another VH100R head. That Isn't how i'd usually set up my rig but was having fun using both my VH100R's with a Boss CE-5 in stereo haha. The one I bought yesterday was the bottom head, 2006 model which has EL34's. The top one is an older 2002 model which has...
  9. Stephen

    New Collibus Lineup + New Track - The Hunted

    Hey guys, uploaded a new track of my band Collibus called The Hunted incase any of you are interested in new music. Collibus - The Hunted by Stephen Platt on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Let me know what you guys think. Had a complete lineup change and have...
  10. Stephen

    Metal version of Sonic The Hedgehog - Robotnik Themes

    Thought i'd post this here for you guys to hear. Will update this with an actual mp3 using soundcloud when i get around to making a soundcloud account. Basically ended up playing Sega Genesis/Megadrive over christmas like you do with mates and had to record this! Always loved the music from...
  11. Stephen

    New Pickup Day - Gone wrong?

    Hey, basically been waiting all week for my new SD Blackouts to arrive and today they finally arrived! Ordered 2 sets of them, one for 7 string (phase 1's) and the 8 string versions. Anyway upon inspection when I opened the cardboard packaging the 7 string Blackouts box was cracked and...
  12. Stephen

    Collibus seeks new Guitarist (Manchester, UK)

    Hey guys, looking for a new guitarist whose job will mainly be rhythm but also capable of lead work. Backing vocals a bonus. Recordings of us can be found on our MySpace or FaceBook pages. Collibus on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Collibus | Facebook...
  13. Stephen

    New live videos of my band Collibus

    Just thought i'd share these videos with you guys. Was lucky enough to do a gig where the venue filmed the performances with a multi-camera setup. The overall mix of the audio isn't really studio quality but its still clear. Was also a guitarist down for the gig so in parts it sounds a bit empty...
  14. Stephen

    My Singer's Solo Project (Opinions wanted)

    Was wondering what you guys think about this because i value peoples opinions on here. My singer Gemma from my band Collibus is working on solo material for her own solo album so i thought i'd see what you guys think for her with one of the tracks. She's pretty much writing all the music but...
  15. Stephen

    New Song (Shreddy Solo) - OD808/Laney VH100R/Metal Foundry/Roland TD-12

    <div style="width:473px; border:solid #999999 1px; background-image:url('')"> <a href=''> <div style="background-color:width:460px; height:45px; cursor:pointer...
  16. Stephen

    Video from mixing (Pro Tools, Laney VH100R)

    Video of me mixing one of my bands new songs, video quality isn't the best but you can kind of see the pro tools session though, audio was then later bounced down and put with the video. Still in the rough stages still though. Guitars where tracked with a Maxon OD808 > Boss NS-2 -> Laney...
  17. Stephen

    Terminator Theme - Metal Version

    Thought i'd post it as i'm gonna be watching Terminator 2 later on with a bunch of friends :lol:
  18. Stephen

    Collibus Seek New Bassist (Manchester, UK)

    We are looking for someone in the Manchester area who is talented, enthusiastic and reliable. Must be over 18 for gigging reasons, and have own gear (of a decent standard) and transport. Primarily looking for someone who plays 5+ string's but is possible to play the material on a 4 string (tuned...
  19. Stephen

    Collibus New Song "Insurrection"

    Hey guys, thought i'd post what i've been up to recently musically. Been a while since i uploaded any new music so i thought now would be the time to do so. Pretty much working on my bands album and its coming together quite nicely but had a few problems recently as our bassist just quit...
  20. Stephen

    The Psalm Of Lydia Intro Cover (POD XT Pro - Metal Foundry Just did this as an experiment as I'm experimenting with Impulses and also some Kick/Snare samples. Guitars - Maxon OD808 > Boss NS-2 > Pod XT Pro (MS-Diamondplate) then obviously a convolution reverb plugin. Bass - Pod XT Pro...

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