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  1. Andromalia

    I was there

    At Hellfest, Steve Vai joined for "Still of the night". Coverdale's voice is shot, Aldridge looks like he can drum into his 90'es. Not the best live rendition or anything, but seeing those in 2022 is something special. What's your "I was there" moment ?
  2. Andromalia

    435 Htz tunning>

    To be fair, there is a logic behind starting the alphabet with la: it's the note everybody tunes to, so it makes sense to start with it, somehow. Starting with do (also known as "ut", don't ask) was designed so the key fell on the proper line on sheet music.
  3. Andromalia

    435 Htz tunning>

    Around 50 years aftyer someone thought "Do, re, mi, fa, sol is too complex, let's use single letters instead, and let's put A for la instead of do to mistify everyone".
  4. Andromalia

    New Megadeth track "We'll Be Back"

    I'm in the "meh" camp, but at least it doesn't suck. I like the album cover, that said.
  5. Andromalia

    435 Htz tunning>

    Usually, the keyboards player.
  6. Andromalia

    435 Htz tunning>

    Classical orchestras tune to the A of the oboe. Which is defined by being the note at 440hz. Wind instruments are used as references as their tuning is fixed, and the oboe because the 440hz is reachable by most orchestra instruments that need tuning, from violin to contrebass. (Percussions also...
  7. Andromalia

    435 Htz tunning>

    I have tried inputting songs from ride the lightning into a DAW to make covers: the timing is all over the place so either: -Lars recorded live drums without a metronome -The tape speed was tampered with, affecting pitch.
  8. Andromalia

    What's YOUR favorite metalguitar tone?

    yeah I'm oldschool.
  9. Andromalia

    Inflation and gear prices

    Since ESP ended up as E-II, new brand will ikely be L-II. Alternatives are, er, LTD² ? L2D ? LTDII ? LTD-not-elite ?
  10. Andromalia

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    As I'm fully satisfied with my first solar, I'd buy one with sustainiac + evertune I could have one installed but I actually like that the neck pickup is just a tad more bassy and not a sludgefest like most other guitars so I wanna keep it.
  11. Andromalia

    The Gibson "Explorerbird" Lzzy Hale signature

    My point here is that, Halestorm didn't just sell on the looks of the frontwoman. Half ot the songs were about those, too. They were actively marketing it. "Sorry I've turned you on", right. It's like Rocco Siffredi created a rock band talking about his dick and complaining we notice he can't...
  12. Andromalia

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    Well, it takes really over the top picking for it to happen with my 27" Ultratone, tbh. I picked an ET guitar so I could play downtuned but with lighter strings and keep the ligher string attack. Nowadays it's all moot as I use the fractal pitch shifter when needed, all my guitars are in E. :D
  13. Andromalia

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    Isn't Evertune *and* long scale overkill ? The point of getting an evertune for me was to not need long scale and big strings to play lower without flub.
  14. Andromalia

    The Gibson "Explorerbird" Lzzy Hale signature

    Whataboutism. A cute frontgirl is marketing, selling pork cutlets isn't. Lzzy Hale was strongly marketed through her appearance and the fact that she is a woman. The day CC serves me a human steak in a restaurant, I'll judge likewise.
  15. Andromalia

    The Gibson "Explorerbird" Lzzy Hale signature

    To be fair, half of her songs I listened to were about sex and how guys want her in their bed. So I think calling her on it is fair game.
  16. Andromalia

    The Gibson "Explorerbird" Lzzy Hale signature

    Cardinal red is a hard no, an explorer at 2700 USD even more so. Maybe I'm jaded by the golden axe at this point. it was like 1400 ?
  17. Andromalia

    "Lunar Mystery Hut"

    Baba Yaga forgot to close the effing door again.
  18. Andromalia

    Undervalued 7-strings to look out for

    From experience, Jackson and Ibanez as an entry-level brand are unreliable. Most reliable are probably LTD. Schecter has good press but I haven't touched one in more than a decade so my opinion would be too outdated.
  19. Andromalia

    Taking your floating bridge off without removing the strings

    Does the guitar have to stay usable after the process ?
  20. Andromalia

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    I think you're into something there. Instead of discussing legislation how about a good marketing campaign explaining that women laugh at those who feel obligated to compensate for their small brains and pp ? "The rich don't use guns, they give them to the poor and stupid so they kill each...