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  1. zimbloth

    ESP Custom Shop Raiden-7 Red Anodized

    Here is something you don’t every day… or ever? ESP Custom Shop Raiden-7. This is a Japanese market signature model I recently imported, one of the best sounding and most unique 7-strings I’ve played thus far. The GAS is real on this one. It has a richlite fingerboard, red anodized pickguard, SD...
  2. zimbloth

    Ibanez LACS RGA 7-String Dino Cazares

    I usually keep it humble and rarely share my personal guitars, but this one was just too cool not to. This is easily the finest Ibanez I've ever laid my hands on. And I've owned it all, including about 10 LACS artist guitars. The new Seymour Duncan "Machete" pickup sounds badass as well! This...
  3. zimbloth

    ESP Custom Shop Horizon 7 Baritone in Silver Satin w/ BKP Ragnarock

    Wanted to share my latest build with ESP: this sleek Horizon Baritone 7 in Silver Satin with a single Bare Knuckle Ragnarock pickup. As with all my ESP customs, I love this thing. Plays and sounds incredible and looks badass. ESP continues to blow me away with their build quality year after year <3
  4. zimbloth

    Ibanez LACS RGD/RGA 7-String Goodness

    Presented without further comment.
  5. zimbloth

    ESP Custom Shop Brian "Head" Welch SH-7 Guitar

    Hey guys. I don't post much of my stuff on here anymore with life and work being so busy, but I thought I'd share this really cool piece I snagged recently. This is the hand-crafted, ESP custom shop version of the LTD SH-7 ET guitar. I have a few sick CS Horizon 7s in my collections that are all...
  6. zimbloth

    Schecter USA 7-String Axe Palace Exclusive Ltd Run - Violet Fade Quilt, Wenge, SS Frets, Hipshot+FR

    I'm delighted to unveil our Axe Palace exclusive limited run Schecter USA Custom Shop 7-string Guitar! Featuring stunning quilt tops that we hand-picked from their private-reserve wood library, these are ultra high-spec instruments. We slaved over every detail of these guitars to ensure they...
  7. zimbloth

    Ibanez Prestige RGDR7UCS Exclusive Limited Run 7-String (Desert Yellow Flat) | via The Axe Palace

    Ibanez Prestige RGDR7UCS Exclusive Limited Run 7-String in "Desert Yellow Flat". Special features include: Mahogany body, Stainless Steel frets, Ebony fingerboard, Bare Knuckle pickups, Reverse Headstock, Tight-End R bridge, Gotoh Locking tuners, and a never before done Satin Desert Yellow...
  8. zimbloth

    Ibanez Prestige RG752MQM Exclusive Limited Run 7-String (Transparent Violet)

    I am delighted to announce our second Axe Palace exclusive limited run Ibanez Prestige 7-string: the RG752MQM in a gorgeous "Transparent Violet" finish! These guitars are complete and now shipping! Only 12 of these guitars were being produced! The RG752MQMTV features a gorgeous Quilted Maple...
  9. zimbloth

    Ibanez Prestige RG652MQFXS Exclusive Limited Run 6-String (Dark Wine Doom Burst) - $1599

    I am delighted to announce our third Axe Palace exclusive limited run Ibanez Prestige 6-string: the RG652MQFXS in a never-before done "Dark Wine Doom Burst" finish! These guitars are complete and now shipping! Only 12 of these guitars were being produced! The RG652MQFXS features a gorgeous...
  10. zimbloth

    PRS/Framus/Ibanez/Schecter/Carvin/Taylor - Slimming Down My Personal Collection

    Selling off a big chunk of my personal guitar collection. I don't really want to have to do this, as many of these are epic custom one-off builds I had made for me, but saving up for a house is taking precedent over owning a zillion high-end guitars at the moment. 1. PRS Private Stock Custom...
  11. zimbloth

    Ibanez RG752MQM Trans Violet Prestige 7-String Limited Run (1 of 12)

    We are delighted to announce the second ever Axe Palace exclusive limited run Ibanez Prestige 7-string: the RG752MQM in Transparent Violet! Only 12 of these guitars will be produced! Features a gorgeous Quilted Maple Top, Birdseye Maple Fingerboard, Mahogany body, 5pc Maple/Wenge neck, Wizard HP...
  12. zimbloth

    Music Man JP6/JP7 Starry Night PDN Exclusive Limited Edition w/ Matching Headstock

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ernie Ball Music Man "Starry Night" Premier Dealer Network limited edition JP6 and JP7 guitars, NOW IN STOCK! We only have one of each, will definitely go fast. These might be the coolest JPs ever produced. Stainless steel frets, roasted flame maple neck, Ebony...
  13. zimbloth

    Ibanez Prestige RG752MQFX Exclusive Axe Palace 12 Piece Run (Trans Aqua Blue)

    We are delighted to announce the first ever Axe Palace exclusive limited run Ibanez Prestige 7-string: the RG752MQFX in Transparent Aqua Blue! This is truly a one of a kind opportunity to own a custom shop Ibanez like you have never seen before. Only 12 of these guitars will be produced...
  14. zimbloth

    ESP Custom Shop Horizon 7-String Silver Satin w/ BKP Black Hawks

    We have here a brand new ESP Custom Shop Horizon 7-String Neck-Thru in "Silver Satin" with Bare Knuckle Black Hawk pickups. This glorious one of a kind hand-crafted instrument features a Hipshot fixed bridge, Ebony fingerboard, Maple neck-thru constuction with Mahogany wings, Black Hardware...
  15. zimbloth

    Jackson Misha Mansoor Signature Guitars Now In Stock @ Axe Palace

    Hey guys, we've started getting in the USA Jackson Misha Mansor models in stock at the Axe Palace. Most people pre-ordered from us but I will be posting pics of our available extra pieces as we go forward. The first one we have available is this lovely HT6 Bulb in Matte Blue Frost. This is...
  16. zimbloth

    PRS Exclusive 50pc Run of SE Custom 24 6 and 7-Strings @ The Axe Palace

    Welcome to the exclusive Paul Reed Smith / Axe Palace Group Run of SE Custom 24 6 and 7-string guitars. These two limited edition SE Custom 24 and SE Custom 24 7-string models are unique to the Axe Palace and will not be available with these specs anywhere else. 25 of each model/color will be...
  17. zimbloth

    PRS Mark Holcomb Signature CU24 Satin Black Cherry @ Axe Palace

    We just got in our first PRS Mark Holcomb Signature Model Custom 24 in Black Cherry Satin 10 Top Quilt. You can check it on our website here: PRS Mark Holcomb Signature Custom 24 with Seymour Duncan Alpha / Omega Pickups (Black Cherry Satin Quilt) | The Axe Palace. Price is $3699 or contact us...
  18. zimbloth

    Music Man Guitars & Basses Now Available @ The Axe Palace

    Happy to announce that The Axe Palace is now an official Ernie Ball Music Man dealer. Our first shipment of Music Man guitars and basses has arrived! The first to arrive were three 7-string Petruccis (JPX, JP12, JP7 Sky Blue fully loaded) and two StingRay 5-string basses (Stealth and White with...
  19. zimbloth

    Ibanez 2015 Models Now In Stock @ Axe Palace

    Since getting back from NAMM we've been flooded with dozens of new Ibanez 2015 models such as the new Prestige RGs, Sabers, JEMs/UVs, JS2450 Satriani Model, new Iron Labels, 7 and 8-strings, Xiphos, and also the ARZ6UC Prestige Uppercut model which was supposed to come out in 2014 but never...
  20. zimbloth

    Mayones Duvell Elite 7-String Trans Dirty Red Matte - In Stock @ The Axe Palace

    We have in stock a brand new Mayones Duvell Elite 7-String Guitar with an Eye Poplar Top, 5pc Wenge/Bubinga neck, Ebony FIngerboard, contoured Mahogany body, 24 Stainless Steel frets, 16" Fingerboard Radius, Blue Luminlay side dots, Hipshot Locking Tuners and Bridge, Seymour Duncan...