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  1. Andromalia

    I was there

    At Hellfest, Steve Vai joined for "Still of the night". Coverdale's voice is shot, Aldridge looks like he can drum into his 90'es. Not the best live rendition or anything, but seeing those in 2022 is something special. What's your "I was there" moment ?
  2. Andromalia

    I'm looking for an old youtube video

    It was a japanese guy crossdressing (you didn't see his face, only white shirt and miniskirt) who played covers, I think he did Hot for Teacher but can't remember any other. Videos are around 10 years old. If anybody can point me in the right direction, my weeb group would be grateful.
  3. Andromalia

    [OK Boomer] Show your HIFI setup.

    Most people on this site are musicians, professional or, like me, just hobbyists. We all like gear. (If you don't get out, now, before you're contaminated) I'd assume we we all listen to music. Since smartphones pics won't be very sexy, let's have a hifi porn topic. Yes, I sort of wanna pimp my...
  4. Andromalia

    Is there somewhere a registry of songs classed per BPM ?

    I have taken up rowing again in the gym, and it's annoying when your random music jumps all over the place in terms of rythm. I'd like to be able to, say, enter "220BPM" and have a list of songs. Does that DB exist anywhere ? (I stream direct from my NAS, not off a commercial service) Oh, and if...
  5. Andromalia

    New Maiden is up

    Pretty decent, a strong smith/dickinson signature (ie, no gallops), and Bruce isn't forcing his voice to go up there and force the use of autotune on the high notes, which is a blessing. Hiw voice is still awasome on a lower register so not spoiling it by evertune stints is a bonus. (That was...
  6. Andromalia

    [Hifi] Looking for advice on affordable but decent speakers to listen to rock and metal.

    Not sure this would be the right forum and search function didn't send me a relevant topic so I'm creating one. As the happy owner of a new flat (yay) with a 25€ used Toshiba stereo speakers included (boo) I'm looking to invest in a decent sound system. I'll likely go vintage and get some "blue"...
  7. Andromalia

    (VOGD) An NGD from 4 years ago, plz don't shoot

    Got this guitar I think 4 years ago during the january french sales. Was browsing the internet for deals and saw this new for 1999€. Made in Japan (Sado Serial number) ESP Ultra-tone baritone guitar, 27". Bought it primarily so I could play in B standard with lighter strings. Since I took a...
  8. Andromalia

    Guitar storage in apartments, helppp !

    So, I moved two weeks ago into a new apartment I bought. I still have, despite having sold a lot of stuff, a sizeable collection: I don't want to: -Store them on the walls. Then I have to dust like a demon every two weeks. -Store them out of the cases overall. Because then I need space for...
  9. Andromalia

    Building a recording studio from scratch

    With all the changes in my personal situation, the pandemic thing, I'm going to endup moving out of Paris to work in peasant territory in a smaller city to follow a new job. Since I got comfortable earnings saved from my last job, I'm buying either a flat in said smaller city (Le Mans, that's...
  10. Andromalia

    Long time no NGD - Solar V1.6D LTD

    Been waiting for a non red, non black, evertune Solar V forever. The potential opponent would have been an evertuned warlock without abalone. Solar won, obvisouly, as the contender didn't even start the race, the solar is going to be a limited run, I like all woody/natural colors, I hadn't...
  11. Andromalia

    2020 souvenir thread: post pictures of your empty city here.

    Let's hope that this thing will only happen once so let's keep souvenirs. It's a unique opportunity to see emtpy places that are usually packed all the time... but travel is discouraged and, frankly, a bad idea at the moment. So let's share. As always, be responsible when going outside, don't...
  12. Andromalia

    What filters would you want in a guitar e-commerce site ?

    Hello, As a part of my training curriculum (get some training during confinement, guys ! ) I have to do a woocommerce site, so I of course decided to do a guitar shop. I thought it'd be a good idea to ask people, what filter would you like to use, that's not readily available on the usual...
  13. Andromalia

    WTB WTB ZOOM 9002

    In decent shape, and inside the EU if possible just to avoid VAT paperwork and delivery man hassle. 220V transformer, no 110 unless it's *really* cheap. Just buying this for nostalgia's sake. PM me here if you have something.
  14. Andromalia

    What Level Of Electronics Knowledge Do I Need To Build A Pedal ?

    There's a decent chance I'm unemployed soon (I'm volunteering to leave though, so it's not bad, comp€n$ation.) As a side thing to my other projects, I was wondering if building pedals was difficult, what it took, and If I could scam people easily out of their money. I do have some concepts I'd...
  15. Andromalia

    Babymetal - Metal Galaxy New Album and World Tour

    Who's hyped about it ? To be honest I don't expect much from the music other than generic genre stuff but I do expect a good live show out of it and yes I have my VIP ticket stashed and I can start saving up for merch. Previous album did have a few good metal songs though so I hope we'll get...
  16. Andromalia

    What Squier model for the Best Steve Harris impersonation ?

    Got recuited by buddies to do a few Maiden songs during a one-time show, they wanted me because I'm the one who looks the most like him. XD (I look more like Glenn than Steve to be honest, but hey old age and quitting smoking doesn't make staying slim any easier. At least I still have the hair...
  17. Andromalia

    Can't believe there isn't one, Gibson NAMM 2019thread ?

    Watched a few things here and there, most interesting were the CEO interviews, guy seems to be motivated and to have ideas. Getting my hopes up for the future. From what I gathered, there will be a "forever there" classic line for people who want a standard LP standard, and they'll be called LP...
  18. Andromalia

    Audient Sono

    Just relaying this as I stumbled upon it on an unrelated french site. It appears to be a preamp+sound card packaged with the Two Notes WoS software.
  19. Andromalia

    Alternative to Presonus faderport ?

    The faderport V2 currently is on my shopping list - planning to use with a softube console 1 MK2 for Reaper and/or Studio One (have a complete version offered to me but having trouble switching there from reaper, WIP) Checking for good alternatives from people using those before making a...
  20. Andromalia

    What model of Flying V is this ?

    Found this picture and it's now my wallpaper, I fing it pretty gorgeous and miiiiiiight just want one. Except I haven't found anything like this on any shop or used sale so far.