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    If you had $2kUSD for a custom 8 string, what would you get?

    So if you had 2kUSD for a custom or semi custom 8 string, what would you go with. The lower 2k opens it up to used stuff obviously and some smaller brands. Keep in mind this is specific to a custom or semi custom although somebody is bound to miss the point and mention an Ibanez Prestige for...
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    NGD - 2015 Carvin/Kiesel DC800

    So I’ve wanted a Carvin DC800 for years now but always had other stuff pop up or didn’t have the funds, etc. I had a few other 8 strings that I personally hated (usually the neck) for one reason or another (Agile Intrepid and an RG8) and ended up selling so I figured I’d finally get myself a...
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    Anybody on here sell their Carvin DC800 to GC in Nashua NH? Or recognize this Carvin DC800?

    Wondering if anybody on SS sold this to GC? Trying to figure out specs. Guessing a maple neck, Alder body, flame maple top, ebony fretboard. I always thought the DC800 was only active but this one has no battery box and has Kiesel locking tuners (which I imagine could have been added after.)...
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    Project looking for members- Colorado (Denver/Colorado Springs) - Possibly remote vocals

    I’m trying to get a project started locally in the Denver/COS area (located in North Colorado Springs) but it’s seeming pretty hard to find committed players. Death/Djent inspired project which is currently just me (had a bass player but that fell through). More focused on speed and rhythms...
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    Not another “Which guitar should I buy” thread - Super specific search

    It is. Trying to consider options and really wondering if there is a model I’m missing? Not looking for anything outside of these parameters as I’m looking to have this one as more of a workhorse guitar less studio. My daily is a Schecter SLS Elite (Ash/26.5) but the neck thru is touchy in dry...
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    6 string bridge humbucker decision - Passive

    I’m rebuilding a Carvin Bolt I’ve owned for years to gear it more towards what I’m writing and I’m trying to decide on the bridge pickup. I also have a mahogany body using a Dimarzio Titan so I don’t want to go with an identical tone. Here’s the specs on the Carvin: Alder Body Ebony Fretboard...