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  1. Jacksonluvr636

    The facts about compound radius?

    I don't know the true purpose and technical details and I assume it is as you stated in the OP. Comfort. Despite what some people say I can definitely feel the difference and prefer compound. I would also challenge the folks saying they're useless and only posted to sell guitars and question...
  2. Jacksonluvr636

    Lichtlaerm pedals?

    Too many replies to read. Read a couple of pages. Is this company still around? Is this one definitely better than the Zuul? I want to try the gate but the whole out of stock permanently thing doesn't sit well with me so I'll probably just get the Zuul+
  3. Jacksonluvr636

    What to pair with a V30?

    I'm sure this has been beaten to death but there's always new speakers coming out. I have a 2x12 that came with V30s. I swapped one for a Scumback BM75-LD and it sounds great but I want to try some others. Top of my list is the Redback or a 75w Creamback. I am going for low mid, aggressive...
  4. Jacksonluvr636

    Did Slipperman's guide get 404'd?

    Heard he passed earlier this year, RIP. Made me want to read it again because it was so epicly amazing but I just cannot find it anywhere.
  5. Jacksonluvr636

    Fortin TS-9 run 2 is live.

    Couldn't resist ordering this. The reviews and videos say this one doesn't kill the low end and the videos sounded great.
  6. Jacksonluvr636

    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    I would pick ignorant out of the three. But your 2 posts are pretty contradictory. People were definitely throwing it around as seen in video above. But you yourself even realized that isn't how he meant it, which to me is a pretty important factor. As a 41 yr old white boy from the Northeast I...
  7. Jacksonluvr636

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Been out of the game for a long while. Just ordered a Harley Benton Amarok and paid for a VHT 50/CL. Next I'm trying to find a specific set of speakers but will probably have to buy them new :/
  8. Jacksonluvr636

    Budget guitars? HB/Jackson/LTD

    Thanks for all the tips. The fret ends are what I worry about the most. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered an Amarok 6. After some debate, the roasted neck seemed great, especially with the feet worries. On top of that that roasted neck model actually costs less than the Amarok but I've had...
  9. Jacksonluvr636

    Ellefson's New band: Dieth

    Agreed. We're the victims here, let's not get it twisted.
  10. Jacksonluvr636

    So I listened to every metal speaker showdown on youtube...

    Those anniversaries work amazingly well with Jose style amps. They were the ONLY speakers to get the tone I needed out of a $4,000.00 Fortin amp so that amp was sent packing. With that said, Scumback makes a superior speaker to any Celestian I have ever played. I have yet to try the DV77 but...
  11. Jacksonluvr636

    Budget guitars? HB/Jackson/LTD

    Hopefully I dont get a bad one. Just ordered the Amarok. That roasted neck seemed great and probably better and cheaper but I just couldn't do all black for whatever reason.
  12. Jacksonluvr636

    14 vs 17" radius - do you really notice a difference?

    In my opinion yes, you'll notice the difference. I can...but the compound radius is better to me.
  13. Jacksonluvr636

    Ellefson's New band: Dieth

    I like death metal and I like thrash rock or whatever you'd like to call this music but they just don't work well together here.
  14. Jacksonluvr636

    Budget guitars? HB/Jackson/LTD

    I'll check out those squires. My first guitar ever was a squire lol. Might be cool to revisit that brand. $500 give or take is the budget. I'll have to look at the spacing you mentioned but I will say when I got my Caparison FXAM the pickup was in a very different spot vs any other guitar I've...
  15. Jacksonluvr636

    Budget guitars? HB/Jackson/LTD

    What say you? I'm really gassing on this Harley Benton Fusion iii emg. The specs are unreal for the price. Also considering the Amarok. How are these guitars? Mainly concerned about the neck and what carve they are comparable to. Or should I just get a used low end LTD?
  16. Jacksonluvr636

    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    Yup this is what bothers me about the whole thing. Why now? Correct me if I'm wrong but Vin previously refused to do a reunion without Dime and things were never mended. Would they be rolling in their graves or happy to see this? I feel if Dime was with us one day this would have happened but...
  17. Jacksonluvr636

    Favorite recorded guitar tones?

    TBDM - Verminous Dying Fetus - Wrong one
  18. Jacksonluvr636

    FS Pedals FS: Boosts and NS2

    Henning still available, others sold
  19. Jacksonluvr636

    FS Monomyth modded Marshall Origin 50

    Have it listed on Reverb as well:
  20. Jacksonluvr636

    FS Monomyth modded Marshall Origin 50

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: See below Modifications (if any): The amp was modded by Shea. Accessories (hardshell case etc): No Location (City,State or City,Country): Hazelwood, MO International OK? : you pay shipping Contact Info (No Phone #s) pm or reply References (eBay or...