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  1. NoodleFace

    Strobe tuner recommendations

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a decent tuner in the $150-200 range. I know I'm not going to get the big boy Peterson strobe tuners so I'm wondering if something like the Peterson StroboPlus is good enough (see pic)? Right now I use the strobe feature on my Sabine rack tuner and it's decent but 1)...
  2. NoodleFace

    At the Gates fires Jonas Stalhammar

    And he's been a bad boy...
  3. NoodleFace

    Nita Strauss leaves Alice Cooper

    Didn't see this posted. Seems very sudden and she cancelled her bands tour too. There are rumors..
  4. NoodleFace

    Carvin FR Nut Replacement

    My Carvin DC727 has a licensed floyd with the optional floyd clamping nut installed. I tuned my guitar to A standard, and I use very thick low strings. It is a disease. Anyways, the lowest string is the problem - a 70 gauge string. The problem is that the nut slut is not slotted wide enough...
  5. NoodleFace

    NGD: Carvin DC727

    So if you've been reading the Kiesel thread I had a bit of an upset with the Ibanez RG565 I ordered that came in with major cracks in the finish. Sent it back and noticed a Carvin for sale that I couldn't stop looking at. I can always buy a 500-series RG, but IMO when a nice Carvin/Kiesel pops...
  6. NoodleFace

    NGD: Sunglasses required

    Posted about this earlier in the week but it just showed up today. First of all - this is the first guitar I have EVER received brand new in the last 25 years that required absolutely zero setup. I'm talking someone fully set this up to the point of turning a wrench makes it buzz. Someone did...
  7. NoodleFace

    Debating between a few pickups/sets

    Hey guys Long story short, my Ibanez rg565 is showing up today. I already know I'll change the pickups, I've had them before and they aren't my thing. So I'm planning to buy some new ones. HS config for pickups. First off - no actives. I have them in two guitars and I much prefer passive...
  8. NoodleFace

    Can't decide between these... 80's inspired

    So I'm buying a new guitar in the next few days and I'm really stuck between two models: RG550 (roadflare red) and RG565 (orange). I've had a 1992 purple RG550 before, and it was an excellent guitar. From what I know of the Genesis models, they're comparable except the neck is different a...
  9. NoodleFace

    Pickup recommendations for my LP Custom

    Hey guys. Like the title says looking for some pickup recommendations for my '75 LP Custom. It's mahogany with a maple top and maple neck/fretboard. Right now it has some PAFs from the 70s/80s... No idea what they are. They are BRIGGGHHHHTTT. I can't even stress how bright they are. They sound...
  10. NoodleFace

    FS Peavey 6505+ and Pedals

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Peavey 6505+, Airis Savage Drive, BOSS DD7, DOD Stereo Chorus, isp noise Decimator, boss GE-7 Modifications (if any): n/a Accessories (hardshell case etc): n/a Location (City,State or City,Country): MA, USA International OK? : no Contact Info (No...
  11. NoodleFace

    Refretting Les Paul, SS vs Nickel

    Hey guys I have a 1975 Gibson LP Custom that a few people have seen before, the yellow beast. Anyways, the frets have been dead for a very long time. They're completely flat to the board up and down... So a refretting is in order. Recently all the guitars I've liked have had SS frets. I...
  12. NoodleFace

    Switch issue on two guitars

    So about a month ago I had two back to back NGDs, an Ibanez s6570q and schecter c7 SLS Elite. Both came with the same switch issue. It was weird so I actually had to rule out my setup. Basically both switches have a problem where output completely cuts out unless I wiggle the switch a little...
  13. NoodleFace

    NGD (2 of 2): Ibanez S6570Q

    Hey guys. I was fortunately able to simultaneously buy the schecter in my other ngd post and trade my Jackson WR7 for an Ibanez prestige at the same time. So I have my second NGD in two days. And my wife tells me it's my last for awhile... We'll see. First, this thing looks gorgeous in the...
  14. NoodleFace

    NGD (1 of 2): Schecter C-7 SLS Elite

    So first of my 2 NGDs, the other is tomorrow. I've always wanted one of these, always loved the look of them. But I hated schecter in the early 2000s. I remember picking up the Hellraiser and the neck was a baseball bat like my Les Paul. However, a couple years ago I got a KM7 mkiii that blew...
  15. NoodleFace

    FS/FT Jackson WR7

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Jackson WR7 Dave Davidson Sig in distressed ash (2020). Guitar is in 9/10 condition. There is a very small chip in the binding that came new with the guitar, and there is some glossyness where my picking hand rests. Just not getting along with the...
  16. NoodleFace

    Feedback on 7th String

    I recently had my Jackson fret levelled, it plays infinitely better than when I bought it. I noticed when playing in my amp, the first few frets (7th string) have a bit of feedback pretty instantly if I pick them with no palm muting. I figure it's probably just barely fretting out somewhere...
  17. NoodleFace

    Andy Gillion fired from Mors Principium Est

    And he's got a lot to say about it Not sure if this link will work:
  18. NoodleFace

    Obsidious (ex-Obscura)

    First music video from these guys. Has Linus, Rafael and Sebastian after the parted ways with Obscura
  19. NoodleFace

    DIY Fret Levelling Advice

    Hi Guys, My Jackson WR7 are definitely off from the factory. I've identified a few high spots. I do all my own tech work, however I've always been nervous about touching frets. I think now might be the time. I figure since it's only a couple spots and the frets are all brand new, this might be...
  20. NoodleFace

    Tips for learning insane vibrato

    I'm a sucker for guys with wide crazy vibrato, and while I've improved my vibrato a lot over the years for strings I pull down on, my vibrato on the strings I push up on (high E, B) isn't so great. Are there good practice techniques to improve vibrato? Should I just go really slow and dedicate...