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  1. ElRay

    Wiring Advice: Split+Blend or Freeway Switch?

    I’m looking to do something a little different with my dual Cepheus Pendulum without drilling any new holes. The first idea is to put a 4-pole ON-ON in place of the regular selector and wire it so I get neck/bridge in one position and inner/outer in the other. Then I’d run the two outputs to a...
  2. ElRay

    MOD Devices is bankrupt …

    Wow. I've been a big fan of their software and thought the hardware hit an under-appreciated sweet-spot. :noplease: I did make a point of snagging a copy of the latest software off GitHub. MOD Devices is bankrupt and trying to reboot with a fundraising
  3. ElRay

    Going the MODEP/RPi4/PiSOUND Route

    Well, I'm taking the plunge. Inspired by this post by @josefvin, I've decided to make the jump into running MODEP on a spare RPi4 I have. For now, I'm using my Presonus AudioBox iOne, but I'll most likely get a PiSOUND hat when they're back in stock. I'm in the process of backing-up the...
  4. ElRay

    Has anybody re-flowed solder on an SS amp?

    We've have a Roland JC-40 and after a few years of it being carted back and forth to school, it developed that dreaded pre-amp hiss. I now have a soldering station that I can use to do a reflow. So, I'm thinking of pulling the circuit board out and reflowing the solder joints. Does anybody have...
  5. ElRay

    Revenger-7: Upgrade & Keep | Upgrade & Offload | Offload As-is?

    Not a perfect fit for this forum, but as good a fit as any. :shrug: My preferred tuning has gone in a totally different direction and I don't have the time to stay sharp on multiple tunings and now I've got: Revenger-7 that has not been played in a long time 7-String CL/LF set that never made...
  6. ElRay

    Practice Log/Planner

    I'm trying to be a bit more structured this year when it comes to practicing. Does anybody have any experience with practice planners/logs? I've look at the descriptions of a bunch, but they all say a lot w/o really saying anything. I'd prefer something in the Apple economy: iOS and/or macOS...
  7. ElRay

    Jazzuki Repertoire (aka Progressive Solo List)

    Regardless of what you think of the Suzuki Method as a whole, the concept of "Play beautifully music beautifully" has merit. For those not familiar, a core part of the Suzuki Method is a progressive repertoire of songs designed to slowly introduce techniques and build skills. It is heavily...
  8. ElRay

    Jazzy/Bluesy (preferably) Tube Pre-Amp Pedal

    I know this is more in-line with the Gear sub-Forum, but I'm trying to avoid "metal on the clean channel" suggestions. Unfortunately, the pre-amp on our JC-40 has developed "that hiss", fortunately, it has stereo-in on the effects loop and the built-in/in-built chorus (lush, due to stereo-out)...
  9. ElRay

    Good 7-String Bridge Pick-up to Pair w/ a Sustainiac Stealth Pro?

    I'm very, very, very tempted to get a 7-String Sustainiac Stealth Pro. Any recommendations for a good sounding Bridge Pick-Up to pair with it? I'd definitely be leaning more towards a "Cello Sounding" pick-up than a "Face Melting Feedback" pick-up. I have a CrunchLab-7 that's not being used, so...
  10. ElRay

    MOD Dwarf?

    MOD Dwarf This multi-efects/synthesizer is about a year old, but I've never seen anything on it before last week. Here's YouTube playlist on it. For me, the big things are: Stereo Inputs Platform agnostic pedalboard editing It has a built-in web server, so everything is edited in a browser...
  11. ElRay

    Most "Useful" Wiring Options for Crunch Lab/Liquifire (7-string) Combo?

    I've got a Revenger-7 with no electronics in it. I've got Crunch Lab/Liquifire 7-String set, a 5-way Rotary switch, pots, caps and jack. I may off-load this guitar in the not too distant future, so I'm not really looking to buy anything to get it wired-up. Of the possible straightforward...
  12. ElRay

    Software for Chord Diagrams?

    I'm looking to transcribe a piano accompaniment piece that is 99% arpeggios. Any suggestions for software to do the chord diagrams that can handle guitars that are not 6-Stringers in E-Standard? My usual go-to is Lilypond, but I'm wanting to keep this quick and easy.
  13. ElRay

    Christopher F'n Lee

    Who the hell other than Christopher Lee can put-out a metal cover of a song from the musical "Man of La Mancha" to commemorate his 92nd birthday? OK. I still have time.
  14. ElRay

    Budget Friendly Modelers?

    I'm looking for a decent, budget-friendly modeling/multi-effect pedal. Listening to demos w/ headphones/earbuds don't reveal a whole lot of difference. Likewise, the editing on the device does seem that different, but actually trying to edit settings vs watching somebody do it often revels...
  15. ElRay

    Prog Rock Yoga

    Between breaking 50, a sedentary desk job and COVID, my flexibility is going to pot. I've been trying to do some of the yoga on Apple Fitness+, but the Hip-Hop/R&B/Chill-Vibes music isn't really cutting it for me. Outside of Wrestling/Hockey Goalie/Rock Climbing focused stretching (from days...
  16. ElRay

    FS (Feeler) Stock Black Revenger-7

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Stock Black Revenger-7 Modifications (if any): None. I has spent some time as Classical/Fingerpicking width 6-string, but it's being returned to a 7-String. Accessories (hardshell case etc): none Location (City,State or City,Country): No IL, US...
  17. ElRay

    Finger stretches: Too Much Info

    I know there's almost as many opinions about this as there are guitarists, but does anybody know or/have a good "Master List" of finger stretches? I'm getting older and developing a bit of trigger finger, so I'm wanting to be safe. There's so much out there, but I haven't found anything that...
  18. ElRay

    Acoustiblaster Conversion?

    I have a large 80's Mitchell D-100 (Guitar Center Store Brand) Steel String Acoustic that has been unplayed for eons. The nut width is a bit narrow and it's currently strung for Fripp's NST/C-Pentatonic tuning (C-G-D-A-E-G) and I rarely used the high-G when I did play it. The idea popped into...
  19. ElRay

    7-String Wilkinson VS-50/100 Style Bridge?

    Does anybody know if there are 7-String versions of the Wilkinson VS-50/100 Style Bridge? I have not been able to find any.
  20. ElRay

    Bridge Pick-up for Sustainer/Piezo Build

    I'm 99% sure my "next" series of mods will be adding piezo pick-ups and a sustainer to the old work-horse Revenger-7. So, I'm looking for bridge pick-up recommendations. Since it's going to drive (what will most likely be) a Sustainiac Stealth Pro-7, the following styles are instant NO-GOs...