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    Keaton Pierce, vocalist of Too Close to Touch, passes away unexpectedly

    at the young age of 32. Poor guy. If anyone is into something less heavy and more eccentric on the vocals side, I recommend you check them out. Here's one of my favorites: Lots of loss for the music community as a whole...
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    Currents - any fans?

    Just listening to my morning dose of metalcore and got hit with back to back songs from Currents. This track has one of the tastiest licks ever. This is another one of my favorites, and since we're on a guitar forum, I figured both the regular version and guitar playthrough would be...
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    Anyone actually nab a PS5?

    Just missed out on the walmart drop again.... Anyone else having luck?
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    Calling Ibanez Quest Owners

    Hey Guys, Got my order in for my Q54 in Seafoam Green today. Sounds like I'll be waiting until May before I see the thing. Want to start hyping myself up for it now soooo Anyone get their hands on the Q guitars yet? I know some folks have mentioned having one or two but looking for some...
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    Another Legator Thread

    but now what you're thinking. I was on the website browsing around and found something interesting, a link to FGN guitars on the Legator Website: Does anyone know the correlation? Here's my guess: I know the 25 year Anniversary models are supposedly MIJ. Could this mean FGN is building...
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    Weight Relief Project

    Hey Guys, Thinking of maybe trying to weight relieve my nearly 14 POUND Squier Vintage Modified '72 Tele, looks like this: The idea kind of came from the swimming pool route that Fender sometimes uses, pictured below: My plan would be to basically remove as much wood as possible from UNDER...
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    I suck at dialing tones - what modeler has best presets database?

    Hey Guys, I am pretty god damn awful at dialing in tones. I currently run a pod go and I enjoy it quite a bit. Got a couple of York Audio IR's and some presets I either paid for or downloaded. The only thing I feel is maybe a little lacking is the custom tones area where users can share their...
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    WTB Headrush 108 or 112

    Hey guys looking to pick up a headrush 108 or 112. I'm in the Southern California area and looking to make the deal locally if possible. If you're willing to ship the 108 we can work something out but I think the 112 would just be too difficult. If you want to sell me an atomic CLR for the price...
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    Strandberg - Quality Question

    Now before you say "Use the Search function" or something of that nature... I have. I have read pretty deeply into the QC issues and they're indeed concerning. I'm going to go on a bit of a tangent, but it comes full circle so hear me out: I just got a 2021 Legator Ghost 6OD (used) for a real...
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    Home "recording" rig

    Hey Guys, I'm in the process of rebuilding my computer setup at home, gearing it towards some light at home recording/guitar modeling stuff. I'll be running my PodGo as my interface into my 2021 M1 Mac Mini running Logic. I'm thinking now about adding some acoustic panels/sound dampening...
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    Speakers - best place to buy?

    Hey guys, looking to re-speaker my cab with some V-30's. Does anyone know of a good source? Is it worth it to re-speaker the cab or just buy a mesa recto cab (or similar) and call it a day?
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    B-52 ST100a - Worth modding?

    Hey Guys, Have myself a podgo and it does all I could really ask for and more. That being said, I'm a member of SSO so alas, I want to revive my old B-52 half stack. For those that aren't familiar, the ST-100 head is the poor mans rectifier (not my thought, but what I've seen shared on forums...
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    Schecter - Indo/Korea vs Japan vs USA

    Been a long time fan of Schecter and trying to gauge where the Japanese lines fit in quality wise compared to the other imported versions. Anyone have experience playing both? Bonus points for someone who has played a Japanese Schecter AND a USA Schecter and can tell me how they compare...
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    Coated Strings

    Hey Guys feel free to move this if it's in the wrong spot. The guys I jam with currently play in drop B flat on a 664mm scale length guitar (26.1"). I found that the beefy slinky's work well, tension wise, although they're a bit tight on the bottom 3 strings (highest notes). Gauges for the...
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    NGD: Mayones Setius

    Figured it best to start with some photos! This thing is in absolute mint condition. Anything that looks like a chip is just a bit of glare. I don't very often review instruments nor have I ever had anything this high quality so this is coming from a pretty intense honeymoon phase...
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    Commissioning a partial build - where to begin

    Hey All, Really interested in trying to put together my own blackmachine-esque type of guitar. I should mention that I am not 100% married to the blackmachine shape, but I am looking for a thin bodied double cut. I unfortunately live in a small apartment without the tools necessary to make the...