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  1. littlebadboy

    Emg 81 vs Nazgul - Help/Opinion

    Take s look at the DiMarzio D-Activator X too.
  2. littlebadboy

    Lollapalooza in Chicago will be streaming LIVE on Hulu!

    I enjoyed Metallica a lot! I wished I went! I didn't know they play full sets! Had I known! I enjoyed LP Giobbi earlier too! I also enjoyed Royal Blood just now!
  3. littlebadboy

    Lollapalooza in Chicago will be streaming LIVE on Hulu!

    Yep! If you have Hulu, Lollapalooza in Chicago will be streaming LIVE from Thurs (7/28) all the way to Sunday (7/31)! This is the link where you can pick and choose who/what to watch. And this is the schedule: I see Metallica is playing tomorrow...
  4. littlebadboy

    DiMarzio D Activator / D Activator X comparison

    I haven't tried the DA, but I love my DAXs on my PRS S2! If I may share...
  5. littlebadboy

    What guitar pick do you use?

    Dragonsheart picks. It's like having 3 picks in 1 for whatever way suits you. Give me great grip and better picking. Lasts almost forever on me. I could not go back to normal picks eversince I started using them.
  6. littlebadboy

    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    Are they coming back like this? Still voting for Ola as guitarist. He's a serious Pantera/Dimebag fan.
  7. littlebadboy

    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    I vote Ola Englund to be the guitarist.
  8. littlebadboy

    bR00tAl bridge PU for deathmetal TELECASTER??? And less noisy

    I don't play death metal, but I was happy with a rail humbucker in my ex tele! It sounded like in between a bucker and a coil, but it could definitely go heavy. It has a unique sound actually.
  9. littlebadboy

    Got to watch The Cult live in concert!

    One of the bands that inspired me to play was The Cult! I have always wanted to see them play live as a teenager in the 80s. Being in a third world Asian country, I always thought that there would be zero chance that they would come. If wouldn't have afforded the ticket anyway. It took me almost...
  10. littlebadboy

    Guitar prices are out of control

  11. littlebadboy

    The Les Paul thread

    Beautiful guitar! How do you find the Dirty Fingers?
  12. littlebadboy

    What’s Your Minimalist Rig?

    I don’t have a real amp, so I'm going the modeler route. 1. My modeler is a Headrush Gigboard with a Mission Engineering expression pedal. 2. If 2 guitars only... My hot rodded PRS S2 Darth Paul tuned to drop C. And, my Agile Geodesic 62527 tuned in drop B. If I may sneak in a 3rd, I...
  13. littlebadboy

    Show Us Your Home Studio Setup!

    Nowhere to hang either that is ok with the missus.
  14. littlebadboy

    Show Us Your Home Studio Setup!

    Mine is actually in a closet of the laundry room where my wife despises because she claims it's in her way. My challenge is where to place my guitars. It's a constant stressful dispute of space, that it's taking away my interest and playing inspiration.
  15. littlebadboy

    Strat Mods!

    Forgot to mention, the rail buckers were i deed louder than the single pickups, so I opted to change my neck pup to an overwound for a closer balance than adjusting heights that may sacrifice the full potential of the rails being too far from the strings.
  16. littlebadboy

    Strat Mods!

    I heard good things about the SD JB jr on a strat type guitar. But, I loved the rail buckers on my ex tele eventhough they were an Artec. I would imagine that it would have been better if it was a branded one. Coil sized buckers don't sound like a full sized humbucker. They have a unique sound...
  17. littlebadboy

    Strat Mods!

    To keep it somewhat strat authentic looking, how about a coil sized bucker for the bridge? A Vega trem would be nice too so you can be crazy on the whammy.
  18. littlebadboy

    Baritone or 7 String

    Try out a multiscale 6. It gives you both worlds. Longer scale where it matters, regular scale where you usually play lead. I had a hard time doing some leads on a baritone. Well... I'm not much a lead player anyways.