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  1. ThomasVB

    10 Celestion speakers comparison (110 seconds)

    I made a comparison video of 10 Celestion speakers. The same riff, but 10 different speakers. I glued the riffs after eachother so you can easily hear the differences. Also bass guitar + drums backed down in the mix. Which one is your favourite?
  2. ThomasVB

    10 Celestion speakers comparison video (high gain)

    Hi all, I just uploaded a speaker comparison of 10 Celestion speakers. In order of appearance: G12H-30 Anniversary Edition G12H-75 Creamback G12K-100 G12-50GL Lynchback G12M-65 Creamback Neo V-Type G12T-75 Vintage 30 V-Type A-Type. I've used two different cabinets so you can A/B compare how one...
  3. ThomasVB

    Celestion K-100 (clean, crunch and high gain demo)

    The K-100 is a different voiced speaker than most other Celestions. I like the warmth of this speaker, but if you mic it too much to the center it also has a weird hiss which I dislike. This speaker reminds me a bit of a T-75 but a totally different sound. The T-75 has great warmth too and some...
  4. ThomasVB

    My guitar collection shown in a video

    Hi all, I just made a video of my whole guitar collection just for fun and to practice speaking English in front of a camera. There are a few 7 strings in there too. Anyway, just a lighthearted video, nothing too serious. If you got any questions regarding some of my guitars, feel free to ask...
  5. ThomasVB

    EMG 60A demonstration (+comparison with ceramic EMG 60)

    I'm a fan of the (ceramic) EMG 60 in the neck position. Bridge position is nice too, but maybe a bit too smooth, I'd rather choose an 81 or 57 in the bridge. I bought the Alnico version (EMG 60A), which is ofcourse a bit darker sounding. Happily surprised about it, it has that 60 smoothness but...
  6. ThomasVB

    Backing track to practice all modes in C major (epic orchestra)

    So, lots of metal players here who might not be that much into improvisation than for example jazz players, but anyway I'd still like to share this backing track I made. It's not too complicated and I think it's great for people starting out to play over changes. In other words: practicing...
  7. ThomasVB

    10 famous songs played backwards for fun (video)

    Hi all, I had this idea for a few months now and thought well... It's time to create this. We all heard records played back in reverse with those 'devil' messages, but I had the idea to actually play some famous songs and see if you can recognize them. For variation I did a few on guitar, keys...
  8. ThomasVB

    Preamp Tubes comparison using a 5150 III

    I've done a comparison using three different sets of preamp tubes. Now in this video I've switched the first three preamp tubes, which are used for channel 1 and 2 of the EVH 5150 III. Channel 3 isn't used in this video (it uses preamp tubes 1,4, 5 and 6). Does anyone have an idea what the...
  9. ThomasVB

    Maxon AD-9 Pro (demo)

    I bought this one a while back and I was looking for a great analog delay pedal, since I didn't own one yet. I'm also not the kind of guy that wants to buy a sh*tload of pedals so I went for what sounds great so I just have to invest one time. I A/B compared this one with a MXR Carbon Copy in...
  10. ThomasVB

    5 BIG mistakes new players often maken (explanation video)

    Hi all, Are you new to (electric) guitar? I've made a lighthearted video of 5 BIG mistakes new players often make. With the experience of 20+ years of guitar playing, I discuss the biggest pitfalls that I've made or have seen from students and other players out there. This is the first video...
  11. ThomasVB

    EMG 57 vs EMG 81 comparison (high gain)

    I'm quite a fan of active pickups, especially for high gain. Love both EMG's and Fishmans, but I always felt they aren't that different. So that's why I started creating some demo's to hear the actual difference (and I think it's subtle) This is the first one, the EMG 57 vs EMG 81. What do you...
  12. ThomasVB

    Celestion G12H-75 Creamback (clean, crunch and high gain demo)

    I've demonstrated 11 different Celestion speakers and this is the last one. I Might want to do this again if I can get my hands on other speakers in the future. Anyway, it's the G12H-75 Creamback, definitely one of my favourite speakers:
  13. ThomasVB

    6505+ vs Mesa Roadster comparison

    I've compared these amps, but since the Mesa Roadster has 4 channels, I made two comparison video's. The first one is channel 1+3 compared to the 6505+, second is is using channel 2+4. Cleans are very different, Mesa is quite warm and dark, while the 6505+ is the other way around. What do you...
  14. ThomasVB

    Shure SM57 vs Beta58A for tracking guitars (demo video)

    We all know the SM57, but I wonder if anyone of you ever used the Beta58A for tracking guitars? What are your favourite mics for tracking guitars anyway? I made a comparison video of both:
  15. ThomasVB

    Celestion A-Type demonstration (clean, crunch, high gain)

    Anyone here that uses the A-Types?
  16. ThomasVB

    EVH 5150 III vs 6505+ video, cleans are different... but high gain?

    I managed to get my buddy's 6505+ to compare it to my 5150 III. Mic position is the same, it's a Mesa oversized cab with V30's and used a shure SM57. I just copied the eq settings and it actually comes really close high gain wise. I think with some more tweaking they can sound almost identical...
  17. ThomasVB

    Celestion G12H Anniversary demo (clean, crunch, high gain)

    This weeks speaker demonstration on my channel is the G12H30 Anniversary edition. Next week I'm demonstrating the A-Type.
  18. ThomasVB

    Symphonic/prog metal in Belgium (Thevon)

    Hi, My name is Thomas Van Beeck a.k.a. Thevon and I released my debut EP last year which is called Thevon - The Monster's House. You can find the full EP here on Spotify: Also available on iTunes, Deezer and all the other major platforms...
  19. ThomasVB

    Celestion V30 demonstration (cleans, crunch and high gain)

    Today's Sunday speaker demonstration on my channel is the V30. It is a Mesa V30. Next week I demonstrate the G12H Anniversary Edition.
  20. ThomasVB

    What a Mesa 'Gibson' Boogie sounds like... (video)