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  1. HoneyNut

    Lack of hardtails / 24 frets

    The title almost says it all. For the kind of guitars we are drawn to here, almost all of these companies are dominated by floating bridges in their nicer models. It's like a ratio of 5:1 for Jackson, or Ibanez, or even ESP. Schecter makes a nice fixed-bridge 25.5 guitar - the C6 Pro. But...
  2. HoneyNut

    Late NGD: Ibanez RG MIJ

    Got this Ibanez RG a few months ago. Was waiting to get the pickguard changed into the black 3-ply before I did any NGD. Here are some pics I took earlier and after the swap... This guitar is somewhat of a dream guitar as white is my favourite color along with orange and I absolutely...
  3. HoneyNut

    NGD: Ibanez RG3250 Fluorescent Orange

    I almost missed this Ibanez RG3250 FOR. But pics first :) In fact I asked a different seller for another guitar initially. The color on that is somewhat similar to this, but I never saw it in person so I actually can't tell.... As I was waiting for that guitar to arrive, being very...
  4. HoneyNut

    Edge Zero stud set screw stuck

    Hey! Happy Holidays to you all! I know NAMMs going to be taking place soon. I'm sure you guys are anxious to hear the announcements as I am. At the moment though, I'm having some issues with the Edge Zero locking studs. So I received the guitar today, RG3250 FOR. Very anxious to get it setup to...
  5. HoneyNut

    Ibanez RG/Dimarzio suggestions + color scheme

    Hello friends, I might get a new guitar soon. As you can tell from the pics, it might be orange! In terms of pickup response I want something a little different than the Tone Zone/Air Norton combo my other existing RG has. I really like that combo. Both pickups sound amazing, and unique. As...
  6. HoneyNut

    Do you have a Snappy Pinky (fret hand)?

    I've been struggling to tame this snappy pinky joint of my fretting hand for a long time. My only solution was to strengthen the pinky with hammer ons/pull offs. The issue is that at the back of my mind I know if I lift the pinky just a little bit more than I should, it would probably snap out...
  7. HoneyNut

    Dorje's new music video, 'Catalyst'

    Good to see Rob Chapman without his glasses! And his singing is quite unique. Would be awesome to meet Rob in person. I'm sure some of you would like this. Happy belated Halloween! :evil:
  8. HoneyNut

    NGD: RG3250 Desert Yellow

    Desert Yellow is a tough color to capture on camera. But here are my additions. This is the RG3250 with the dot inlays. Pics first.... Bought this gutiar from a fantastic Jemsite member, UnklPunk. Initially I bought a different guitar from him a few months ago and in the process he...
  9. HoneyNut

    Ibanez RG3550 or RG3250

    Guitar Wanted: Ibanez RG3550 or RG3250 Additional Accessories: Prestige Case Location: Toronto, Ontario International OK?: North America Contact Info (No Phone #s): Here. References: SSO Hello SSO friends, I'm looking to buy one of these guitars in colored finish. Desert Yellow, Orange, Blue...
  10. HoneyNut

    Color Questions: RG655 SPM Subterranean Purple Metallic

    Hey friends, Color: Im seeking out my next purchase. Reading reviews of the new RG655s, I'm contemplating getting the RG655 SPM. The stock images of the RG655 SPM on the net looks great. However, the purple looks bright on those pics, whereas shots of the guitar look darker on Sweetwater and...
  11. HoneyNut

    A little cleaning help please. Just bought a dirty RG2550

    Hey friends, I would love to do an NGD like some of you guys here..But I can't cause this RG2550 is so dirty. I am going out to get some 0000 grade steel wool, murphy oil soap, and masking tape for the frets, english oil for the fretboard. Is that going to be enough to make these frets shine...
  12. HoneyNut

    Ibanez 1988 540S (hsh) question

    Hey guys, need your opinion on this Ibanez 540S (not S540). I came across this just recently and am considering trading my S520 2008 (dimarzio illumin n/transi b). Mine is in mint shape in fact though, supposedly surprising. 1. Are those SS frets on the 540S? I really want SS frets so that I...
  13. HoneyNut

    Adam Nergal Darski - Confessions of A Heretic (Behemoth)

    Just found this on Amazon. I think you guys might like this new religious book.