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  1. Ancestor

    Doctor Sleep

    Has anyone had a chance to check this out? What did you think of it? When I saw it I wasn't exactly sure what I was watching. Then it became very interesting! It seemed like a sequel more for the Kubrick movie than the book. I loved the focus on alcoholism, which I think was an important...
  2. Ancestor

    The Satanist Children's Ministry?

    Is this real?
  3. Ancestor

    Morrisoud Recording

    I just mixed/ mastered a track at the new Morrisound Recording studio. This is what it looks like on the inside. Morrisound Mixing Board Mastering Gorilla Wolf 10232019 by Ancestor posted Oct 28, 2019 at 7:54 PM Morrisound Vocal Booth 10232019 by Ancestor posted Oct 28, 2019 at 7:54 PM
  4. Ancestor

    Reiver Kompakt 7

    Pretty horrendous photos, but the guitar is actually beautiful. You can see a better photo here. Killer guitars built by a great man.
  5. Ancestor

    Sky guitar - has anyone played one? Can these achieve a classic metal tone? Maybe that's not even the point of this obviously advanced instrument, but I'm curious. Uli seems to forego that style. Thanks!
  6. Ancestor

    Necromancer from Firepower Judas Priest

    Sorry I don't have a link for this but I'm listening to it on Amazon. Album seem to by pretty good and certainly better than I thought it would be. Too bad I missed my delivery twice. :( But I'll get it. You can bet your ass on that. Check it out if you have time. Reminds me of an old Rainbow...
  7. Ancestor


    Per Amazon: "Alder top/body 26.5 inch scale Rusty Cooley spec. bolt on maple neck Ebony fingerboard EMG 808 pickups" Great condition, close to perfect. It definitely is in perfect mechanical condition. If you're serious and it matters let me know and I will try to get shots. My hands shake and...
  8. Ancestor

    Password uid creds virus or hack?

    I don't know anything about security, but something is causing my passwords to become invalid each time I log in. I was going through the request new pass process but then realized it was the same thing over and over and I don't have time to reset 10 different accounts every day. Sometimes it...
  9. Ancestor

    What the hell happened to outside music?

    I was thinking back to when we were kids and we'd going out in the woods or wherever we could get away from adults and party and listen to music. In the neighborhood people would put on whatever (the game or music) while they were working in their garages or bbq'ing or just hanging out. I had...
  10. Ancestor

    Where can I find a good artist to do our album art?

    I have no idea. I've checked colleges, etc. We have money (not a lot) but we'll pay for some good shit. If anyone knows someone can you please give me their email. We like drawing or painting probably a more than photos, but a kickass photo. Who knows? We're metal. Older guys... who can't...
  11. Ancestor

    Austin metal bassists?

    my drummer friend and i are looking for a bassist to jam/work with in austin. we play metal -- lots of doom riffs and a little more experimental stuff too. message me if you're looking for something to get into. it's a project at this point, but our project work usually end up being fairly...
  12. Ancestor

    The Metal Years II (decline of western civilization)

    this movie was a huge inspiration for me. not only the attitude and the content, but it also made me want to film documentaries. this first song intros the movie and it's amazing: i was wondering if anyone else liked this movie and why? and hell... if you want to post up some media...
  13. Ancestor

    Fbi considers juggalos a gang
  14. Ancestor

    Complicated lyrics

    has anyone ever written lyrics that tell a cool story but trying to get them to work as a melodic vocal line is impossible? i guess that being a writer i'm sort of a frustrated librettist, but it seems like something should work! i was listening to something i recorded awhile back and the...
  15. Ancestor

    The crisis of capitalism

    i wasn't sure where to put this, but it's fascinating:
  16. Ancestor

    Infamous question

    does anyone know how to get past the under the bridge part? it happens fairly early in the game. you get past the barracades, then meet with the woman, then you're under the bridge jumping from pipe to pipe. but you get to a part where there's really nowhere to jump except into the...
  17. Ancestor

    Amazon prime charge

    a word of warning for those of you who use amazon. they have a service called amazon prime, which i guess gives you some shipping discounts or something. today a charge was put on my cc for 79 dollars. the last time i used amazon was at least a few months ago, maybe more. they claim that...
  18. Ancestor

    Carvin ST300C all black

    jason2112 got me thinking about carvin guitars, so i went to their website and found this: really nice looking guitar, i think. :) it's one of their is stocks, too, so you can actually own this for 1099. seems like carvins prices have gone up. but i know they make top quality stuff...
  19. Ancestor

    Consciousness, creativity and the brain

    it's about 90 minutes
  20. Ancestor

    Phone calls using gmail

    this is really cool. i'm always getting my phone shut off because i'm poor. i invested a few bucks into a headset and now i can use my gmail account to pester people on the phone. it reroutes audio of music or whatever through the computer speakers while the call is in progress then back into...

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