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  1. spudmunkey

    Terrible looking combo amps?

    How has this not a thread yet? Exhibit A to get the ball rolling;
  2. spudmunkey

    Sexy Control Cavities

    Post some pics of some control cavity porn. Sauvage: Padalka: Hufschmid: Tao:
  3. spudmunkey

    Proton Guitars

    Anyone know anything about Proton Guitars? Stumbled across them on IG. Pretty ugly headstock, seems to be made in the US.
  4. spudmunkey

    Silly question: bass pickups for a guitar?

    I know guitar pickups have sometimes been used for bass guitars (especially decades ago, and clickbait-y youtube videos), but has anyone seen any guitars built with bass pickups? If not, why aren't they used? Would they not respond well to the lower mass of metal from thinner guitar strings...
  5. spudmunkey

    Piezo Floyd (not the Graphtech-branded one)

    Did this ever fully come out? I don't ever remember seeing it anywhere after it was announced, it's not currently on FR's website, and in a brief search today, I can't seem to find many guitars that offered it (more info below)...
  6. spudmunkey

    Strange/Ugly/useless/amusing guitar-themed novelties

    We've all had them advertised to us on the internet. We've all received them as gifts from non-musician relatives who mean well... ...but does anyone really need a Stratocaster-shaped cutting board? Or a guitar-shaped toilet seat? Or a t-shirt with a drawing of a cartoon 3-string Les Paul with...
  7. spudmunkey

    Charles Levi, bassist (TKK, Pigface, Chemlab, KMFDM) hospitalized

    I'm not exactly sure why, but Charles Levi is in the hospital. Martin Atkins has been posting about it on IG, and raising money through merch sales: Apparently, a...
  8. spudmunkey

    Funny/Bad/Stupid/Cringe-worthy/Confusing brand names

    I'll start: Mother Plucker Guitars I would have included "Bitches Love My Switches", but they changed their name to just "Love My Switches".
  9. spudmunkey

    Help me try to figure out what my first electric guitar may have been (without a photo)

    So, I'm trying to figure out what my first electric guitar was...but unfortunately I don't have a photo. It was a rental from a suburban-borderline rural tiny music store. I started playing guitar in 1988, so the rental would have been probably between 1988-1990. I don't remember if it was new...
  10. spudmunkey

    Is there such a thing...(Floyd Rose product line question)

    Is there a 7-string German-made OFR that has the same string spacing as the Original 1000, that isn't the "Pro" low-profile version? Just a 7-string Original 1000, but made in Germany? I feel like it's something that must exist and maybe I'm just missing it...
  11. spudmunkey

    How can the US improve the election process for 2022 and 2024? Can it be done bi-partisanly?

    After yet-another election shitshow in the US, what are bi-partisan ways the election process could be improved? I specify "bi-partisan" because there are a lot of ways that I will concede likely favor the left (like eliminating the electoral college, statehood for Puerto Rico, etc) and some...
  12. spudmunkey

    Custom cases?

    Has anybody ever had a custom case built or fitted? Any success or horror stories with a particular supplier/service provider? Any advice on materials/design? Hva eyou received a custom guitar that came in a case that was custom-built for the guitar (and if so, do you know who made the case)...
  13. spudmunkey

    NGD: Kiesel SH6 - Burled maple top, Aqua Candy finish, Ziricote fretboard

    OK, so...NGD was technically Wednesday. But anyway... TLDR: Whoa. Friggin' Whoa, man. (more and larger photos at the end of the post) Specs: Model: SH6 Semi-Hollow Carved Top ◾Carved top set neck semi-hollow electric guitar Top: Burled Maple Top Finish: Aqua Candy, Transparent Black...
  14. spudmunkey

    Blade Guitars

    Shortly after I started playing guitar, probably around 1988-ish, I remember falling in lust for the first time, for an out-of-budget guitar. It was a strat-alike made by Blade. They were the "high end" models sold at my local store, Hartford Music Center in Wisconsin. This wasn't a high-end...
  15. spudmunkey

    Gibson vs Heritage, Seriously?

  16. spudmunkey

    Retro games & emulation

    I've seen a fair amount of mention of old-school games in the "Games that should get remade" and "What game are you playing" threads, but no topic focusing just on them. I also though it could be an appropriate place to talk about how people are playing them, including new "compatible" consoles...
  17. spudmunkey

    How would you make the thinnest guitar body possible?

    Assuming traditional electric guitar sensibilities, and assuming "normal" neck and fretboard geometry, how would you make the thinnest guitar possible? What sort of bridge would you use, knowing that the thinner you make the guitar, the shorter front-mounted screws have to be, with less...
  18. spudmunkey

    Milwaukee Guitar Company

    Limited product offering, but I'd be interested to try one out. I've been in the market for a 339-style semi-hollow, and I'm kinda digging the "industrial" look, even of the wiring for the piezo coming off their bridge. I do love their pickup selector switch...

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