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  1. WarMachine

    Putting on the old pair of boots...

    And of course, when that old pair of boots is my 5150 tone in the PODGo, it fits just as good as the day i got it :lol: I got the wild hair to crack this patch back out, tweak it just a fuzz and make a distorted bass tone as well Here's the specs from the Go; Guitars; Noise Gate (NS-2 sim)...
  2. WarMachine

    DiMarzio D Activator / D Activator X comparison

    Here lately i've been really digging the sound of my D Activators over my D Activator X, so last night i decided to do a swap in my Razorback. I recorded a little section of something that popped in my head i came up with a few days ago while the D Activator X was in there. So to compare, i...
  3. WarMachine

    New Megadeth track "We'll Be Back"

    Sounds pretty fucking nasty IMO
  4. WarMachine

    Orchestral Track

    This is a track of mine i came up with a few years ago with the intentions of putting it in a game i was gonna make, never got off the ground lol. This was intended to be an opening stage theme and a final boss theme, like a power up when you getting your ass handed to you like in...
  5. WarMachine

    Testing out the Simple Pitch in the PODGo

    This MAY turn into a full blown cover/remix, but i figured an 8 or 9 string guitar tuning would be a good way to test the pitch shift in the PODGo :lol: I played this in drop B but put the simple pitch pedal between the gate and compressor in front of the amp. I think it turned out pretty well...
  6. WarMachine

    What's needed for a vocal booth?

    Finally getting ready to get off my ass and start getting my vocals back in order. I've got my music sounding exactly the way i want it to now, so it's time to get it going again. I've got a decent sized closet, enough so that you could probably have 3 people standing side by side if that...
  7. WarMachine

    Test driving my new SD3 preset

    I hadn't planned on writing a new song at all tonight lol. I was just dicking around with my 5150 patch and it started flowing so i hit record. I've put a kit together in Superior Drummer 3 that uses the Metal! library for the shells and swapped out the cymbals for the brass in the Dark Matter...
  8. WarMachine

    Mixing with some old plugins

    I typically don't have much going on in the Master Buss, just a Compressor and a Limiter for the volume. I keep an EQ on there but set to flat just so i can pull it up and actually see how the track is sitting with everything going it once. Ears are the best but sometimes it's nice to have the...
  9. WarMachine

    Track for a bud..

    I work with a guy that does amateur wrestling on the side and is getting some decent local draw. He wanted me to do him up a track for some entrance music. He hasn't been in a hurry to get it and i've been putting it off forever lol. His ring name is Mr.Hyde so i called this "Bad Batch". I...
  10. WarMachine

    Diablo 2 Resurrected, any good?

    I see Blizzard has a Spring Sale going on right now for this, dropping it down to 30 bucks. Anyone give this a go? Thoughts? I absolutely LOVED 3, i had 2 years ago on PC but didn't really mess with it much.
  11. WarMachine

    Quick drum mixing tip

    I've done like most over the last 10 or so years and took to YouTube on how to record metal. I was recording tonight before work and was setting my drum levels. I've been bouncing back and forth between Dark Matter and Drums of Destruction SDX packs lately. And I've always seen the snare poking...
  12. WarMachine

    Testing out an old IR and a new type of bass

    I have been a HUGE Zakk fanboy for as long as i can remember. He's one of the main reasons i wanted to pick up the guitar. I've always said that the 1919 Eternal guitar tone is one of the best guitar tones ever IMO. All that being said, i've had a few different EV12L IR's kicking around that...
  13. WarMachine

    Another PODGo Acoustic test track

    It's no acoustic electric, but it's pretty decent for what i need. I downloaded Ample Guitar M Lite II and matched the tones i got from it. I still plan on picking up one of the Harley Benton acoustic electrics soon, even if it needs some TLC when i get it lol. I don't do acoustic much...
  14. WarMachine

    PODGo & EMG Bass tone

    Can't believe i didn't post it lol, but i've yet to make a thread showing off the tones i'm getting after adding the EMGJ set to my Squier Jazz Bass. Sounds pretty badass to me, and it definitely gets the tone i've been chasing. PODGo + EMG Bass test
  15. WarMachine

    NPUD (New Pickup Day)

    I finally decided on getting some new pickups for my bass. I've always been a big fan of Dave Ellefson's tone. That growl and ring that can cut through anything. So i decided to go with the EMG J set for my Squier 70's Vintage J Bass. I just got these in the mail today, dropped them in about...
  16. WarMachine

    Bass pickup question

    I think i've asked this before so forgive me if so lol, but i'm thinking about trying out some new pickups to drop in my bass. I can get a good passable bass tone, but not the one i want. I'm a huge fan of Dave Ellefson's tone and i know that he uses EMG's, and i'm using a Squire Jazz bass...
  17. WarMachine

    Black Label Society cover (collab soon)

    Testing out the dearVR Mix with Perfect Drums. I've had it for a few years but i'm really digging it for this mix. I routed out all the tracks and processed them individually as well. This is a cover of Set You Free from Black Label Society. I'll eventually get a video of it up as well...
  18. WarMachine

    dearVR Mix...where have you been all my life?!

    Holy shitballs dudes. I watched a Glenn Fricker video early this morning on YouTube and he was demoing a pair of Sennheiser headphones and a plugin called dearVR Mix. The plugin is made to be used as a monitoring fx to simulate being in a treated studio listening to a mix through a pro...
  19. WarMachine

    Warmachine's Video Game Remixes

    Figure it would be better to bump a thread when i create new YouTube game remixes vs making a new one every time i post one lol. To start it off, i wrapped up Gorgeous Musical Castle Part 2 from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon from N64. Always thought this one would make a good metal remix;
  20. WarMachine

    Mega Man Gutsman Remix

    Just got this one done;