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  1. Lemonbaby

    Purpose of large neck heel

    It's just for production reasons. If the heel came straight from the very point where the neck's glued to the body you'd have to work with significantly tighter tolerances. Why invest tons of work and thought in something that doesn't really matter and reduces your profit? I'd be happier if...
  2. Lemonbaby

    Thinking about migration...

    Sounds like a useless analysis if you don't put it in perspective with costs for housing, food, healthcare and education for your kids. That tip of the iceberg looking like "more money" might easily turn out to be a lot less money at the end of the day. Besides, companies in the US expect you...
  3. Lemonbaby

    Schaller Megaswitch P rotary wiring help needed

    Maybe you'd like to elaborate on what kind of "some more info" you need? I assume you've already checked on the Schaller website and couldn't find what you're looking for.
  4. Lemonbaby

    The Djent to end all Djents

    Just found this crazy Youtube Channel that's streaming computer generated metal 24/7. Quite honestly, I've heard similar and/or worse from real bands. Why even bother naming those songs other than just giving them a sequential number? :lol:
  5. Lemonbaby

    Thinking about migration...

    Didn't fully understand what the issue with Germany was. Salaries are good for experienced SW engineers, work/life balance is brilliant, great healthcare, good schools. Very safe as well. You'll only be missing that sun/sea part. Edit: don't move straight into the big cities. Berlin in...
  6. Lemonbaby

    Calling Single Coil Guys

    Tonerider makes great sounding single coils. The Wilkinson Classic set's also nice. @ArtDecade There's no magic to humbuckers either, which doesn't stop marketing to sell us the next PU that's "focused but full sounding, made for tight riffing and clarity in big chords".
  7. Lemonbaby

    What's on your workbench?

    Received my silver metallic Strat body a few days and slapped my new Partscaster together today. Came out great although a bit on the heavy side (~3.8kg). I used two Alnico5 Single Coils and a Black Winter. That humbucker alone cost me as much as the body, neck and the single coils together. :lol:
  8. Lemonbaby

    Polyphia with Vai

    Plot twist! It's all just programmed and the funky hipsters were casted by the record company. BTW, am I the only one thinking Tim Henson needs a high five?
  9. Lemonbaby

    gathering ideas for a build (skervesen swan)

    It's actually quite comfy although adjusting the intonation is annoying and I don't like the concept of locking the saddles with that diagonal screw. However, once everything's in place it's a very good bridge.
  10. Lemonbaby

    gathering ideas for a build (skervesen swan)

    Mine is kind of Seafoamz blue/greenish, but a solid matte paintjob.
  11. Lemonbaby

    Polyphia with Vai

    Saw it yesterday and while the song is kind of OKish, I found Vai's solo very uninspiring.
  12. Lemonbaby

    Finally frets that even this place can't complain about...

    You'll obviously need grade 5 Titanium as most others can't be polished. Oxidized Titanium is a rough surface and pretty much unusable for playing a guitar.
  13. Lemonbaby

    "Don't Fret" Shop talk Podcast by Alex and Kris

    Just a few comments on what made me turn it off so quickly. I assume you guys aren't closely following a script, don't edit the episodes too much and often more or less just say what comes to your mind in that moment. Some of those moments just made you come across like being kind of overly...
  14. Lemonbaby

    "Don't Fret" Shop talk Podcast by Alex and Kris

    I'll check it out on Spotify. Never heard of those guys, but everyone and their grandma is a luthier these days. Edit: got 10 minutes into the tonewood episode and the BS-meter maxed out already. Topic closed from my side.
  15. Lemonbaby

    Looking at strats - project or go all in?

    The Squier CVs use Tonerider PUs which are actually really good. IMHO they sound better than the noiseless PUs on the Am Pro. I also prefer the vintage type vibratos because I don't set them floating. You'll only have to get more comfortable saddles from Wilkinson, but those are cheap. The setup...
  16. Lemonbaby

    Pretty much decided I’m insane

    Heard the similar statement in a Marty Friedman video. "some tone guy dials in the sound for me and I just play."
  17. Lemonbaby

    Good book on trem technique?

    Are we talking about "tremolo picking"?
  18. Lemonbaby

    Help with making an informed decision on the right bridge pickup

    The issue with these threads is, everyone names his favourite pickups and you'll end up with a list of all models of all manufacturers. Mine are: Seymour Distortion, Pegasus & Black Winter, BKP Aftermath, DiMarzio Titan & Transition.
  19. Lemonbaby

    New Gear or winter vacation with family?

    1. Let's see 2. So there's three options. Question back then: what's more important, dream guitar or dream amp? 3. Why not? Your question indicates an unwanted pregnancy situation in the first place.