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    New Earthquaker Devices Sunn O))) Live v3 Pedal

    Admittedly my ears are way less experienced than most on this forum, but the demo for this pedal is probably the most impressive I've heard. The distortion seems to have a great mid-heavy growl without being honky, and the overdrive is sort of RAT-like. The ocatve thing seems pretty niche but...
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    The LTD Phoenix thread!

    WOW, that collection looks majestic. I'm looking into offset shape guitars (I have an AVRI Jazzmaster on its way) and the black metal phoenix is also on my radar as I'm a big sucker for single pickup single knob guitars. Funnily enough I just saw your review of the guitar on your channel...
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    New Shockingly Good In Flames Song

    Once again I feel like new-school In Flames deserves more credit, Sounds of a playground fading had quite a few good tracks, and so do the albums after them (albeit with some generic numbers in between). Perhaps they've gone the 'alternative metal' route and associated themselves with the...
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    Grivo - Riff Worshipping Stonery Shoegaze

    I'm going through a post-metal&Doomgaze rn and Grivo is certainly one of the standouts so far, I agree the riffs are great and the tone gives them some identity.
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    Gibson Riff Lords: Matt Heafy

    Now I really want to see Matt sit down with Josh Middleton and talk riffs, from early Trivium to Sylosis to modern era Tribium to Architects. Come to think of it, they also look alike... have we seen both in the same room?
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    New Fallujah (feat. Evan Brewer)

    Personally, the track itself gets a 'good but not great' from me, but still, I'm so glad to see the band is back on track with a new lineup. They're pretty much the only 'tech' band I regularly listen to these days. The first time I saw them they were the main support for Obscura (along with...
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    Epiphone Jerry Cantrell Wino & Prophecy guitars

    My eyes are still adjusting to the headstock, but this is the classiest epiphone LP I've seen.
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    NGD LTD Jeff Ling JL-600

    Love this guitar, was seriously considering acquiring one, then a deal for a second-hand ESP standard M-II (neck-thru w/ Floyd and BKP Juggs) came up and I took the M-II instead, fooling myself it would be very similar to the JL. But no it's definitely not the same, the simplicity of these...
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    New Rammstein song and album (April 29th)

    Zeit was outstanding, totally surprised me with the dynamic and emotions. Zick zack was pretty generic, the riff and melody are as formulaic as you can imagine, and looking at the tracklist I expect a few more of those 'stock' Rammstein numbers. At the end of the day, the band is untouchable at...
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    NGD: Charvel Nova 7

    Embrace the gold, so fitting for the vibe of this guitar (replace the frets with Evo gold to win the internet)
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    Meshuggah Megamushthread!!

    Atomic Fire is created by Nuclear Blast's former owner, who was dissatisfied by how NB was run (he got bought out by a French media company),and took a few former NB bands with him (Opeth, Meshuggah, Amorphis, Helloween etc.) So while April 1st shenanigans is not off the table (and weirdly on...
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    New Cynic - Ascension Codes - Mythical Serpents

    Man I love Cynic more than anyone but most of this 'album' straight up sounds like a loose collection of demos from a bedroom project... Gonna give it a few more spins but finding very little of interest so far, disappointing considering humanoid was so promising.
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    While other bands sell their own beer, Deftones sell their own weed

    I want to note that Deftones also sells a ton of their own (branded) beer with Belching Beaver, I was surprised how widely accessible and popular those cans were, the band is a business juggernaut.
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    Leprous - Pitfalls (new album announcement, new single)

    Couldn't be happier with the singles, more energy, more dynamics, and just the right amount of Einar (Compared to pitfalls).
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    Rate my bands newest single!

    Great song and fantastic production value on the video! Most big-label bands don't put out videos as classy as this one.
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    Sounds of a playground fading gets a solid 8.5 out of 10 from me, even the three following albums each had a handful of GREAT alt-metal songs. That said, the clayman re-do is pretty indefensible, conora probably prevented a clayman anniversary tour from happening and I'm glad for it.
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    Andy Gillion fired from Mors Principium Est

    Always liked Andy's personality, although shreddy melo-death is not my go-to genre these days. Googled the singer of MPE out of curiosity, and found this piece from a 2020 interview. What is your opinion regarding the progress made on “Seven”? Would you state that there was a different approach...
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    ESP LTD (the best of)

    Upper-higher end LTDs are faultless, though they seem to be getting a bit pricey in recent years(?) That said, the difference between LTD 1000 and E-II can definitely be both felt and heard.
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    Great track in general no doubt, but like with Another World I can't help but feel like they're running out of tricks up their sleeves. The chuggy riff and the breakdown are pretty much as generic as it gets. Perhaps I just have too high expectations of them, got into metal around the time...
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    New Carcass song and EP!

    Wow, I thought I fell out of love with Death Metal in general but new Carcass got me all giddy again. If this track and 'under the scalpel blade' are meant to be b-sides, the actual new album is gonna be another instant classic.