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    X2NGD Atomic Green Schecter NJ HSS/ESP Black Metal Phoenix

    LA Music here in Canada...It was my first purchase from this company and I just want to say I have never experienced this from a supposedly "reputable" music store. Following many days of not getting any assurance when the guitars would ship, I finally received them yesterday. One of them came...
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    I Copper Leaf'd My Carvin 727

    First off let me say I am no where near even approaching amateur luthier status...just a bit handy and somewhat adventuresome and/or foolish. I thought I would share at least my lessons learned. What a roller coaster, but I am actually anxious to try this effect again with different...
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    Carvin DC800 Stealth

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:Excellent condition guitar. Only issues are some minor pick scratches and wear on the satin finish. While I know this is relative, its definitely one of the more "perfect" guitars I have ever played. I just don't play 8 strings as much as I thought...
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    New Stealthy Carvin

    So, last year I got a DC800 and it ended up being pretty much the best guitar I have owned in terms of fit/finish/ergs/sound/playability. This year I decided to get a 6 string to match it with pretty much the same specs. Which were: Maple neck Alder wings Maple cap Streaky ebony Jumbo...
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    2007 Budda SDII80

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 2007 Budda SDII80, very loud and great sounding head, some minor scuffs in the tolex. Modifications (if any):6550s in the power section Accessories (hardshell case etc):NA Location (City,State or City,Country):Fredericton NB Canada International...
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    Yet Another DC800

    I was inspired by Cataclysm Child's DC800s and this is what came out, with some minor changes of course. Specs are: Alder wings Maple neck Streaky ebony fingerboard Reverse HS tusq nut STJF Natural Binding Burst back Satin all over I havent had a chance to play it yet (Kids driving me crazy)...
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    NPUD - BKP Coldsweats

    Shout out to Mcbonez for a great transaction. Despite some confusion with Paypal, he was/is a great guy to deal with. I had a Lundgren M7 and Dimarzio Blaze in my all mahogany Carvin 727 and the sound was great but a bit "dark". I am very happy with the coldsweats, extremely clear with an...
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    Black Covered Set 7 string BKPs

    Gear/Guitar Wanted:Cold Sweat, Miracle Man, Holy Diver, Painkiller. Not interested in aftermaths. For some reason they are quite harsh in my guitar. Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Your Location (City,State or City,Country):Fredericton NB, Canada International OK?:Pls Contact...
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    Mandatory NGD Post - EC 407

    When I first pulled it out of the box and inspected it, I was skeptical because there were a few minor paint finish flaws (Black smudging on the neck binding) and it appears there was some weird sanding around the pickup selector. Despite the strings looking new, they sounded "dead" when I...
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    Carvin CS4 and Gibson BFG

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Carvin CS4 with a few upgrades. Couple small bumps and dings nothing major. SS Jumbo Frets 1 piece mahogany body Tung oil finish back of neck Modifications (if any):WCR Darkburst and Crossroads Humbucker set Professionally installed Killswitch...
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    BKP Aftermath 7 Set

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Bareknuckle Aftermath Calibrated Set, Covered, Battleworn Modifications (if any):Black paint Accessories (hardshell case etc): BKP Coaster, BKP Sticker Location (City,State or City,Country): Victoria BC, Canada Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM me...
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    Carvin 727 with BKPs

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Excellent condition, specs are: Maple neck Mahogany wings Birdseye maple fretboard 16" Fretboard Radius Stainless Steel Jumbo Frets Figured claro walnut top with matching headstock blackburst Tung oil neck Modifications (if any): Bareknuckle...
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    New Carvin

    I wanted a simpler layout on my guitar since I dont use coil splitters...ever, same with the tone knob. In my other 727, I actually removed the tone and put the volume in its place because my picking hand always bumping up against it. A small fixable annoyance. I have another CS4 that is all...
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    NGD BC Rich Rizzo 7 Stealth

    I got this yesterday afternoon after paying way too much in brokerage and taxes. I gotta say I was kinda skeptical of this one at first, the neck dive just killed any enjoyment of playing it. I had to move the strap button to the bottom horn and now its actually really comfortable and...
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    New 7 String V Day

    Well, it finally got here and whoa is this thing a monster! Large and pointy! Thanks to Harris for the great trade, I have no regrets. [/IMG] The good... Plays extremely well, very comfortable, balanced and no dive. Somewhat bright sounding, very clear defined tone. The only other...
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    My 7321 to RGA conversion

    Ok let me first say that I went into this thinking I was gonna do the whole picstory thing on the conversion, but step after step I kept making stupid mistakes. Keep in mind that it is not yet complete and I may just completely redo it, frankly its a miracle I got this far. Gripes: -I am...
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    Carvin does titanium frets??

    Never heard of them, anyone ever try? Didnt realize this was an option...I am intrigued! CARVIN DC727, 7-STRING, ***BEAUTIFUL***!!! - eBay (item 120205721757 end time Jan-07-08 23:09:29 PST)
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    Anyone ever sand down their Carvin 727 neck?

    This guitar is just about perfect in any other way....except the neck is just a little thick, I am tempted to grab my belt sander. Is this a bad idea?