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    ESP CUSTOM SHOP ( paint job videos )

    Hi, Just a quick note found this today when browsing for some idea's , have a look at the link to this cool guitar being air brushed Diogene :cool: Speed painting Lyra on a Custom ESP Guitar | Eternal Descent
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    V drums interview with Daniel And Adrian

    Hi Guys, Have a :rolleyes: look at this interesting read on the v-drums and two very great drummers i may add ROLAND MUSIC - DRUM ROOM
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    Hi , Check out these amazing guitars ... Daemoness Guitars also see this video :shred:
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    NGD EVH Wolfgang

    Hi, Just thought i would post this up , i went yesterday to richmond to "chandlers" to have a look for some pedals that had in stock but came across this little baby in the shop ( see photo ). Had a play on the thing and feel in love with it and brought it there and then , i also on my...
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    Have Trivium left dean?

    Hey , Guys on top of leaving dean and all ...both corey and matt have now move from peavey amps back to marshall by the way .........
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    Axe fx get's 5 starts in UK guitarist mag

    Hi Guy's , Just read a great review in the UK guitarist mag about the axe fx and they gave it five stars for everything ....make me wish i had not got my pod x3 pro now in december time oh well ........
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    8 string guitar friendly rigs

    Hi , What works well for me using the rg2228 is running it though a pod xt or a pocket pod and your get some nice dynamics with it , i've also created a couple of nice patches that work well with my rocktron rack. Amp wise what works for me is my mesa boogie heads run though my randell...
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    Argh! Which tone?!

    Hi Tone 1 sound nice , bright , you hear the dynamics Tone 2 sounds great and fat ...but also sounds flat .......and dull like !
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    Any Triton Users? basic question

    Hi you have to route the INT to the channel you wish the sound you after to be on from the programs menu. make sure it's in (Multi Mode) to do this and then assign the INT ( sound from one of the banks to say ch2 and that should work Diogene
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    If the Brits can do it - we can too! Music Fair Frankfurt 2009 Meetup

    Cool, Should be going with my other half ( as she runs her own studio ) was there last year with the company is was working for at the time ( yamaha ) had a cool time all the R&D guys went all 60 of use ....a right good piss up and it's way better than namm ...means all the big companys get...
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    Regardless of how bad your day is, at least you're not this guy.

    Please put that man away in a prison or the local NUT HOUSE !!!!!!!
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    Boy becomes a father... at 13

    Oh dear oh dear .....the SUN news paper ....the tabloids all of that crap makes me HATE this country so much and i really want to up and move and live some where else This once made me laugh along time ago when someone at work said to me why don't you go on holiday to places like spain and...
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    QUAD NGD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cool man , Wow hop you like the RG2228 ...and all the other goodie you got , i'm shocked at the pay for "combat of $250 a month" shit man your putting your asre on the line for your country and that's all the give you ......i feel very sad and think it's a joke .......please tell me you get...
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    Einsturzende Neubauten...

    An amazing band to say the least ......seem them play many times live ....two fav gigs of them where in germany at a festival back in 1989 and the other time which was really cool was 1999 - 2002 sometime then i think when they played the london astoria ...the amount of kit on stage is unreal...
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    Whats your favorite beer?

    Give me any day of the week a good Budweiser Budvar .....not the US one ! Oh and i'm a big fan of german beers .....arghhh the german beer festival session ........
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    New Mattayus track! [modded 7321, Venom 7, impulses, face!]

    Hey, Again another cool track from you ...i just love the way you use pinch harmonics in your stuff you do Diogene
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    Lundgren M7 Clip

    Hey James , That is some killer riffing man damn tight and the pickup sounds killer .....very nice indeed Diogene
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    Its a sad day for the seven string guitar playing community...

    Chris Broderick on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
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    Further on Pete's amp quest [EVH, Randall, Mesa and Brunetti content]

    Hi Stuh84 , Just read this little review on all the amps you played around with , glad to see you liked the 5150 III , i have one and i just love it ...i do agree with you on the clean channel stuff though. What price where they asking for the evh where you tried it ? The reason is ...i got...
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    NGD (and a bit of NPD too)

    Hello Sir , Nice guitar , you have a pretty cool little ibanez collection ......i had to laugh though at this comment below ...i think maybe you where dating the wrong kind of women at the time ....god i think i would kill my old lady if she did anything like that to my battle axes ...