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  1. TheDuatAwaits

    NGD: Schecter Damien 7 diamond series + Signature strings

    Hello all, it's been a long time since I've been on here, years in fact. I've been trying to get back into guitar after taking a break for years .Last weekend I traded a guitar in + some cash for this beauty. I've been listening to a lot of Nile recently and I just had to get something to get...
  2. TheDuatAwaits

    Epiphone is remaking the Gibson Thunderhorse

    I'm pretty excited for this. A nice quality guitar, and not expensive like Gibson(hopefully). Seems like nobody posted it unless I missed it. Brendan Small's promotion for it, eh. :lol:
  3. TheDuatAwaits

    This is amazing (slide guitar content)

    I didn't do a search to see if somebody already posted this but this is amazing. :agreed:
  4. TheDuatAwaits

    Wrist Positioning

    Hey guys, just recently I developed a sharp pain in my left wrist while doing anything rhythm oriented. It just started a few days ago out of nowhere, it does seem like I changed my thumb positioning a tiny bit. I don't know how it started in the first place, it seems almost impossible to go...
  5. TheDuatAwaits

    Former Nile Bassist Busted With 2,900 Grams of Marijuana

    Former NILE Bassist Busted With 2,900 Grams of Marijuana - Metal Injection | Bummer Alert | Metal Injection I searched and couldn't find a thread of this. Also, I'm not sure where this belongs, here or OT. Please move if needed. This is crazy. If you need money, why not get a job instead...
  6. TheDuatAwaits

    Formula One thread

    Any F1 fans on here? I searched and found a thread from 2008 about it, wasn't going to necrobump it. I've only been watching for about 2 years, I like to watch races on Youtube from the 90's. I can catch the first half of the season up until Hungary, after that I have to read about it. From what...
  7. TheDuatAwaits

    NGD: Agile content!! 56k= hopefully not!

    I've had GAS for a maple, set-in neck guitar for quite sometime now, I went on Rondo's site and found this beautiful guitar in my price range, so I just had to have it after reading the reviews for it. :D Here we gooooooooo: Obligatory case shot. What could it be?! Agile...
  8. TheDuatAwaits

    What the hell is this. (Craigslist ridiculousness)

    Gator Mouth Pit There are no words for this. :lol: :scratch:
  9. TheDuatAwaits

    NGD! Jackson Content!

    I bought a Jackson Dinky DXMG off of my friend Dan. She's a beauty. :wub: :woot:
  10. TheDuatAwaits

    New pedal day.

    It's a Korg Ax3000g. I got it on Friday and I didn't have any time to play it until just now. I have no idea how to use it as of right now, I'll have to read the manual tonight. :lol: It's loaded with A LOT of effects and presets. I've wanted it for a while now and just now got around to getting...
  11. TheDuatAwaits

    So today...

    I am 18! :D Now i can buy all the tobacco products that I don't take part in doing! Yay me! :lol: My friend told me yesterday, "Prepare to enter a world when every one of your paychecks goes toward your bills." Sounds fun! :lol: Just thought I'd share that with you fellas. :) Happy Sunday!
  12. TheDuatAwaits

    New Kitten Day!

    NKD! My step-father found him in his mother's barn, he brought him home and have him to me as a surprise gift. :) Commence the cuteness! I got him cleaned up after this picture, now he needs a trip to the Veterinarian. His eyes are beautiful. :wub: I will post more...
  13. TheDuatAwaits

    Peavey AT-200

    This is probably a re-post, i searched. I couldn't find anything, but this is cool as hell. :lol:
  14. TheDuatAwaits

    Vildhjarta (Heavy content)

    So this is what it would sound like if they used 9 strings? :yesway: 2:00. :metal:
  15. TheDuatAwaits

    Twisted Metal

    Anybody else as excited for this as I am?! :yum: This is just a demo, it comes out on Valentine's day. :)
  16. TheDuatAwaits

    I've hit a roadblock. Help please?

    As the title of this thread says, I need some help, advice rather. I've seen a few other threads about this, but i decided to start my own. Before i start, i must say, if it feels like i'm complaining during this, I am incredibly sorry. I really have nobody else to talk to about this. I've...
  17. TheDuatAwaits


    New Amp Day! I went to GC a few weeks ago and i was just trying out amps, I wasn't planning on buying anything. but i played a Peavey Vypyr 15, and it sounded amazing. When I got home I read some reviews on here, and other places, they were really good, so I got Christmas money, and ordered it...
  18. TheDuatAwaits

    That one meme...

  19. TheDuatAwaits

    Fret Help?

    Hi guys, i need some help with the frets on my guitar. I honestly didn't know where to put this, I used the search bar and couldn't find anything on this. Whenever i slide my hand up and down the side of the neck, whether it be playing lead or rhythm, the frets cut the side and underside of my...
  20. TheDuatAwaits

    Kim Jong Il passes away

    North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il, 69, Has Died - ABC News I don't know what to think of this... Discuss?