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    WTB ESP SV Standard (UK)

    Hi guys! I am after an ESP SV Standard. I used to own one in the past but had to sell it, so would be nice to get it back. I used to have the black & gold version. Does anyone have one for sale all?
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    ENGL Savage 120 - Metal

    ENGL Savage 120 with a lot of gain, being chonky..
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    EVH 5150 - Metal

    EVH 5150 - Metal ! Getting chunky tones from this thing..
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    Peavey 6534+ Testing for metal!

    Can this amp handle the gainz? Just a quick test !
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    New here from UK!

    Hello everyone! Just thought id drop a message here, im new and I started youtube not too long ago and do quite a lot of things there but also looking to participate here! If you are interested to check out - But anyway, Hi everyone!
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    Legator N7FP - Metal

    Got my hands not long ago on this guitar.. Awesome for the price. What do you think?
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    Peavey 6534+ - METAL

    Can this amp handle the gainz? I think so! Im gonna do loooots more demos soon!