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    MIDI via USB devices

    Anyone having experience running MDI over a USB connection? I've been looking into building a compact 2U 19" rig comprising an ADA MP2 and a Lexicon Vortex (for solo delays), and will need a compact device for reverbs, delays and a few more effects. Now, several compact devices exists on the...
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    Accidents, and lessons learned

    Meaning no pun, I felt inspired by Pondman's router accident. We all have accidents, and I'm thinking we could share these, what happened and why, and the lessons learned about how to avoid it a second time, or for others to avoid similar things. Mmnn.. probably a Bit of a long post. Oh well...
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    Pad/tablet for en elder

    I need advice for a pad/tablet for a 75 year lady, quite intelligent, and is willing to dig-in to learn. She has purely basic needs, like browsing, email, snapping a few pictures, watching youtube.., so most any device would of course do. The device should be easily connected to the Samsung TV...
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    Minimalistic drumkit

    Just how small can a drumkit be and still be decently flexible for a variety of styles in rock, metal and progressive jazz-metal-fusion? I find it hard to imagine a kit with much less than bass drum, snare, kick, 2-3 toms, hi-hat and at least three cymbals. And yet, I see youtube vids where the...
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    Extended or limited? Justin Johnson on alternate instruments

    I was just randomly browsing on the tube when I bummed into this one. Never heard of Justin Johnson before, but have to say wow. Ain't no downtuned metal, just so so inspiring. Methinks.. s0PoHkHOSKA Dunno if it's watchable; can't see it myself. Likely using wrong tag or it's my filters..
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    New CITES regulations on rosewoods

    Dunno if this has already been covered; didn't see it if so. As usual, they do this with no notice at all; same as when Brazilian rosewood got covered. The new rules are effective from January 2nd 2017.
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    Language technologies needed

    I need help locating language technologies, and many in here have university background, so.. :yesway: ;) I need dictionaries and language guides in electronic form. These are intended to go onto a tablet/pad for self studies. Languages I need to study are: Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French...
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    Transport/shipping cases info needed

    I will soon need one or two transport/shipping cases for long distance relocation. So far I've spotted two: and The Pelican is decently less expensive, whereas...
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    Selling axe with/without electronics mods

    Hi guyz, hope this is the right place.. I have a rare guitar on sale. It has been modded with different bridge pickup and different wiring/filters. I have the original parts, which I'll reinstall - mostly, because I've lost the schemo I made back then of the original wirings, which weren't the...
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    Lowering poles in a single coil pup

    I have this StratCat axe with Wilkinson pups with the the poles staggered in reverse order, to mimick how Hendrix sounded, playing left handed on a right hand Strat. Now, as such, the low E string pole is raised far too much, making it punch through way too hard. Shouldn't be too tricky...
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    Privacy protection that works

    Look, Google ain't that bad - they'll protect even a cow's identity: With [Big] Brothers like that, who needs to worry.. :shrug: Anyone thinking Banks and Governments will seriously, like.. spy.. on us, clearly must be suffering from identifiable disorders that surely...
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    Fairly large storage box for shipping?

    I'm selling most of my belongings and my apartment (just went on sale), and will be traveling for likely several month. For my remains, I need a fairly large storage box; must be sturdy, as it will at some point be shipped to some other place on this planet. I'm looking at the SKB...
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    ADA MP-2's and MB-1

    Up for grabs are two(2) MP-2's and one ADA MB-1. All are 230 volt versions. The MB-1 can be modded for intl. voltages via MDRT transformer. Modifications (if any): Check per item Accessories: none Location: Copenhagen, DK International OK?: Yes Contact Info: PM me References: vanSinn...
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    Scary day for shopping

    Just checked the exchange rate USD/DKK, and found it listed at 666.66 :evil: Not my day for shopping online; I'm too superstitious..
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    Simulated streetrace, cops takes it..

    Normally, I prefer fun cross/offroaders getting away with it in open country where noone gets hurt ;) But this is one the funnier, and quite creative, street racers vs cops I've seen - note the cop's comments about the girl at the end :lol:
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    Processors, audio routers, ADAT interfacing..

    I beg for forgiveness for not fully following the standard, hwich is due to having a lot of gear on sale - and being in a Bit of a rush (selling apartment soon). I'm selling several devices: Digitech GSP 1101 incl. floor controller, Lexicon MPX G2, Lexicon LXP-15, Digitech TSR-24, Yamaha...
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    Refridgerator repair advice needed

    My fridge died overnight. Instead of cooling, it now heats. It's a Danish 'Gram K215', and quite old. I'm selling my apartment soon, and don't want to shop a new fridge. It's a simple device with a passive radiator on the rear, no freeze box, no fan. I has an old-school passive thermo regulator...
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    How to properly address gender

    How to properly address gender and reject a gender diversity law proposal: (in German, with English subtitles)
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    Best alternative parking I've seen

    So inventive.. :agreed: Got skills.. :scratch:
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    Why fight if there's room for tonguing

    Real street battles do take place, mon amigos. Here it's in Xingtang county in Hebei province, reportedly a fight for contractual territory. Or is it ratting mafia sables, or maybe just mine is bigger than yours..