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    Morbid Angel - Gateways tones help?

    Hey, can anyone link me to what Trey was using around this time? I'm especially interested in the lead tones, clear yet smooth, like at the end of Ageless, Still I Am, and the lead break in At One With Nothing. I love this record.
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    Brexit: what will it do to guitar prices in Britain?

    Is this eventually going to lead, for instance, to US made guitars coming into Britain cheaper? Or will they be more expensive? Thoughts?
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    FS Orange Rocker 30 Head (UK)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Orange Rocker 30 Head. Retubed in June 2018 and only very lightly played since. A footswitch is included. Modifications (if any): Accessories (hardshell case etc): Location (City,State or City,Country): London UK International OK? : No Contact Info...
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    FS PRS SE Mushok Baritone (UK) with BKP bridge

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Superb condition Mushok Baritone 28” scale guitar in silver burst finish. These aren’t made any more, you won’t find a cleaner example. I am going in a different direction and looking to buy another acoustic. Modifications (if any): Bare Knuckle...
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    Gibson Hummingbirds - your experience recording them

    Morning all, I'm looking for a new dreadnought to complement the Yamaha AC3R I have. It's for a new, more mellow album with my band. I tried a load of acoustics around London yesterday, some lovely ones - a 70s Guild D40, a 2003 Gibson Songwriter Deluxe, a Taylor 317, a True Vintage J45, new 60s...
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    Gigs You've Been to Recently

    A thread for the gigs you've seen recently and what you thought. I saw Monster Magnet last night. Support - Them Damn Crows. Unlike most support acts, they played as if they were on a BIGGER, not smaller, stage. I appreciated that. Monster Magnet were great, celebrating Powertrip, my only...
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    Albums You're Rediscovering

    A thread for albums you're re-listening to after a long time out. Perhaps you've always loved them, perhaps you are trying again after a frustrating experience when it came out. Has time changed anything? I'm re-listening Morbid Angel - Kingdoms Disdained. This is a terrific death metal record...
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    YouYouYou!!! - hip-hop guy listening to metal

    Anyone else seen this guy's stuff? I love him, he's great. Really brings back the joy of discovering great music. Interesting what he likes too! Hunt down the St Anger one too, amazing.
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    New Preamp Recommendations

    My Presonus Firestudio is no longer compatible with my computer. I have a Macbook Pro with Logic. I would like something with 2-4 channels that offers slightly higher quality than the Presonus without breaking the bank - this wasn't a planned purchase. I was looking at the Audient ID22 - has...
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    Kirk Windstein with Strictly 7 guitars?

    Looks good.
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    WTB John 5 Mexican Fender (not triple) (EU/UK)

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: John 5 Mexican Fender Telecaster (the one with the unusual headstock) Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Ideally yes Your Location (City,State or City,Country): London, England International OK?: Could be Contact Info (No Phone #s): Contact on here please References...
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    Guitar tabs - where?

    Hey all, Where are you getting your guitar tabs? I'm struggling to find quality recent tabs. I don't want to pay for tabs - although I buy tab books I also want to dabble. I just bought John 5's Requiem tab book, but his Season of the Witch record has been out 6 months now and I can't find any...
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    WTB Squier John 5 J5 Frost Gold (UK/EU)

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Squier J5 Tele in Frost Gold. Not one with fret issues or *needs fixing up* etc, no nasty surprises please, just someone looking to move one on! Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Some kinda case/ gig bag preferable Your Location (City,State or City,Country)...
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    Strandbergs now stocked in the UK

    Hi all, Sorry if this was already posted, but GuitarGuitar have come through again, and are now stocking Strandberg Bodens :hbang: I'd be very interested to try one out and see what the fuss is about! Strandberg Electric Guitars
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    New Clutch!!

    Absolutely sensational. More rootsy and bluesy than Earth Rocker, banging tunes, early faves are Quick Death In Texas, Sucker For The Witch, X-Ray Visions and Son Of Virginia :hbang:
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    Superior Drummer - X-Drum on Left of mix?

    Hey all I'm stacking snares. In the overheads though, the X-drum snare I've chosen is appearing on the mid to hard left of the mix in the OH. This is nowhere NEAR where the regular snare is in the OH mix. How do I put the X-drum snare where the normal snare is in the OH mix? They sound together...
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    A music law question (album titles)

    My band will release a new record, our first on a label, this year. We came up with a title, which is part of the theme of the record. We've discovered another rock band release an album with this title 25 years ago. We are at different ends of the rock spectrum - we're a lot heavier - and the...
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    Epic NPD/NAD:- Diezel and BareKnuckle Content

    The Diezel VH4 with cab I got a great offer on second hand. This is the first time I've fired it up, now that my Carvin DC727 is back from the shop with a new Bare Knuckle Black Hawk 7 in the bridge :hbang: I've actually done two videos of the same take, just messing about with some of my band's...
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    String gauges for a PRS Mushok baritone

    Just about to pick up a Mushok SE. Not overly familiar with baritone scale (27.7), tuning lowest to highest pitch will be Ab Db Ab Db Gb Bb, what kinda strings should I be looking at with this extended scale? I believe this means I don't need to go as big with the strings.
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    Those with Black Hawks

    My Black Hawk 7 pickup just arrived - it seems the blades aren't entirely level height-wise. It might be that the main surfaces of the pickup aren't entirely aligned, and it's therefore an illusion, but does anyone else have this, and is it an issue or to be expected with blade pickups? Cheers!