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  1. animalwithin

    Piezo on Schecter Loomis

    I have a Schecter Loomis JL-7 with the hipshot bridge and I'm looking to get a piezo installed. How difficult would this be? Will the EMG's be an issue or is it irrelevant whether the pickups are active or passive? Is there any specific piezo set that I should be looking for that best matches...
  2. animalwithin

    Removing/altering inlays

    There is a Schecter Corsair that I absolutely love but it has some inlays that ideally I'd like to remove or alter which are the RZ on the 12th fret and the big black stamp on the headstock. How hard is it to remove and/or alter these inlays? I'm assuming it would be extensive work which would...
  3. animalwithin

    WTB: Schecter Chris Garza PT-7 prototype

    Guitar Wanted: Schecter Chris Garza PT-7 prototype My Location: Los Angeles, CA International OK?: Preferably a US based seller Contact Info: Shoot me a message on here or leave a comment :) References: samsamsam98 on eBay Price: Up to $1500 These were a prototype that came out in only one...
  4. animalwithin

    Is this a potential neck reset?

    I bought a 10 year old Schecter Dan Donegan Ultra from Guitar Center last week and with a lot of elbow grease, I cleaned her all up and slapped on some new strings. I managed to get the action to what was acceptable but unfortunately I had zero relief in the neck and had major buzzing in the...
  5. animalwithin

    Replacement Amplifier Logo

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement amplifier logo? Bought a Two-Rock cabinet recently and somehow the owner managed to break the logo on the front. I'd love to get a new one but I don't know where to look. Can't find anything on eBay, contacted Two-Rock and never got an answer. At this...
  6. animalwithin

    Two-Rock vs. Victory Cabinet...Help Me Choose!

    Greetings all, I have the option of purchasing a 1x12 Victory Amplification V112V with a Celestion V30 or a Two-Rock 2x12 with two Celestion V30s. The Victory is going for $350 and the Two-Rock for $400. Both are open back (not fully opened) and in mint condition. Which should I go for...
  7. animalwithin

    Ibanez Fixed Lo Pro Edge questions

    Hi all, I'm wanting to install an Ibanez Fixed Lo Pro Edge bridge on one of my guitars. My questions are: 1.) Can the bridge sit flush with the body or do I have to still route the top 2.) Do I need to install a locking nut for this bridge to work The only guitars I've seen these on is the...
  8. animalwithin

    Beautiful Eastwood Joey Leone Signature RBC 335

    This was my first electric guitar, it plays amazingly well and is beautiful in person with high quality hardware. Don't really play it anymore, hence why I am selling.
  9. animalwithin

    Questions about selling on ebay

    I really want to sell a guitar of mine on eBay as I think I'll get a much better deal due to the exposure. However, I've never sold anything as large and fragile as a guitar on eBay so I am unfamiliar with the shipping costs of shipping something so large. My biggest concern is someone...
  10. animalwithin

    Agile 8 string multi-scale question

    Hey all, Does anyone have any experience with this guitar? I'm looking for an 8-string multiscale classical guitar and this is the only one I can find (that's not thousands of dollars). I've owned Agile before, a les paul copy, and it...
  11. animalwithin

    Any differences between Schecter 007 Elite models?

    So I'm looking for a Schecter 007 Elite, specifically this particular one: I have the opportunity to buy this one however: With an H/H setup though. My question is, besides the pickup set up and the inlay, are there any differences between these two with regards to hardware...
  12. animalwithin

    Recommend Me a Cabinet for a Mesa Rectifier Please!!

    Just got an almost brand new Mesa Dual Rectifier in a trade and now I am in need of a cabinet. I'm strictly looking for a horizontal 2x12, and I want a cabinet that accommodates a variety of playing styles, nothing specific. If you know of one that works great with the Dual Rec, please let me...
  13. animalwithin

    PRS Phase II Tuner Replacement

    Hey everyone, I just recently purchased a 2010 PRS 305 which comes stock with Phase II Locking Tuners - which are great - however for aesthetic purposes, I wish to change them. It has come to my attention that one of the few, if not only, tuners that are a direct replacement for the Phase II...
  14. animalwithin

    PRS Phase II Tuner Replacement

  15. animalwithin

    Acacia Custom Shop 7-string spot

    Brief & Accurate Description: Major feeler guys!! So unfortunately this guitar has taken way longer than I was told and I’m at a point in my life where I’m constantly working/studying and I feel like I’m going to receive it at a time where I simply won’t have enough time to play it, and such a...
  16. animalwithin

    BRJ Spot custom Jekyll 7-string

    I'm selling my BRJ spot, custom Jekyll 7-string. Here are the details: Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Here are the specs of the guitar: -Custom BRJ Jekyll 7-string, super strat -Alder body, right handed, tobacco sunburst paint job -3pc maple bolt on neck, maple fretboard and...
  17. animalwithin

    Do Carvin pickups fit non-Carvin guitars?

    I'm looking for a 7-string single coil and I'm liking the Carvin AP-13 but I think I recall someone saying Carvin pickups only fit Carvin guitars, is that true?
  18. animalwithin

    Is this pickup combo idea possible/worth it?

    So for my custom 7 build, I've spec'd out a BK VHII neck humbucker, an EMG SA7 middle single coil, and a BK Miracle Man humbucker in the bridge with 5 way switch. I've been doing my research on here and it seems like this would be a really complex setup due to the different wiring and nature of...
  19. animalwithin

    Trem Question

    So is it possible to replace an FR on a 7-string with an Edge 7-trem from a Universe? Or would that require a whole bunch of modification to the guitar and cutting of wood and such?
  20. animalwithin

    Bass lessons for guitar

    So I'm getting a 7 string in several months (and possibly pick up a 9 string Agile) and I love how Tosin incorporates a lot of bass techniques in his playing (I know he has an 8) and I'd love to do that with mine as well. Do you guys recommend taking lessons with a bass teacher for this?