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  1. Gmork

    Metal on NON metal instruments?

    Does anyone else play metal on instruments not often used in metal? I play electric cello and its insane with highgain, the lows are so freakin grindy yet has a liquidy flowiness to it that comes inherent with bowed instruments. Its really fun experimenting with EVERYTHING! All my pedals and...
  2. Gmork

    Just released Tiwanaku: Earth Base One (former nocturnus)

    I kinda got burnt out on death/modern metal a few years back despite being a huge death metal guy my whole life since first hearing napalm death when i was 12 or so. Over the past decade or so its like every band literally sounds identical, sure its very technical but if its got no soul then...
  3. Gmork

    Pedals That Straddle Distortion and Fuzz?

    More than any other pedal ive come across, the frazz dazzler by dr scientist to me sits right in between distortion and fuzz and imho works well in either world ie distortion for metal or fuzz for more sludgy doomy stuff. Any other pedals yall feel do the same? I dont have it dialed in tight...
  4. Gmork

    NEW Silent Hill reveals in 11 minutes!

    Live stream on the official SH & konami youtube channels in like 10 minutes! I dont have high hopes but am super excited none the less!
  5. Gmork

    Thoughts on the mesa single recto 50

    Many people hate it for its kinda harsh upper mids but much like V30s im thinking that is a bonus in cutting well in a live mix especially for fast technical stuff. Its kind of like the amp is boosted while still retaining the huge lowend which can be tightened up with a boost with its tone...
  6. Gmork

    FS Mesa Single Recto 50 Head

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: mesa single rectifier 50 head and footswitch, works great. Modifications (if any): Accessories (hardshell case etc): Location (City,State or City,Country):Victoria BC Canada International OK? : canada prefered, perhaps NA if you pay the extra for...
  7. Gmork

    NEW jeff loomis devils triad sig pedal!

    By... "all pedal"... Never even heard of thay company. I haven't read anything about it but im def interested!
  8. Gmork

    Can u swap a tuneomatic out for hipshot hardtail?

    Maybe a dumb question but can u swap it with something else? Something about tuneomatic bridges i just dont gel with... Even adjusted low it feels like the strings are too high up... Or am i just crazy? Anyway... Can it be swapped out for something like a normal hipshot hardtail??
  9. Gmork

    Best canadian site for pedal building supplies in 2022?

    Best canadian site for pedal building supplies? You know.. Diodes, trasistors etc. All that stuff?
  10. Gmork

    NPD: neat distortion /clean preamp!

    Very cool distortion /utility pedal! Thunderclap by bardic audio devices. Its a 2 band clean preamp with a bendable gritty distortion circuit AND along with normal in/out has a DI out as well! I imagine bassists and people running modellers would get great use of this thing! The distirtion can...
  11. Gmork

    (Old) NAD: Practice amps CAN sound good! Randall RG25RXM

    Hope no one minds me posting all my new gear crap 😅 (i know some of you do, keep scrolling) So i got a super cheap randall rg25rxm practice amp. 25watts, real spring reverb. Its honestly not too shabby and sounds surprisingly good for a 1x8" ss combo! Im boosting with an mxr m77. It lacks...
  12. Gmork

    OMG ALERT! (VH140 CONTENT!!!!)

    Yall remember the snk vhd? Yeah well.... Ill just leave this here....
  13. Gmork

    NAD Peavey teal stripe bandit 112

    Holy shit! with an od to boost and the depth finder in the fx loop its INSANELY "brutal"!! Sounds freakin awesome!! Was inspired to go ahead and make a video for it. Listen to that! Total suffo/dyingfetus tones, call me crazy but its right up there with the vh140 and ss150!
  14. Gmork

    Did my first pedal mods!! Next..... THE WORLD!

    Ive wanted to get into pedal building/modding since.. Well..... Since the internet lol. Guess nows the time! I got myself a couple boss DS1s to start messing with since its so well documented etc. Figure ill keep one stock to have something to compare to. First i clipped and removed the R17...
  15. Gmork

    NAD: Mesa Single Rectifier 50w (series 2)

    So i traded some pedals for a series 2 single rec!! So far at low home volumes i think its great! I def see what people mean when they talk about the upper mids thing, guess it just doesnt bother me that much, i find going a little lower in the mids helps smooth it out and when its cranked i...
  16. Gmork

    JHS little black amp box???

    Anyone have experience with it? Its essentially a passive volume pedal you use in an fx loop to act like an attenuator. I know its not the same as an attenuator but used for the same purpose. I love that its passive.
  17. Gmork

    Are Mesa single rec 50w cheaper /easier to fix than the other recs?

    Dual/triple recs are a known nightmare for amp techs with their layered circuit boards etc making even small fixes a time consuming money pit. My question is are the SINGLE RECTIFIER 50watts any better? (ie cheaper to get fixed etc)?
  18. Gmork

    Any real world exp w/ RockerVerb 50 vs RV100?

    Any real reason to pay the bit extra for the orange rockerverb 100 over the 50? Eitherway i think im gonna sell my mesa roadster for either the RV50 or RV100
  19. Gmork

    bR00tAl bridge PU for deathmetal TELECASTER??? And less noisy

    So i got an offset tele (that has an angled singlecoil bridge pu) and want to throw something new in thats both less noisy but aggressive and thick for death metal. Any suggestions? (( NOT looking for expensive options like BKP))
  20. Gmork

    Stupid orange eq/th30 vs rRV50mkiii

    More of a meandering rant than a topic for discussion but i wish the orange th30 had 3 band controls like the rockerverb. Prob makes a great pedal platform none the less im guessing. I just hate the idea of needing a pedal and more cables if i just want to play straight into it. If it had the...