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  1. possumkiller

    ESP 2023

    It's getting close to that time of year again. What's the scuttlebutt on new Esps at namm?
  2. possumkiller

    Fender just dropped the American Vintage II series

    Up on their website now.
  3. possumkiller

    Amp EQ settings

    So you may remember me from countless threads about what amp setup to use in a small European block flat with bitchy neighbors. Like, every real amp I tried was just too fucking loud. I would get the volume knob up to 1 or 2 and people would be bitching. I tried a Marshall origin 5, blackstar...
  4. possumkiller

    Behringer Super Fuzz

    I actually got this about a year ago. At first I didn't like it because it doesn't really work like the fuzz face it was meant to replace. It sat in the closet for a long time. I wound up getting another fuzz face to satisfy my fuzzy desires. A few days ago I just decided to fuck around with...
  5. possumkiller

    Boss GS1

    Apparently Boss is making guitars now?
  6. possumkiller

    Humbucker hum?

    I've got a single 81. These actives are supposed to have even less noise than a regular humbucker. Yet I have this annoying af buzzing that gets much louder when I turn down the volume knob. EMG is not supposed to be grounded but it definitely seems like a grounding issue. I touch the pickup or...
  7. possumkiller

    Building a 4x2 cab for home use

    I live in a European highrise block flat. So most guitar amps are way too fucking loud and boomy to play at home. Right now I've got a Joyo Zombie II which I love. I run it from the headphone output into a little blue tooth active speaker deal. That actually doesn't sound bad and should probably...
  8. possumkiller

    Who makes these things?

    These little individual string through or top load tailpiece things Warrior uses.
  9. possumkiller

    Anyone know about Fender plastics?

    Anyone know the ins and outs of Fender plastic colors? I've got an olympic white strat I'm trying to match the plastics to get that straight up solid white look. I bought a white accessory kit and it matches the body. The white pickguard is really bright white and doesn't match the white...
  10. possumkiller

    401 Unauthorized?

    I can't access the site from my laptop because it says spam bots are trying to register using my ip address. What do I do about that?
  11. possumkiller

    Behringer Crave vs IK Uno Synth

    Hello, everyone! So it turns out my synth budget will be smaller. Now I am looking at these two. The Crave seems like a hands-on all analog deal. The Uno says it's an analog synth but it seems like it has a lot more digital features. Anyone have experience with these? What is better for home...
  12. possumkiller

    Warrior tailpieces

    Those little knobby individual tailpieces warrior uses that can be either string through or top loaded. What are they called and where do you buy them?
  13. possumkiller

    Wtf is this annoying af sound?

    Only on the a and d strings when palm muted open. Doesn't happen when fretted. Doesn't matter what the tuning is. Sounds like noisy trem springs but doesn't have the long decay only this guitar has a string through tom. You can hear it along with the note being played. There is foam behind the...
  14. possumkiller

    D Shaft

    I want to swap out the knobs on my amp. I have some cool knobs with set screw that will fit over a round shaft. The amp has D shaped shafts. It wouldn't be a problem BUT... In order to get the markings on the knobs and amp face plate to line up properly, the set screw sits at an angle on the...
  15. possumkiller

    Ken Spears (Scooby Doo)

    Also dead
  16. possumkiller

    Alex Trebek

  17. possumkiller

    Humbucker hole covers

    Where do I get something like this but just blank without any pickup holes in it? I just want to cover up a neck pickup cavity.
  18. possumkiller

    Climate Change Hoax

    All of the articles I read talk about how we have to meet deadlines with carbon emissions and other pollution in order to prevent climate change. We can already see that people are selfish douchebags that wouldn't inconvenience themselves even if their lives depended on it. My question is...
  19. possumkiller

    Buying my first synthesizer.

    Looking to buy my first synthesizer. I have narrowed it down to the Korg Monologue and the Arturia Microfreak. I am leaning toward the Microfreak for the panaphonic ability to play chords and the sheer amount of features. However, the Monologue is all analog and sounds fucking awesome. I am...
  20. possumkiller

    Cheapest 27" 7 in Europe?

    Anyone know? I'm just looking for something cheap as fuck to bang around old SYL tunes. Nothing fancy. Something like LTD M17 would be perfect if it was long scale.