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  1. Lemonbaby

    Revstar inspired Doublecut Build

    I've always liked the Yamaha Revstar in a way, but they always have that vintage vibe ongoing. I decided to build an own one with very clean and modern looks, so I ordered some slabs of wood, PUs and started building three weeks ago. It turned out a little heavier than what I usually build, but...
  2. Lemonbaby

    New Headless 35" Bass Project

    Since my wife told me to turn it down a notch back with building new guitars I decided to take on a bass project. The body is a thick slab of spruce with Black Limba back and top. Hardware came from Aliexpress since I liked the headless guitar tuners used in the last 7 string project (and...
  3. Lemonbaby

    Multiscale 7 w/ ruined top

    Dear Dudes, I dug out a three year old build that I finally wanted to finish. While drilling out wood for the electronics cavity, I screwed up a beautiful figured maple top. I had no better idea than fixing it with a wooden stripe insert, had some Ovangkol lying around anyway. After fixing the...
  4. Lemonbaby

    Quick and Dirty Classical Build (what I did this summer)

    As I've been playing my classical guitar a lot more over the 12 months, I decided to give this a go and build an own one just as a try-out. I'm an engineer, so I know that bent sides and thin backs don't make any sense and these parts should only providfe stabiolity without vibrating at all. I...
  5. Lemonbaby

    Friday's for future?

    As this topic and Greta are all over the news in Germany, just wanted to know what's happening elsewhere. Is that a thing in the US?
  6. Lemonbaby

    NGD - Old rug, new Swan

    Last September I went through a serious case of GAS and ordered a Skervesen Swan just to ease the pain a little. Estimated delivery was kept with a few weeks on top that I aproved after request. The guys asked me if I need it urgently as they got requested by another customer to pull in his...
  7. Lemonbaby

    NGD - Girlyesque APEX-inspired Strat content

    I finished my latest Strat build this week, last component missing were the strings which had a little longer leadtime and delayed final assembly. I always liked the Ibanez APEX200 and wanted to combine this visual style with a more traditional form. As my build collection was still missing a...
  8. Lemonbaby

    What I did last summer

    Sorry in advance for cramming multiple builds into a single thread, but I had little time for this and still wanted to share my activities as I got so inspired by the great builds I found on After building my first ergonomic headless guitar in 2015 I got severely addicted to building my...
  9. Lemonbaby

    First Build - Ergonomic Headless Multiscale

    I finally decided to build my first guitar and want to go for a Toone inspired multiscale. Plans are ready and I cut out the templates with my battery powered jigsaw (10mm birch multi). There's several dealers in Germany providing nice pre-made multistage necks, but I'm a little annoyed about...