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    EU import duty

    I think if they're travelling with you it's all gravy. if you ship it, and depending on how you ship it, you'll have to pay customs.
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    Blacklisted From Ordering From Rondo Music

    Yeah I mean, I haven't read all the posts since I last was here but it sounds like the full chain still isn't supplied so verdict is out IMO For what it's worth though, blacklisting a customer is just bad business no matter how you slice it. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Some folks aren't...
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    Aristides Guitars

    Yessss please. This is what I need in my life.
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    Blacklisted From Ordering From Rondo Music

    I may be dense, but I really want like, the chain of emails, but at the same time, I don't care.
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    Blacklisted From Ordering From Rondo Music

    Thread is useless without that email but OP knows that lol. Holding back something for sure.
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    About to buy a Strandberg J

    I'd feel pretty confident, Seller all 5 star reviews and 90 sales since 2021 and reverb is usually happy to side with the buyer if there's an issue.
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    Mayones NGD: Hail Hyrda

    Maybe one of the most interesting black Limba pieces I've seen. The flame on that is WILD. Happy NGD!
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    Keaton Pierce, vocalist of Too Close to Touch, passes away unexpectedly

    at the young age of 32. Poor guy. If anyone is into something less heavy and more eccentric on the vocals side, I recommend you check them out. Here's one of my favorites: Lots of loss for the music community as a whole...
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    Have you ever bought a guitar that solved your G.A.S. for a while?

    Not really... But then again I've never really scratched the itch I want to scratch which is a high end, custom shop guitar. That may help tide me over for a while but I feel like the GAS never stops. I just appreciate the hell of out the craftsmanship that goes into building some of these...
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    Currents - any fans?

    Sick lineup! I'll be seeing Invent Animate with a solid supporting cast: Like Moths to Flames, Polaris and Alphawolf in April at Chain Reaction
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    Currents - any fans?

    Yeah I think we all can agree Chris Wiseman is certainly something else. Dude is a fuckin monster.
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    Currents - any fans?

    They're slowly pushing me to want to buy a 7 string so I know what you mean! They're as solid as it gets
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    Incoming: 2021 Mayones Duvell Elite 6 (Trans Graphite)

    They shoot some of the best pictures of Mayones guitars around. Yours looks awesome! Understated for what it is.
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    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    Jesus christ shut this shit down already, dick already exploded from being so erect.
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    Currents - any fans?

    Just listening to my morning dose of metalcore and got hit with back to back songs from Currents. This track has one of the tastiest licks ever. This is another one of my favorites, and since we're on a guitar forum, I figured both the regular version and guitar playthrough would be...
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    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    just stopped in to say your collection is ridiculous. Carry on.
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    Baritone 6 options in 2022?

    Largely just depends on the bridge they used. I think in most cases the issue you'll run into is at the other end: The tuning pegs.
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    Another NeuralDSP plugin coming?

    lol probably goes both ways. When I think Neural DSP I think crushing, modern metal tones. They probably need to clue in the other non-metal folks that this may actually interest them for once
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    Baritone 6 options in 2022?

    Ibanez RGD has entered the chat