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  1. NoodleFace

    NGD: ESP M-II w/ Duncans - Where for art thou...

    Had one of these back in the day and foolishly sold it for an offensive price. Great guitars
  2. NoodleFace

    The Twitter fued we didn't know we needed....

    As much as I want to side with Sebastian on this, I can't because he's been a massive tool ever since someone handed him a mic in the 80s
  3. NoodleFace

    The facts about compound radius?

    I had a 12-16 Jackson and honestly couldn't tell enough difference that it mattered to me at all
  4. NoodleFace

    Obsidious (ex-Obscura)

    I heard through the grapevine from some people very close to the band that the obscura album was a mismanaged mess of songwriting. I heard Steffens stuff he wrote wasn't very good and he lost a lot of the primary songwriters by firing the band.
  5. NoodleFace

    Any Mors Principium Est fans?

    I love Andy, and his songs are some of the best material that band ever released. Letting him go was the stupidest decision, and I won't support the band going forward.
  6. NoodleFace

    E-II M-II 7B stained my fingers black (and other impressions)

    My Jackson stained my fingers black for a few weeks. It's a symptom of everyone wanting to dye the ebony jet black rather than let it be naturally beautiful. My schecter did not stain my hands and has a natural looking ebony fretboard with lighter areas than stained ones. If it bothered...
  7. NoodleFace

    Higher action on longer scale lengths?

    I setup all my guitars with the lowest possible action they'll accept
  8. NoodleFace

    Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää on Time II Problems

    Money was only an issue because Jari couldn't work like hundreds of thousands of other musicians since the dawn of time. No one has ever complained about Nuclear Blast not providing the means to record albums. This is 100% Jaris doing and the fans paying him insane amounts of money so he can be...
  9. NoodleFace

    New Metal Music Thread

    This band is so incredible. This album is much more ambient sounding than the last one. I hope they blow up, they write great music.
  10. NoodleFace

    The Black Dahlia Murder continuing on, announces tribute show and future

    If you want to hear Brian's vocals they're on this track. This is what the band will sound like:
  11. NoodleFace

    GW's 20 explosive guitar moments from Ozzy Osbourne's solo career list

    It should've just been blizzard of ozz and diary of a madman in no particular order. Without blizzard im not sure his solo career would've taken off
  12. NoodleFace

    Your favorite headstocks!

    I really dig the Kiesel headstocks. Not the headless models though, can't wait for that fad to die.
  13. NoodleFace

    The Black Dahlia Murder will continue!

    Same thing with bassists really. With the exception of a few (Linus, ex-Obscura) I never really sit back and think "damn this bassist is crazy tight and technical. The rhythm section tends to take a back seat. With TBDM the entire band is so incredibly talented though. I still feel like the band...
  14. NoodleFace

    Patient #9

    The first song I could tell instantly was a backing track. It sounded super over-produced. Crazy Train might've been with Zakk playing over it, I couldn't really tell. I've seen him live like 15 or so times - from a man running full speed across the stage and going crazy to an old man that...
  15. NoodleFace

    Patient #9

    Patient #9 live sounded like a backing track to me. Crazy Train sounded great though.
  16. NoodleFace

    The Black Dahlia Murder continuing on, announces tribute show and future

    Brandon Ellis wrote a LOT of riffs and songs especially on the latest album, and you can definitely tell. They did interviews and talked about it. Im really pumped for this. Ryan and Ellis are incredible guitarists. I don't care what Brian sounds like, I just want to see the band continue to...
  17. NoodleFace

    Revocation!!! And how I survived living under a rock for a decade

    I think this album is pretty good. My favorites might be "Strange and Eternal" and "Galleries of Morbid Artistry", but there's not a bad track on the album. The mixing and guitar tone to me is top notch. I'll agree with those who said on the first listening it was meh, it has grown on me a...
  18. NoodleFace

    Jackson American Series

    That green being matte ruins it
  19. NoodleFace

    Dealing with being made inaudible at a jam

    To add to that... Me and my guitar player are constantly changing settings in the practice space and occasionally we are right on top of eachother volumewise. We've never once been bothered by it.. but we've been playing together a few years and just realize that's the way sound works. I think...

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