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  1. runbirdman

    Your favorite headstocks!

  2. runbirdman

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    I had a chance to install the Chisel today. Got everything put back together and realized position 2 was out of phase. I had to tear everything back down to swap the hot and ground so I didn’t get as long to play with it as I’d like. Honeymoon impressions of the Chisel: It holds up under gain...
  3. runbirdman

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    I think a guitar being inspiring comes down to a whole lot of factors including tone. I don't want it to be too similar to the ground I already have covered. The Cutlass has one of my favorite necks, I love the tremolo, and the weight and balance are great. If it was HxH, I think a Fortitude/PAF...
  4. runbirdman

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    This is true to an extent; however, some of these combinations were just experiments with stuff I hadn't tried before. I have never really gotten along with EMGs but wanted to give the 57 a shot. Turns out I still hate EMGs when my other guitars being played live have passives. I really liked...
  5. runbirdman

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    I just ordered a Kartakou Colossus and a Railhammer Chisel. I'm just not thrilled with the stock electronics in my EBMM Cutlass. I have gone back and forth between about 10 different pickup combinations in that guitar and haven't landed on anything inspiring. I will try the Chisel with Wilde...
  6. runbirdman

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    I’ve been hunting for a Tele-sized humbucker to go in the bridge of my AZS2200 for a while. I really like the Magic Touch Mini in the neck but I was having problems using the guitar live when switching between humbucker guitars due to the bridge single. I almost pulled the trigger on a Rio...
  7. runbirdman

    6 string pickup shootout. No bull, no frills.

    I also love the Fortitude. I have it in my Jp15 and it will be in my Cutlass soon. I'd like to see one of the higher output Wolfetones like the Fenris or Blisterbucker demoed. The Marshallhead is one of my favorite sets but I've never gotten around to trying any of the overwound stuff.
  8. runbirdman

    Ibanez Q vs AZ

    It's crazy how neck shapes are so polarizing. After buying my AZ2200, I had my AZ2204 purchased within a week. It's by far my favorite neck shape (.81-.88). It's really similar to a Gibson Slim Taper (.80-.87) which I also love. After years of trying out RG's (.66-.74 for the Super Wizard HP)...
  9. runbirdman

    What bands did you see live recently / are waiting to see?

    - Coldplay in Atlanta at MB Stadium. After seeing U2 on the 360 tour, I didn't think I would ever see a better live production, but Coldplay was incredible. H.E.R. was also the most surprising part of the show though. She showed some serious chops but it's odd because the live versions of all of...
  10. runbirdman

    Gigging With Modelers and Preset Building

    I have one preset built for single coil guitars and one preset built for humbucker guitars. Each preset is separated into clean, rhythm, lead, wet clean, wet rhythm, wet lead, high gain rhythm (humbucker)/low gain rhythm (single coil), and one oddball per preset. My other presets surrounding the...
  11. runbirdman

    Your main guitar

    My main has become an Ibanez AZ2204 in Hazy Rose Metallic. I didn't jive with the Hyperion humbucker so I replaced it with a covered Suhr DA. The Hyperion singles are actually great. It supplanted my koa JP6 as my main guitar for live use. I also have an AZ2200 that is my main guitar for...
  12. runbirdman

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    Complete with FUCK OFF! inlays with what appears to be a ghost “middle finger” on a fret. The middle finger is cracking me up too. If I just saw the body, I may think this was a decently executed build, but that neck is a spectacular failure.
  13. runbirdman

    Good 80+W speaker to pair with DV-77

    I run a DV77 and an ET65 in a 2x12. I think you’d be good with 135w of power handling from the cabinet. I ran a 6505+ (120) into an EVH 4x12 (100) for years without any issues but I also had no reason to ever bring the post gain past 11 o’clock.
  14. runbirdman

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    I picked up an AZ2204 after falling in love with my AZS2200. Ibanez knocked it out of the park with those lines. I didn’t particularly care for the SD Hyperion bridge but I had a covered Suhr Aldrich sitting around. I paid less than $1000 each for my AZ’s. I have no idea why their value is so...
  15. runbirdman

    New era for solid state amps

    I keep one of the AMT Warm Stones in a gig bag as a backup tube in case of malfunction. I've rolled it through my 5150III and my Friedman and was not happy with the sound. It added gain and took away warmth. I would venture to guess, if you replaced all of your preamp tubes with them, it would...
  16. runbirdman

    Let's talk telecasters

    I'm predominately a T-style guitar user but I like modern features. Saddle material matters more than 3 vs 6 to me. I replace all of my saddles with Gotoh compensated titanium saddles in both the 3 and 6 saddle bridge configuration. As far as pickups, I haven't found a set of noiseless pickups...
  17. runbirdman

    Zeal & Ardor - New Self-titled Album

    Ship on Fire has been my jam for a while. I’m really glad they didn’t get too formulaic between albums. Götterdämmerung was sick live and sounds like a great new direction.
  18. runbirdman

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    I love the Fortitude. Combining moderate output with all the right frequencies emphasized is awesome. After years of Black Winters, EMGs, and Fluences, the Fortitude and all of the Schecter pickups I’ve tried (Pasadena+ and SuperRock) have become my go to’s.
  19. runbirdman

    OVERDRIVE THREAD - Your Favorite Pedal For Boosting High Gain Amps?

    I really like the Precision Drive or the Savage Drive. Both are versatile enough to sound great boosting just about anything.
  20. runbirdman

    Best 12" Speaker for Metal?

    I paired a DV-77 with an ET-65 in a 2x12 and I haven’t owned a better sounding cabinet for heavier styles of music but it’s way more about how it interacts with your amp and the cabinet it’s housed in. A V30/Creamback (or my personal preference, Veteran 30/ET65) pairing if only because it pairs...

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