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    Ibanez 7th Heaven Video

    That really was the golden age of Ibanez. I haven't really been interested since around 2010.
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    ESP 2023

    Come on guys, at least you haven't been waiting since 2016 for a daemoness.
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    ESP 2023

    Dude is talking about the Esp 400 series not the LTDs.
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    ESP 2023

    Or an old MII deluxe for 500
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    NGD: Ibanez UV777620 (7620 neck with UV777 body)

    Put an evertune and fishmans on it and make an Ibanez ken susi sig.
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    ESP 2023

    ESP is getting expensive af too. They used to be the cheaper alternative to Gibson, Fender, or Jackson. Now, not really. They make USA Fender and Gibson models that are cheaper than some LTD models.
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    ESP 2023

    I'm pretty sure we will see walls full of gaudy ass exhibition series pieces. Maybe if those builders have so much free time they could help out with the standard line guitars...
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    ESP 2023

    It's getting close to that time of year again. What's the scuttlebutt on new Esps at namm?
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    Is this normal?

    Looks like not a crack but those streaks of dark soft crumbly stuff that leaves a void in the wood. I would at least get a discount for such a large blemish in a place that should be perfectly smooth. That probably should have been sold as a 2nd or B stock.
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    Why are you mad right now?

    So sick of boomers and their con-artistry. Here you go kid, I bought this house for 30k in the 80s. I'll sell it to you for half a million. Here you go kid, my dad bought me this old used guitar for $150 when I was wanted to learn to play guitar in high school. Buy my crusty old guitar for 45k...
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    Some memes for (Rules Posted in OP -- Please Read)

    Jesus pages and pages of millennial bullshit someone just post a fucking meme already... Damn millennials can't even stay on topic! Back in my day, you'd get your ass banned for derailing topics!
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    Mayones 40th Anniversary Guitars

    In the 80s-mid 00s mayones made knockoffs of popular western guitars for dirt poor Polish people. Then they started making decent instruments for the EU market until 2010ish when they were rocketed to world fame by djent kids because misha mansour played one once. You can still find the old ones...
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    Is anyone else just...blah...burnt out with guitar?

    Yeah I got pretty burned out on metal. I go looking for weird shit now. I went through a surf rock and 60s instrumental phase. Lately I've discovered 70s Japanese jazz funk and how absolutely badass it is. I also listen to a lot of old movie soundtracks. Phantasm, The Thing. Life just gets...
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    Fender just dropped the American Vintage II series

    The radius on the deluxe is 9.5". It also came with sealed gear modern tuners and stainless steel block saddles.
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    Floyd Rose tone enhancement products..brass blocks etc.

    Swapping from zinc to steel was the only positive change I've ever experienced. Brass never made any difference.
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    Official Daemoness Guitars Thread

    I know! They did a run of 70s reissue v guitars in a few colors three years before I put in my order. I told them I literally just wanted the cherry red version but with the double ring tulip tuners. That's it. They couldn't manage it.