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    ESP CUSTOM SHOP ( paint job videos )

    Hi, Just a quick note found this today when browsing for some idea's , have a look at the link to this cool guitar being air brushed Diogene :cool: Speed painting Lyra on a Custom ESP Guitar | Eternal Descent
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    V drums interview with Daniel And Adrian

    Hi Guys, Have a :rolleyes: look at this interesting read on the v-drums and two very great drummers i may add ROLAND MUSIC - DRUM ROOM
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    Hi , Check out these amazing guitars ... Daemoness Guitars also see this video :shred:
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    NGD EVH Wolfgang

    Hi, Just thought i would post this up , i went yesterday to richmond to "chandlers" to have a look for some pedals that had in stock but came across this little baby in the shop ( see photo ). Had a play on the thing and feel in love with it and brought it there and then , i also on my...
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    Axe fx get's 5 starts in UK guitarist mag

    Hi Guy's , Just read a great review in the UK guitarist mag about the axe fx and they gave it five stars for everything ....make me wish i had not got my pod x3 pro now in december time oh well ........
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    The Cramps' Lux Interior dies

    See link below , I've seen them play twice , late 80's early 90's ....and they helped form part of the deathrock , punk movement ........really sad. The Cramps' Lux Interior dies |
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    Recommend me a good book to read ?

    Hi, Ok i'm after something to read , now the last two books i read where 1. Kill your friends - by john niven 2. Basic writings of nietzsche - by peter gay so anyone got anything good they can recommend i go and check out ??? Open to anything here guys as along as it's not childrens...
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    World Of Warcraft eat your heart out for these's elf's

    Hey, A friend sent me this link today , kind of pissed my self laughing my ass off and thinking about the whole world of warcraft games and stuff. Must say the young ladys are fine though ......... See link to photo's World of Warcraft Sex Gallery: 24 of 24
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    Happy bunny get to tech on the LubricaTOUR

    Hey Guys, Just thought i would leave a note to say i've just had an e-mail and i'll be teching for Sin from Revolting Cocks on the RevCo LubricaTOUR in the next two months ....boy am i over the moon ......more work and i can't wait to work with him . I'll keep you all post with on how i get...
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    Seven String sweep pick

    Hi All, Came across this today and thought i would post a link to it , it's not often you see big guitar magazines do stuff on seven strings , let alone tab it. have a look , another thing for me to print off and add to my theory books / practice. Sweep Picking on the Seven String...
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    Jason Becker

    Hi Guys, I'm sure you all have read up on all the cool kit at namm 2009 this year , i went had fun and am in NY for a couple of days staying with my other halfs parents before i head back to the UK on thursday. Anyways being i went along and had a go on the new JB guitar paradise guitars...
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    Price increase with ibanez in the UK

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to let some of the guys know this in the UK , i've heard that Ibby and some of the big name shops in london are putting up the prices on there stock by as much as £150. I checked a couple of on-line UK dealers out and it's true ...a £450 pound s7320 is now gone up in...
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    Steve Vai's new Carvin Amp

    Hi Guys, Not sure if this has been posted but Carvin have Vai's new amp up on there site see link :shred:
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    New ESP now online

    Hi All, Thought i would update everyone , some of the new ESP's have now been posted on there site ....check it out ....alot of graphic design LTD's which look pretty cool The ESP Guitar Company :: News Diogene :shred: P'.s Happy New year guys .....lets see what Ibby has to show...
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    FS Dean Razorback V

    Hi Guys , I have a Dean Razorback V explosion for sell with EMG pickups and case , in ex-condition , 1 year old for sell and has only been played a couple of times If anyone is intrested in buying it here is the link or PM ok. I'm after £580 for it and the buyer collects as i can't ship...
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    Kirks Rig !

    Hi Guys, Thought i would post this if it hasn't already been done ...... I like the Drac guitar .....nice to see Jason still is teching for him ! :cool:
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    Xiphos Neck , Bolt on or neck thur ?

    Hi Guys, I have a question to ask and hopefully someone can answer that's got a Ibanez Xiphos ? I've broken the neck off my Ibby s7320 and thought about replacing it with a Xiphos neck being it's a reverse headstock neck. The question i wanted to ask is the neck on the Xiphos a neck thur...
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    Help needed in finding a shop in london ?

    Hi, I need some help , i don't know the earls court area very well in london, but am looking for a shop that is called Fat Ricks , that sells vintage gear ......i need to know if anyone that lives in london knows where about's it is in earls court. I remember going there back in 1995 ...
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    Got fired today ! well layed off !

    Hey, I'm abit pissed right now , as this morning i was dragged into my boss's office and given my "thanks very much" we don't need you any longer talk. The really bad news is they laid off all the IT network guys ( 16 people in total ) and kept on the team leaders and managers of the...
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    The Mill studios and a day of fun yesterday

    Hi All, I hopefully will post some photo's when i get time later today, But i spent the day yesterday with my girlfriend ( how is a sound engineer ) and some of the guys in my band doing some recordings at the Mill studios in Cookham ( i grow up near this area and my other half is thinking...