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    Noisy DI signal?

    Hi! I've already made a similar thread about this topic but since I solved some issues I'm making a new one just to be more accurate with the questions. So I'm still struggling with static noise when recording guitar through my audio interface but I've made a good improvement by simply moving my...
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    7 string suggestion(medium budget)

    Hi guys! So I decided to buy my first 7 string guitar and I think I need some suggestions. My budget is not very high so obviously I'm trying to buy a 1000/1200 guitar for less money(I'm not a beginner so I'd like a good guitar obviously for metal maybe something like Obscura or in general...
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    Guitar and tone recommendation

    Hi guys! In my eternal quest to get a good guitar tone(in this case a good metal guitar tone) I'm still asking myself two or three things that I might consider to improve my tone: -Guitar(I have an Ibanez mtm2 in standard tuning with seymour duncan pickups(i don't remember wich ones) wich by...