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  1. HoneyNut

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    What pickups do you have on it?
  2. HoneyNut

    NGD Charvel Sean Long

    Exactly. Black RG550 with maple fretboard, ESP M-ii
  3. HoneyNut

    NGD Charvel Sean Long

    This is the only guitar in the market now that makes me gas. Nice specs and really glad its not another baked maple.
  4. HoneyNut

    Is industrial metal still a thing? Lol

    I think our genre now pales in comparision in edge factor to other genres, even from other cultures. Not sure if you've been exposed to pop acts outside of NA or Europe, but some of that stuff is so edgy, makes me feel like heavy metal is just weak in effect. That's jsut my unpopular take. The...
  5. HoneyNut

    Similar neck shapes to original Ibanez Wizard Prestige?

    Yep. Ive played the Schecter Reaper series, and it did remind me of the Wizard 19-21 thickness of the Ibanezs I had. But I think the Reaper has a 14" radius, but the ibanez had a 16.0" radius. The Ibanez's was slightl little rounder than the Reaper considering the same thickness, while the...
  6. HoneyNut

    Behemoth New single/New album

    Regardless of the band's current direction, Seth is so awesome live. And Orion's always got this deep set attitude about him, almost convinces me I shouldve been a bassist, along with Billy Sheehan. It's that attitude. And Megadeth's current drummer. Btw, Nergal's guitar is really cool. Wish...
  7. HoneyNut

    New Cab Day

    This is with the g12-75s right? I thought they werent popular.
  8. HoneyNut

    Guitar and tone recommendation

    I'd just get either of these two. They are both combos (meaning, head + cab in one chasis). Your guitars are great enough, just have them setup at a shop. Or...
  9. HoneyNut

    Guitar and tone recommendation

    Buy an amp, it's much more fun than using modellers or VST. There is no contest there. But if you need the versatility of a modeller / VST for recording, then yeah sure. But are you sure that you want to focus on recording? Or are you more concerned about playing the guitar? This is the question...
  10. HoneyNut

    NGD - ESP Original Series M-II

    Hey, thanks for sharing such great shots of the guitar. Really gassing for a an Esp hardtail. You've got a dream guitar. Congrats
  11. HoneyNut


    Sorry, but that's one of the nicest guitars in the world. Happy for you man! Strings? tuning? Thrash metal?
  12. HoneyNut

    Ibanez 540PII content (or happy birthday to me a few weeks early)

    Happy Birthday and congratulations on your patience! Have a blast!
  13. HoneyNut

    The Peavey Vandenberg is Coming Back?!?

    Put shark fins or tooths in them please. and a pointier headstock, not a hockey stick...that'll thick my boxes .
  14. HoneyNut

    Decapitated - Cancer Culture

    I like her, honestly. She has this sexy badass bitch attitude I just adore about her. She's a sinner and she owns it kinda attitude, like the rest of us who are going to hell in every religion. I like HER more than the band let's say. That said, its those riffs underneath what she's singing on...
  15. HoneyNut

    Decapitated - Cancer Culture

    Ill say it.. Some people like Periphery, others like Decapitated. There is nothing wrong with that. Kidding, I love whatever those guys have done. Whereas Ive done nothing but sit on my ass.
  16. HoneyNut

    Decapitated - Cancer Culture

    This is perfect. My intro to Decapitated was through Organic Hallucinosis. The riffs are badass. And the singing parts aren't exactly taylor swift either. Sinister to me. Is that Tatiyana? She's awesome. Vogg is one of the most progressive players today. He's got a very unique approach to riffs...
  17. HoneyNut

    Dream Theater are now grammy winners

    Its not the gym membership.
  18. HoneyNut

    Dream Theater are now grammy winners

    It's stupid. After DT releases more than 10 albums ( I forget how many ), does so many changes and improvements in their recording and gear , stays cohesive , not to mention - inspire a generation of musicians who are dedicated fans of music AND instruments, yet this is how long it took for...
  19. HoneyNut

    ITT we post cool/beautiful/rare Ibanez S models

    Not rare at all I know. But you might like these photos of my S520 I had about 10 / 12 years ago. I changed pickups to Transition bridge + Illuminator neck in white/black zebra later.