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  1. nickgray

    Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää on Time II Problems

    The studio version of a PRS Private Stock.
  2. nickgray

    Help me find modal tonic chords

    Worth noting that nothing prevents you from using borrowed chords from parallel modes and staying with functional harmony. That's probably another big reason why modes seem confusing to beginners - there are multiple ways of using them, there isn't any one specific answer to "how do I use...
  3. nickgray

    Rick Beato Sig from Gibson

    Glenn Fricker signature LP next?
  4. nickgray

    Boutique Balanced Multiscale String Set

    Just use a string tension calculator and order single strings. Way more options, very likely cheaper too if you stick with regular strings.
  5. nickgray

    still cant get tone :(

    Honestly? By far the biggest offender when people ask the "why my tone sucks" question is that their playing is just plain bad (and often their guitar is not even in tune). Sorry, but you genuinely need to practice more, it doesn't matter how good your tone is when your playing is not up to...
  6. nickgray

    Help me find modal tonic chords

    Or you can just use the conventional notation that everybody else uses? Nobody actually cares about minute silly details like this. I mean, some programming languages have arrays/lists that start on 0, and some on 1. Some intermingle - arrays on 0, lists on 1. Nobody aside from beginners really...
  7. nickgray

    The facts about compound radius?

    It'll basically give you a larger bend range. Which is next to useless unless you just happen to want a really low radius on the lower frets, really low action, and you want to do massive bends. Imo, it's another one of those things whose primary purpose is to spice up the spec list. Ooooh, a...
  8. nickgray

    Omega Granophyre - First Playthru!

    That is bright af. Would also be nice to hear something other than basic palm mutey power chords. It's almost like a reverse Guitar World demo problem :lol:
  9. nickgray

    The Elusive Necrophagist "III" Demo

    Right next to the DVD of a Half Life 3 alpha.
  10. nickgray

    Guitar teacher is frustrating me with endless boring scale practice and no songs or new things

    Dude... you don't learn scales to literally play a scale up and down, nobody actually plays like that anyway. You learn scales in order to recognize patterns more easily. Especially 3 notes per string scale patterns, because when you know them well enough you'll instantly recognize them in tons...
  11. nickgray

    Played out guitar aesthetics/features

    Djent/modern aesthetics (you know exactly what I mean) Satin finishes can fuck right off Shitty Schecter inlays Fishmans
  12. nickgray

    NGD : Rusti Lotus #9

    Damn, I was hoping it would be Puma's second secret order. Anyway, happy NGD! The streaks on the neck look really cool.
  13. nickgray

    The Queen is dead.

    Or they can get up and say that they're done with the whole monarchy thing. Fat chance of that happening though, people don't just give up this kind of social status, wealth and prestige.
  14. nickgray

    The Queen is dead.

    I mean, that's true of everyone though, no? You can be born in a family of drug addicts, and you won't have a normal childhood either. You have no control over your parents and upbringing, and that's something that makes an enormous impact on you. But tons of people don't either. The "you can...
  15. nickgray

    The Queen is dead.

    Oh no, what a terrible job to have. I'm sure no one in their right mind would agree to having an audience with the Pope and in return get the best healthcare possible, best food, not having to clean or cook ever, having bodyguards and chauffeurs, private jet... what an awful job to have. Yeah...
  16. nickgray

    Dream Theater

    Lost range is the least of his problems. I mean, I'd unironically rather listen to Dave Mustaine signing a Dream Theater gig. It would legitimately sound better, and I'm not joking at all.