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  1. Adieu

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Modern military applications are largely irrelevant, unless you're looking to play with talking points like "private open carry of bazookas should be A-OK since they're old as shit and US Army doesn't use them anymore"
  2. Adieu

    Super cheap (and super sus) RG570

    Real neck, DIY or partRG body? If you can get the neck clean and the frets are good, probably worth it. Can you check it out in person? If the fretboard edge has tooling marks from being cut/filed down to fit the body, it's almost certainly a genuine neck
  3. Adieu

    easy to prepare meals for people who can't cook?

    If you're a noob, the microwave, air fryer, and crock pot are your friends.
  4. Adieu

    Things Everyone Hates About Modern Movies

    Do people still watch movies??? I haven't watched a single one in like 12-15 years. Ever since TV/streaming got into higher budgets. Seems like too much effort for a mere 2-3 hours of content...
  5. Adieu

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Wdym? For a guy running a family business literally called an "Organization", scamming everybody for decades, not properly paying taxes, using government office to collect bribes and evade legal consequences... the man's a poster boy for RICO And yet he's free as a bird His legal record far...
  6. Adieu

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Oh for ef's sake, Ukraine had a tradition of both electing leaders and ousting them via public voicing of discontent long before America was *invented*. Also, nobody couped Yanukovich - he ran away all on his own when faced with protests and impeachment. He chose to run away to his Russian...
  7. Adieu

    NGD: Buyer Beware Yahoo! Auctions [ESP Content]

    You can't. A twist is a spiral pattern, not an angled off-center plane
  8. Adieu

    NGD: Buyer Beware Yahoo! Auctions [ESP Content]

    Interesting. I've never ever seen a truly warped neck. Somehow.
  9. Adieu

    What does the EMG 81 do

    It makes crappy and non-crappy guitars sound very similar.
  10. Adieu

    The Twitter fued we didn't know we needed....

    That's ridiculous. Proper pros would work around any and all kinds of missing equipment or failures thereof, and would improvise something cool even if everything went SPECTACULARLY sideways. Even if all their shit didn't show up, they had to borrow a single acoustic somewhere, jack it...
  11. Adieu

    FS Fender Limited Edition HM Strat Reissue (2020)

    Quite cool, but that's not a quartersawn line pattern
  12. Adieu

    Central Bank Digital Currency...are we racing to Dystopia?

    USA *already* uses a fully digital and virtual currency. It is widely known as $ or USD. The quantity of dollar cash in the USA is painfully tiny and the dollar isn't backed by anything else. How much cash vs. digital USD money do you own? My ration is about 1:500. I'm sure most people are...
  13. Adieu

    NGD 87 ESP Horizon.

    Aww dang, at first I thought you were joking about one string being broken How heavily packed was it? Headstock bubblewrapped?
  14. Adieu

    Jackson V - It’s a fake right?

    Chinese Floyd unLicensed 100% fake
  15. Adieu

    Which amp 'cuts through the mix' easier?

    Pretty much everything you've ever listened to was recorded with: Peavey 5150/6505 Mesa Rectifier Marshall JCM 800 Boosted Marshall Plexi
  16. Adieu

    Budget Friendly Solution for an Ampless Gentleman

    Used Peavey Vypyr
  17. Adieu

    Metal spacer for Ibanez and/or Gotoh flat mount bridges?

    Actually, nope At the same scale and for the same note tuned to, the THINNER string vibrates wider But that's probably what you are using. String makers call 13 sets "Baritone LIGHT" B standard is is pretty much 7-string tuning minus a string (OK for all but 1 string...same difference). A...
  18. Adieu

    NGD: Fender Stratocaster (Mary Kaye American Vintage 1957 Commemorative Stratocaster)

    Why are you putting guitars on concrete? That'll scuff