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  1. Adieu

    Anyone ever do juice cleanses? Does that crap work?

    Been feeling kinda meh and bloated recently, had an unused Target gift card and pulled the trigger on this on a whim. Any good?
  2. Adieu

    Does anybody sell 8"-10" AMOLED tablets anymore?

    Looking for a read/watch stuff in bed tablet. Want 8"-10", light weight for one-handed operation, 16:9, and AMOLED. No 12"-13" 700g bricks that'll break your nose or squash your cat if you fall asleep reading and drop it. No nearly square displays. Why the heck does it seem like no one makes...
  3. Adieu

    My old cats - M13.5 yo & F15+ yo - have suddenly gone into Mortal Kombat mode??? Advice?

    So, M13.5 Tim (smaller, relatively younger male, lifelong jittery) was whining all morning, looked into him a few times, but had to work and got distracted. F15+ Sophie (larger female, totally chill) didn't make any sounds whatsoever. Come back in the evening and there fur EVERYWHERE and...
  4. Adieu

    Chibanez has Edge knockoffs now??? Since when?

    I was wasting time browsing on Aliexpress and ran across these... Fake pics (of genuine original guitars)? Or does Chibanez now do convincing-looking Edge trems? Since when? Used to be you could spot the cheapie fakes by the generic Floyd (un)Licensed bridges with the tall finetuners, not...
  5. Adieu

    What's the best place in the US to live on a remote freelance income of 75-100k?

    Covid has taught me an interesting lesson: how to live with no commute, few local in-person social contacts, and no real connection whatsoever to my current geography or timezone. Hence... Where's the best bang for the buck in America for low cost of living (especially house prices)...
  6. Adieu

    Found an interesting piece of tech on Amazon: Bluetooth receiver cable replacement for AKG

    Bluetooth on minixlr that plugs straight into AKG headphones in place of the removable cable Don't know yet how long the charge lasts, but the concept is pretty neat. Seems to sound pretty good, volume range ~80 - 100% is fairly useable (though it cannot get painfully loud on K240), pairs up...
  7. Adieu

    Customizable/gaming mice with 4 or 5 big additional thumb or index finger buttons?

    Keyboard shortcuts on productivity software are kicking my left hand's ass. I can barely move my pinky it's so sore from mashing Ctrl all day. Is there a good wired mouse with 4-5 BIG additional customizable buttons? I need "submit", "copy", "paste", and maybe backspace or delete. If one of...
  8. Adieu

    Do you get hit with customs duties on Aliexpress orders in USA these days?

    It's supposed to be like the Chinese version of Black Friday or something today and Amazon has been pretty sad lately. Been getting curious about ordering stuff from China. Personal experiences?
  9. Adieu

    Should I care about 120 hz in a TV?

    Been considering getting an OLED TV. Should I cheap out and go for an LG A1 48" 60hz for $900, or an LG A1 55" 60 hz for $1100, or an LG C1 55" 120hz for $1300? All from LG cause really only LG makes the OLED displays themselves anyway afaik. I don't play consoles and am actually not sure if...
  10. Adieu

    Single volume pot on an HSS setup

    Strat-style, mahogany-maple-maple, incoming new pickups: Duncan Screamin Demon + 2x Bootstrap '54 Vintage Pro singles (A5 pole fiber bobbin classic Fender CS-style single coils, measure 5.7) What pot should I use? 500k or 250k? It's a single volume for all pickups setup
  11. Adieu

    Do any Chinese offbrand companies sell proper fiber & alnico pole single coils?

    Anyone seen any properly made cheap Fender CS-style single coils out of Asia? Seems like there's a few on aliexpress, but anyone ever try em? Anyone know of any US sellers that carry such pups?
  12. Adieu

    Bought a $200 Chinese strat (EART)

    First impression: surprisingly nice Frets seem level, tape measure says they're in the right places, factory setup not shreddy low but playable and no buzz on any fret. Even seems close to in tune out of the box. First gripe: why are the tuners grimey?
  13. Adieu

    I *thought* I heard you could use a Scarlett Solo as a standalone guitar headphone amp (no PC)

    I believe I read, here or on some other forum, that you could run a Focusrite Scarlett Solo as a standalone guitar headphone amp (preferably with an ampsim-in-a-box pedal)... tried hooking it up to my 2amp USB-C phone charger, no dice. The backlight rings on the pots flashed once and nothing...
  14. Adieu

    Google conspires with certain companies to allow them to bypass spam filters?

    Every day, and I mean, I flag spam from LinkedIn as "spam" in Gmail. And the next day, it still arrives in my inbox. Similar stuff happens with a few others like Quora, but those data mining bastards at least let off until you accidentally click into a search result from them...
  15. Adieu

    Who else was headphone st00pid like me?

    So I upgraded laptops recently (Samsung Galaxy Book Pro) and decided to watch some stuff on that niiice Amoled display. Except the speakers are PATHETIC. Tried some headphones... nah FINALLY got the bright idea to plug in my Focusrite audio interface and use it as a headphone amp.
  16. Adieu

    What's the approximate cost of shipping a 100w head within the contiguous 48 states?

    Been toying with the idea of selling a Mesa F100 head I don't use much online. Seems like the new normal is to quote a "shipped price". How much might the shipping be though? Thx.
  17. Adieu

    I thought my Joyo Tubescreamer clone was broken, BUT... turns out the battery died. Why though?

    It was the deadest 9V i've ever seen. 0.00 volts on the tester. Battery defect? Or did it drain out somehow? I left it plugged into an amp but turned OFF for a few months. Pretty sure it was a fresh new battery, never used. Are you supposed to unplug it fully when not using or something??? Thx
  18. Adieu

    Any vocalists here? Sore throat / voice is f**ked, any remedies to rapidly un-f**k it?

    I need it for work. Decent paying narration gig, and my voice is just crapping out on me. Please help! Thx
  19. Adieu

    What's a fast and convenient program for slicing and splicing a recording into a bunch of files?

    It's for work not music, but I figured you guys might know. I need to record pages and pages of voice and then split it up into sequentially named and numbered files containing one sentence each. And here's the kicker, then splice in the same thing in a second language. Manually creating...