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  1. kershyboy

    Kemper Profiling amp (ebay uk)

    Kemper Profiling amp (with Kemper DI box and Kemper bag) | eBay I'm selling my Kemper Profiling amp with Kemper DI and bag, All the info is on the link above, Cheers.
  2. kershyboy

    Collibus "The Hunted" Music Video

    Collibus "The Hunted" is a track from our forthcoming debut album "The False Awakening" see the video here, Hope you enjoy.
  3. kershyboy

    Dingwall NG-2 video clip

    Just thought I'd put up a video clip myself rehearsing in the rehearsal room with my band Collibus on my Dingwall NG-2. Hope you like it guys
  4. kershyboy

    Collibus "Dead Inside" Debut Music Video Premiere

    Collibus "Dead Inside" is a track from our forthcoming debut album "The False Awakening" see the video here, Hope you enjoy. For more information or updates go to: Collibus - The Official Website Collibus Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos...
  5. kershyboy

    Trem with locking tuners.

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about getting a custom 7 string guitar with a floating trem with the piezo, but with locking tuners. I was just wondering If you guys could give us some info and help or even your experience on the matter. Cheers.
  6. kershyboy

    Custom replacement body

    I've decided to replace my RG1527 body with a RGA body. The specs of the body are as follows: Alder body Quilted maple top with mahogany toneblock and with either dark red sunburst or emerald green sunburst I should be getting some pics of it soon being made so far.
  7. kershyboy

    Collibus, we have new vocalist

    Hi all, just thought i'd let everyone know who's interested if they don't know already. We've finally got a vocalist by the name of Gemma Fox. We are stoked about her joining the band, shes a amazing vocalist and musician. We've got a short rough mix teaser clip up on myspace of her in...
  8. kershyboy

    Any ONI guitar players here?

    just wanted to know from the people who have got them or played them their reviews on them or what not (Ive been thinking of getting one) anyone?
  9. kershyboy

    Line 6 Pod x3 Pro

    i recently got the line 6 x3 pro a couple of months ago. and for some reason recently the clip icon keeps on flashing on the pod. (even when no signal is going though) I was wondering if you guys could shed any light on it and help me solve the problem
  10. kershyboy


    Why do I go out and get drunk the day before when I know full well I've got a busy day in work today plus a hangover from hell. someone go in work for me lol
  11. kershyboy

    Help with the custom 8

    I'm currently thinking of getting a custom 8 string so I've been thinking of specs lately heres what Ive come up with so far: RG type body (with a cutaway and back of the lower horn sculpted and beviled) Body wood: Swamp Ash fanned frets 25.5 -28.5 24 frets Fretboard: Ebony neck...