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  1. AngryPossum

    Any Wolf AIO Owners Here, I have a ?

    I have an awesome Wolf WP400 AIO, however it's now making a Sitar sound on the B string, anyone else have this issue?I'm gonna try the ground up powder nut thingy with crazy glue, or I may file that slot slightly on an angle towards the tuners as some recommend. Beautiful Fucking Guitar. Plays...
  2. AngryPossum

    Your Favorite Sounding Rig

    I'm looking to buy a good guitar rig. First is a good amp, preferably tube but doesn't necessarily have to be. Second is a good OD Pedal and 3rd some more effects pedals. I play Classic Rock and Metal. I'm an intermediate Rythmn player, getting close to expert. I currently own in amps: VOX...
  3. AngryPossum

    Hi Everyone

    Hi all, I just signed up, I'm from New York. Seems like a nice friendly forum here. I own over 53 Guitars. Yes I'm serious... And have become addicted with BAD GAS for the Love of guitars and music. I'm currently a vocalist for the band White Room in Staten Island NY. Vince
  4. AngryPossum

    BC Rich Mockingbird NJ Serial #

    Hi everyone, my first ever post here. I just recently purchased a pre-owned BC Rich Mockingbird NJ Series neck through on Reverb. It was shipped from France 2 weeks ago to the US. The serial # is 7300562. Any info would be appreciated. The Year, Country of Origin etc.