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  1. Thesius

    If you had $2kUSD for a custom 8 string, what would you get?

    From what it looks like Valravn has been pumping out guitars throughout the war
  2. Thesius

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Double dog dare you
  3. Thesius

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    There are still a couple on digimart
  4. Thesius

    FS Apex Horizon Preamp

  5. Thesius

    How Much of a Difference is 26.5 Scale vs 25.5

    Don't ever quote me with such sin ever again
  6. Thesius

    How Much of a Difference is 26.5 Scale vs 25.5

    Don't tell anyone but I'm in drop G# on my 25.5
  7. Thesius

    How Much of a Difference is 26.5 Scale vs 25.5

    bout an inch I play on 25.5 and 26.5 often. They both feel great to me. Scales are make or break to a lot of people. I cannot stand Gibson scales so I rarely touch my Les Paul.
  8. Thesius

    Metal on NON metal instruments?

    too lazy to check if this was posted
  9. Thesius

    Super cheap (and super sus) RG570

    That's the RG569
  10. Thesius

    Badstroke Guitars

    Looks like two more have been delivered. Not sure how far behind they are in batches but they are getting some guitars out
  11. Thesius

    Rare Ibanez Thread

    The 7621 one seems to pop up less. Not that the 7620 version pops up for sale often either. Still looking for the 7621. Wanna get both of them one day
  12. Thesius

    Rare Ibanez Thread

    RG7620M-BOL? Fits the bill. Only 12, black oil rubbed finish. I posted mine on here. I take shitty photos though They made a hardtail version called the RG7621M-BOL
  13. Thesius


    Trade you that S I still have to take pics of for you for one
  14. Thesius

    Mooer Headless Guitars

    Does it come in a non-ugly version
  15. Thesius

    Kayne anyone?

    Because of this post I don't feel like doing a single thing on there. I might go push over an old person instead
  16. Thesius

    Dave Weiner Reverb Sale

    Many people on this forum alone
  17. Thesius

    Ebay mess. Advice?

    Damn congrats. I sell a lot on eBay and I've never had eBay side with me as a seller. Rare thing lol
  18. Thesius

    Post Your GAS

    This is very similar to the next 6 string I want to build except I'm wanting gold hardware/pickups
  19. Thesius

    NGD: 2004 Ibanez J Custom (JCRG-80)

    Looks like it to me. Beautiful score! Love me some natural top JCs
  20. Thesius

    Recommendation for a drop c 6 string chugger

    He should be fine with a 56 without needing to drill.