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  1. thrsher

    favorite punk albums?

    pennywise - land of the free Gob - too late no friends MxPx - Teenage Politics
  2. thrsher

    Metal Artists Who Tune to B / Bb

    i recall learning Behemoth-Conquer all in B standard many moons ago
  3. thrsher

    Metal Artists Who Tune to B / Bb

    i was only recalling trying to learn some of the album and i was playing B standard back when that album came out. makes sense though that it was drop Bb. i was close then :lol:
  4. thrsher

    Metal Artists Who Tune to B / Bb

    in flames had material in B. the stuff i know for sure is on reroute to remain
  5. thrsher

    New Shockingly Good In Flames Song

    i feel like this is a reaction to The Halo Effect
  6. thrsher

    Which bands use the lowest tunings?

    Ion dissonance, within the ruins, Tony Danza tapdance extravaganza, war from a harlots mouth, noise trail immersion
  7. thrsher

    A little Reverb rant [Redemption Content]

    i try so hard to not sell online anymore. too much anxiety not knowing who is on the other side. people constantly trying to get over on you.
  8. thrsher

    Decapitated - Cancer Culture

    Organic doesn't get enough credit.
  9. thrsher

    Ibanez or ESP limited dealer runs

    they are still done regularly with dealers all over, just not really posted here anymore.
  10. thrsher

    Fear Factory - Aggression Continuum

    their is a certain cymbal hit they use that really gives it away on the industrialist. it eats at me every time. im excited for hellers work on this one
  11. thrsher

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    I believe so
  12. thrsher

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    Wonder what shady shit this is. Posted this Jan 2021 as freds guitar. Now posted today saying for sale
  13. thrsher

    Fear Factory - Aggression Continuum

    Stoked for this. Absolutely love Mikes work with the band and in general.
  14. thrsher

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    Surprised I have not been blocked yet
  15. thrsher

    Anyone STILL waiting on a ViK, and what is it?

    he recently moved to idaho i think. some state in the midwest. he has a civil courtcase against him in California. he has ripped off alot of people. appears he only actual delievers guitars to a select few cronies that end up flipping the guitars
  16. thrsher

    Sims Custom shop in 2021?

    as i said in my previous post people have filed with BBB and received results. i was a past client with Sims. i had to hound to him but i got my guitar back. i also know from prior experiences not related to sims that IC3 doesn't do shit and just trying to give you some perspective. fly down to...
  17. thrsher

    Sims Custom shop in 2021? site is a joke. don't expect that to go anywhere. i have seen past people file with BBB and get results. this is your first post, would be helpful to clarify your situation with sims. @Jack Reaper
  18. thrsher

    WTB BC Rich Terrance Hobbs

    might sound crazy but i would message terrance on facebook and see if he has a lead or even would sell his. you never know
  19. thrsher

    Good albums with disappointing sound/production

    i came here to say Breeding the Spawn LOL. the only thing about the souls production that gets me is the kick drum.

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