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  1. MIL8

    Wall/ceiling surface for music room/studio

    Were going to be building a house soon, I have a 13x11' space that is going to be my office/music room where I would like the ability to do some recording as well. Is there a wall surface that I can install that is somewhat similar in price to drywall (or not too much more expensive) that will...
  2. MIL8

    Thoughts on Seismic Cabinets?

    I have the option to buy this cabinet, loaded with a pair of Vintage 30s for $350 Cabinet is used, has a few scuffs but nothing major, also has castors installed. I've...
  3. MIL8

    Suggestion for rack guitar stands.....

    Likely going to be moving soon, I currently have most of my guitars hung on the wall but I don't want to do this in the new place, instead I'd like to do rack type guitar stands, something like this, I want the ability to hold 20...
  4. MIL8

    Ridiculous amount of RF noise comes from my PC that is picked up by my guitar.

    I pretty much can't sit in front of my PC and record with any gain or single coil pickups. I custom build all of my PCs and this build seems to be the worst of them all. Even humbuckers pick up the noise to some extent. Any suggestions? I've isolated it to the PC itself, it isn't the monitors...
  5. MIL8

    Fryette Deliverance 60

    Thoughts on this amp? I listed my Cavin Legacy 3 for sale/trade on my local Craigslist and someone offered one of these in head form for a even trade. I've never played one of these but looking at the price, even if I don't like it this kind of seems like a no brainer. I've watched a few...
  6. MIL8

    Suggest some headphones with good isolation and good sound.

    Our band is going to be doing a few live gigs over zoom, and I need some headphones that I can wear while playing to adjust the mix with our mixer to what is being put into the audio interface. What would be some good headphones that can provide enough isolation that I'll be able to get a...
  7. MIL8

    How do the Mesa Mark V 25/35 do on low end?

    I've been thinking about picking one of these up. I currently have several amps that do one thing well, but I'd like something that will do more than one thing well such as good cleans, nice overdrive, and high gain, but is still somewhat small and light. So I'm thinking about selling some of...
  8. MIL8

    What intel socket should I choose? Thinking of building a new system

    Current build is going on 9 years old, getting pretty slow and just not cutting it any more. I'm running a i5 -2550K CPU, 16GB ram, GTX1060 6GB graphics card (this was added later), 120GB C: drive with 2 other SSDs for extra storage, all drives are connected via SATA. I don't have a ton of...
  9. MIL8

    Any vinyl fans here? What is your favorite album on vinyl?

    Been wanting to get my turntable fixed for a long time, finally did it last week. I've mostly been waiting for my son to get a bit older, he is almost 5 now so hopefully I can keep him from breaking it lol. I have a Denon DP-23F and I just had a Ortofon 2M Red installed on it, I also picked up...
  10. MIL8

    Drop in trem replacement for TRS LoPro/Ibanez EX?

    I've got an old Ibanez EX, not a bad guitar really except the trem is certainly the weak spot. Is there a drop in upgrade replacement that will work? I thought about just blocking it but part of the problem is the 3 lower saddles are higher than that upper 3 making the action impossible to...
  11. MIL8

    Any tips for fixing phase problems when using 2 mics on the same cab.

    Been trying out 2 different mics on a 2x12 cab, one an SM57, the other a ribbon mic that I don't know the brand of but it has always sounded good on guitar. I'm putting one mic on each speaker. No matter how much I mess with placement I can never seem to quite get them perfectly in phase. Is...
  12. MIL8

    Wall hanger for a wider neck?

    Anyone make a wall hanger for a wide neck? I have a 7 string classical guitar and the neck is too wide to fit a standard wall hanger. Thanks.
  13. MIL8

    Recording on very modest equipment. Need some input/suggestion

    I play in a band with 3 other guys, two guitar players, drums, bass. This is just a hobby for us, we play out at gigs from time to time, nothing serious. We do some covers and original music. With no gigs on the horizon for a while we have decided to attempt to make a decent quality recording of...
  14. MIL8

    FS Boss RC-30 Loop Station

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Boss RC-30 Loop Station Modifications (if any): None, like new. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original box and manual. Location (City,State or City,Country): Jefferson City, Mo International OK? : If you pay for it. Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM...
  15. MIL8

    Check out this acoustic 7 on Reverb I've never seen one before, sure thought it was interesting. I'd love to play it.
  16. MIL8

    IBANEZ G207CWC (7 string classical) value?

    I have been given the option to buy one of these, mint condition with a hard shell case $500 I've been wanting to get a 7 string classical for a while now. What did these sell for new? Is this a decent price? I'm not crazy about the fact that it does not have a pickup, but I would probably...
  17. MIL8

    Any import fees or taxes when buying a guitar in Canada then shipping to the US?

    Thinking about bidding on a guitar that is listed on Ebay that is located in Canada. Does anyone know if I will end up paying for any extra fees? Thanks
  18. MIL8

    Options for a Nylon String/Classical 7 string?

    I'm seriously wanting to get a Nylon string 7 string. I have an AJ307 that I love, but the string spacing isn't very conducive for finger picking, and I'd like to have the option for a Nylon String sound. I've checked this one out a few times, any thoughts on it...
  19. MIL8

    Help me choose an interface for my needs.

    I need to purchase a recording interface and looking for some suggestions, I haven't done any recording for about 10 years so I'm a bit out of touch. I don't need super high end, basically what I need to do is to be able to record some live performances so they can be sent to a studio for...
  20. MIL8

    Anyone own or drive a Ford Transit Connect, Nissan NV or similar?

    I do appliance repair for a living, previously when I worked for different stores I was provided with both full size trucks with toolboxes in the bed and full size vans to drive. I now work for myself, almost a year now and it is going well. I've started out in an older Subaru Outback that I...